How to Become a Health and Wellness Coach in 6 Months or Less


You’re probably one of those people that just loves all things wellness and health. After years of being passionate about improving your well being, you’re ready to share that passion with other people. You’ve thought about how you want to make a difference in the world and you know that wellness coaching is the path you want to take. You’re ready to take on the challenge of a health and wellness coach certification.

After spending time looking through programs and considering your life circumstances, you know that you’d like to complete your training quickly. You’re ready to get started on your new career journey.

How to Earn Your Health and Wellness Coach Certification in 6 Months or Less

Quicker Path to Health and Wellness Coach Certification

Whether you’ve decided to start out your coaching business at a slower pace while continuing at your day job or you’re ready to just jump in and get going, you know that starting sooner is the right choice for you. When you look at program timelines, you’d like to find one that can help you get going soon and hit the ground running.

Not all programs will be a good fit for someone who wants to start coaching in 6 months (or less). Some drag on and on forever, making you wait a year or two before you can get started on your new path. Others seem to be quick, but they lack the supportive infrastructure you’ll need to ensure that you’re truly successful. You’ll also need to put into place your own business systems to make sure you keep momentum so you can finish up and get certified.

Here are our best suggestions for getting started, keeping up a consistent pace, and finishing when you’re passionate and ready to get started as a health and wellness coach.

1. Pick a program with support systems.

Some training programs hand you a password to your online training and then seem to disappear. You could, in theory, just get through the curriculum and get on with your career path, but most people need additional support when beginning a new career. When choosing a program, make sure that the school you choose has put a lot of effort into making sure you’ll be successful.

Ensure that they have put systems into place that will support your journey so that you’re not just left to your own devices. Choose a program like IAWP’s Wellness Coach Certification that gives students their own coaches and advisors to check in with, as well as links students up with their peers for ongoing support and accountability.

2. Set up your own systems for success.

The best way to complete a program on time is to take it seriously. Even if you’re doing all of your studying online, you’ll still need to see it as “going to school.” Decide ahead of time how you’ll structure your day so that you have a specific and consistent time period for studying.

Create dedicated space in your schedule that’s set aside just for this training. The more you see it as a priority in your life, the more likely you’ll choose to do the work even when it’s inconvenient.

3. Get your family on board.

If you take your training seriously, you can also encourage your family to see it as a priority as well. Explain to your family members how important this training is to you and how it’s going to change your life. Tell them about it and maybe even consider sharing what you’re learning to help them see the value and feel excited for you.

Make sure that they understand that when you’re studying, they need to respect that time and let you get your work done. If it’s too noisy or difficult to study at home, head to the library, a coffee shop, or other dedicated study space that’s away from distractions.

4. Find an accountability partner.

It’s easy to put off doing something when you are just doing it by yourself. But when you have to answer to another person, you’re more likely to meet deadlines. That’s why having an accountability partner is so effective. Do some searching in your program for someone else who is also going through the same journey you are. You can live near each other and meet up in person, or become virtual friends and meet up online for regular check-ins.

An accountability partner can help you set and meet goals, be a good source of inspiration, and allow you to talk freely about your fears, excitement, and ideas with someone who understands.

5. Ask for support from the program.

If you choose a program that offers a well-designed support system, make sure to utilize it. Even if you think you could do something all by yourself, sometimes it’s a great idea to get help anyway. If the program offers support during the training, don’t feel bad about using it to get help in completing the training. If they offer support after you’ve completed your certification, definitely participate.

As you build a wellness coaching business, you’ll need help to design your programs, figure out business skills, and learn how to help your first client. Getting help is essential to overcoming roadblocks and completing your training on time, so don’t hesitate to ask for it.

6. Push yourself over the finish line.

When you first start your program, you’ll probably be bubbling with excitement. But when you’re in the middle of the training, you might start to lose steam. Take care of yourself throughout the program so you’re never pushing yourself past a healthy balance. But make sure that you honor your commitment to yourself and get through any dragging energy for the training. Don’t stop!

Get the support you need from family, friends and fellow students in your training program. Take a mental health day and go play, then come back and get your studying done with a new level of commitment. You can do this and it will all be worth it when you can see the changes you’re making in others’ lives.

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