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No matter where you are along your personal journey,
we've created support for you to get to where you want to be.


At the IAWP, our goal is to provide you with the most supportive training experiences available in holistic wellness, coaching and entrepreneurship available today.

We accomplish this by providing you two essentials in everything we do…

Systems and Support.

Systems allow you to follow a proven roadmap you can rely on and follow with ease as you make changes in your life.  Systems cut out the second-guessing and having to figure out something new all on your own.

From our wellness system, to our coaching system, to our business systems, you’ll have a proven path to follow as you work toward your goals. That said, all of our systems are holistic and allow you to walk the path that is right for you and customize it to fit your life.

Next, we combine our proven systems with personal support, something rare in online education learning today.

But we believe personal support makes all the difference in creating true and lasting transformation…and we think you will agree once you experience our personal support.

Our personal support can be experienced in many different ways, including live coaching labs where you can be receive one-on-one coaching, practice your new skills and get your questions answered…To connection with the most supportive, inspiring, holistic community of coaches who are with you every step of the way as you embark on a new journey.

Ready to experience our systems and support?

Your Next Step

If you’re here, we’re guessing you’re someone who is passionate about living your best life, right? We are, too. And we know from personal experience working with thousands of people that there’s different phases to the journey.  

So, where are you on your journey right now?….

Your Next Step

Are you just be beginning your own wellness journey and working to solve a particular health or life challenge? This can be a challenging time where you need support and expert guidance.

Or have you been working on yourself for awhile now and want to start sharing your passion and helping others? This can be an exciting time as you embark upon a new career path and explore the field of coaching.

Or maybe you’ve already taken the leap to become a coach or holistic practitioner, but need support to bring your vision to life? This can be both a challenging and an exciting time as you begin to see the impact you can make but also find yourself needing a new level of support with all the things there are to figure out as a holistic business owner. 

No matter what stage of your journey you’re currently in, it shouldn’t be a solo journey! We’ve created unique pathways of support to help you get to where you want to grow to next.  Check out our options for your next step below….

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Launch Your New Coaching Career or Expand Your Existing Practice

Create a life you love sharing your passion for holistic living and wellness. Get the systems and support you need to build a career helping others.

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Attract your Next 10 Clients While You Create a Sustainable Coaching Business

Our proven holistic business system is ideal for already new coaches and practitioners who are ready to successfully launch their business following a step-by-step roadmap to success (minus the overwhelm).

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Expand Your Message, Coach Clients Anywhere & Make a Big Impact

For coaches and practitioners who have already launched but want to expand their business online following a proven, sustainable system to “go virtual” without the hustle.

MCA Bundle

Take Your Coaching Skills and Your Clients To The Next level

For already certified coaches who are ready to go deeper with their coaching clients. You’ll build upon your coaching skills and gain confidence in addressing those “hidden” challenges.

IAWP Wellness 360 program materials

Automate Your Marketing and Content Creation

For already certified coaches who want a done-for-you content system that allows you to automate your business.   Includes coaching programs, workshops in a box, a lead generating website, social media and more

Wellness Wheel Wellness 360

Live a Healthy, Holistic Life

Discover a powerful holistic path to create lasting wellness and a life you love. Forget bandaid approaches to your health and life challenges and instead step into a system that incorporates the whole you.