How to Build a Relationship with Your Tribe as a Wellness Coach


Creating a wellness coaching business can be an uphill battle if you don’t have the right mindset. When transformation-focused business owners try to model their businesses after the tactics of large corporations, things just don’t work well or feel right. Instead, it’s more effective and authentic to create a space where you can connect with your tribe.

How to Build a Relationship with Your Tribe

What’s a Tribe?

You might be scratching your head wondering want kind of a business tactic it is to build a tribe. But you really can’t afford to miss this step so you can build a coaching business you’ll love.

Working from the perspective of being heart-centered and taking a leadership stance creates authenticity in your business relationships. Instead of just trying to make sales, turn your focus over to changing people’s lives.

A tribe is a group of people who create community over a shared cause or issue. The people in the group tend to form close bonds because of their shared struggles, especially when it comes to wellness. A tribe can have one central leader and it can develop to include other leaders who are also often connectors within the community.

When you build your business around helping people create community, you are building a movement. And a movement will always run deeper and be more impactful than just doing sales.

You can design your tribe in whatever way works best for you and your ideal audience. Perhaps you want to truly create a movement, either online or in your local area. Or maybe you’d rather have a smaller tribe that’s focused on intimate change. Feel out what works best for you, your strengths, your goals, and what your ideal clients truly need from you.

Steps to Help You Build Your Tribe

1. You will first need to identify your tribe.

It’s hard to create a motivation for people to take action unless the message is compelling. The only way to create compelling messages is to make sure they target people specifically. You need to get right to the heart of their struggle and offer the solution they really need.

Who do you long to share your message with? Who really needs what you have to say? Get as specific as you possibly can. The most successful tribes are the ones where the members say, “Wow, I’ve always wanted something like this. I feel like you understood me from the moment I discovered you!”

2. Put yourself out there and start sharing your message.

It’s tempting to want to stay for a while in the stage of perfecting your message. But resist this feeling or you’ll quite literally get stuck. The key to building a thriving coaching business is to always be creating momentum. Don’t get hung up on details.

People really need your message and support, so the sooner you start sharing it the better. Don’t wait until you, your life, or your offerings are perfect. Start today! You can do this through workshops, posting on social media, and joining community groups. Tell people what you’re all about and how you can help as a Wellness Coach.

Over time and with feedback from your tribe, you’ll refine your message, delivery, and offerings. The key is to just get started so you can start the building process.

3. Create a community for your tribe.

Focus on the biggest pain points for your audience. Tailor your message so it’s specific to a clearly defined group of people. The more specific and targeted, the better.

Maybe you want to help new moms who are desperate to sleep through the night and need self-care to thrive. Or maybe you want to work with seniors who want to stay active and healthy throughout their old age. Find that group of people you love and want to help, then build a community for them.

Groups of people love to come together around certain issues and challenges. Create ways for this community to connect, either virtually, in person or both. You could start a monthly meet-up with a private Facebook group for conversations in between. There are tons of ways you can design your tribe’s in-person and virtual community space. Get creative and always ask for feedback!

4. Always focus on providing value.

The reason people join a tribe is that they see a group of individuals that seem to be “their people.” But the reason they stay is that they get a lot of value from the group. The person who is leading the group is in charge of infusing the tribe with as much value as possible.

Think about how you can really add value to the group. What do you do as a Wellness Coach that you could offer to this community? Which specific talents, skills, and resources can you provide them that will make their lives better?

The support you offer doesn’t need to detract from your Wellness Coaching services, but rather complement it. You don’t need to over-give of your time, but with some key offerings, you can really help people improve their lives in big ways. You’ll also enhance their commitment to the tribe and build positive change for everyone.

Get Started Today

Don’t wait until some perfect tomorrow to start building your tribe. There are people out there who are isolated, confused, and really hungering for a tribe that only you can build. Start small and sustainable by just getting your message out there first. Then do lots of listening to your ideal clients to find out what kind of community they really wish they had. Create what works best for you and will deliver the biggest impact for them. You’ve got this!


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