International Women’s Day


This month we celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day.  It’s a time to celebrate and recognize women everywhere for their amazing contributions. But it’s also about honoring women for their vital role in our lives.

Because how we honor women, is how we honor everyone.

How we treat our women, is how we treat our world.

How we stand up for women, is how we stand up for everyone.

For the women reading this, I want to honor you for being on the path of following your purpose.

For doing the deep-dive work that it takes to figure out how to manage it all and somehow still keep going.

While so many women are depleted today, exhausted and burned out, I know there’s a better way for you.

When you tap into that inner fire, connect to your true purpose and start sharing your voice, things shift.

There’s something magical about deciding you’re going to follow your passion, even if it’s just the first small step.

Because when you follow your purpose, you give yourself permission to let yourself shine.

And while you start shining, even if it’s just the faintest of lights, you create an example for every woman to consider her purpose in life and what would make her shine.

This shining light of you impacts every person in your world.

You’re taking a stand for yourself and what you know is your right.

When you stand for yourself, you stand for every woman.

When you share your gifts with others, you inspire more woman to do the same.

And that’s how this planet will heal.

You are a bright and shining light.

My hope for you is that you see the brightness within you and the possibility of all that you can do.

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I know that inside every woman is a desire to combine her inner calling with her outer reality. It’s just part of who we are.

We have a unique makeup, we want to combine our head and our heart. To bring our passion into the everyday.  To help others. To make meaning out of life’s mess.

We’re givers.

We’re mothers.

We’re teachers.

We’re healers.

We’re coaches.

We’re powerful. 

Whether that calling is getting stronger and that voice is getting louder depends on your unique journey.

If you know it’s time to stand up for the health and healing of women and you feel in your gut that Wellness Coaching is the way to do this, I want to invite you to join us in this movement.

We need you now more than ever.

I’m so inspired by the women in our community who are helping to change the health of people everywhere. I get to see so many amazing stories everyday.
Whether small, with their family and friends…or big, in their communities and across the globe – our Wellness Coach women are on fire!

If you know this is your time to shine and you want to be a wellness leader, a coach and someone who is changing lives with holistic health, then let’s do this together.

Go here to learn more.

And if now’s not the time for you, don’t turn off that light of yours. Let it keep shining in even the smallest of ways.

In the meantime, I invite you stay connected to the IAWP and our emails/newsletters where we’re committed to sharing with you valuable tips and resources to support you with your wellness and your purpose. We’ll be here for you when you’re ready.

Love, Health & Success,
Suzanne Monroe

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Suzanne Monroe

Suzanne Monroe is the author of Live Well Dream Big: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming Your Best Self and Living Life on Your Own Terms. She has also written and published The Holistic Cookbook & Lifestyle Guide: 12 Weeks to a Healthier, Happier You, the co-author of 101 Ways to Improve Your Health and the host of the Live Well Dream Big Podcast. Suzanne was inspired to create the IAWP Wellness Coach Training & Certification Program in collaboration with other leading health experts in order to inspire people to create meaningful careers and spread the message of wellness.

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