coach mastery

Coach Mastery

Take Your Coaching Skills and Your Clients To The Next Level

As a coach, you know You're here to make a difference, But...

Do you ever have a feeling you could be making an even bigger impact in your client's lives?

While you know you can help people, is something is still missing?

Do you want to go deeper with your clients, but aren't sure exactly how?

Are you noticing there's inner obstacles holding your clients back, but you don't feel confident in addressing those challenges?

Do you sometimes doubt your coaching abilities and lack confidence in how to help your clients get unstuck?

The truth is, you are a good coach, but maybe it's time to become a great coach...the coach you know you're really meant to be?

If this sounds like you, you are in the right place. Here's why I know...

 Having trained thousands of coaches, I know firsthand the struggles you’re facing. I also went through the same challenges myself when I first started my coaching business two decades ago. I knew I could help my clients even more, but I didn’t know how to get to “that place”. 

Maybe I should just refer them to a therapist, I thought. But for most clients, that didn’t make sense either. And they wanted to explore more with me, but I lacked confidence in what to say, what to ask, how to dig deeper to those places that we both knew would make the difference.

What I realized is that I needed to get to those deeper places myself first and create my own bigger breakthroughs. Then I had to take that new knowledge back to my coaching practice.

What I discovered is – you don’t have to stay stuck and you don’t need to leave your client’s stuck. There’s a better way…

Top 5 Reasons Coach Mastery
can finally help you get to where you want to be as a coach

Go Deeper With Your Clients

Going to the next level with your clients comes from real experience and personal application. That’s why during Coach Mastery, you’ll be applying each advanced coaching tool to your own life. We can’t tell others to go where we haven’t gone ourselves. 

Become a
Confident Coach

If you’re tired of doubting yourself, get ready to overcome your fear and overwhelm once and for all. Confidence comes from being supported to take action and then seeing results.  From this place, you can build upon your experience. Coach Mastery is designed to help you do this quickly.

Master Your Coaching Skills

As coaches, we need to continue learning, growing and adding to our skill set. You’ve learned how to support your clients, now it’s time to create bigger transformations and take your practice to the next level with mastery in coaching.

Expand Your Coaching Practice

Whether you want to help a small group of clients or a lot of clients, advancing your coaching skill set can help you create additional programs for your current clients or to attract new clients. 

Breakthrough Your Own Barriers

When you decide to help your clients create bigger transformations, you also join them on the journey. Mastering your coaching skills means you will also apply them to your own obstacles and finally breakthrough whatever has been holding you back. 

What's Included in Coach Mastery?
Discover the three essential phases to build
a successful coaching business....

Advanced Coach Training

Coach Mastery

The IAWP Coach Mastery program is a core pillar of our Master Coach Certification.  We’re now offering this powerful pillar to all of our certified coaches who want to take the step toward Mastery in their coaching business. 

This important step gives you a sneak peek into our Master Coach Certification but most importantly, will help you specifically on advancing your coaching skills so you can go to the next level with your clients.

You’ll learn the six advanced coaching techniques that will take your coaching to the next level and make you not just a good coach, but an amazing one.



  • Learn powerhouse advanced CORE coaching techniques that will uplevel your coaching skills overnight so you can meet your clients where they are and help them reach their goals.
  • Discover three mindset programming techniques that will shift clients out of indecision, fear and doubt and into action and inspiration.
  • Master the most powerful questions to ask when your client is stuck between two choices and can’t move forward. 
  • Learn how to identify your clients’ various voices, including their inner critic so they can breakthrough to their empowered self once and for all.
  • Discover how to identify the triggers that cause us to repeat patterns and how to help your clients identify their own triggers so they can empower their emotions.
  • How to authentically market your passion, cut through the noise and create connection with your ideal coaching clients
  • 3 proven methods to authentically attract coaching clients you probably haven’t tried yet
  • The top 4 problems you can solve for clients that create repeat business and endless referrals
  • Plus overcome niche overwhelm and finally discover the real clients you’re meant to help

Check out this special program bonus (we think you're gonna love this)
and it's available right now when you enroll in Coach Mastery....

Bonus: Purposeful Productivity

Starting your own coaching business can be overwhelming. You can easily feel overwhelmed and lose confidence as you try to do so many new things at once (can you relate?) So, the good news is this: It’s normal. But… you can’t build the business you want without learning how to run a productive practice. 

Purposeful Productivity will support you with the tools and steps to become productive and organized in 90 days or less. It doesn’t matter how busy you are now or if you have never been organized before, this system will show you how to set up your new business for success and create more time for what you love to do.

Includes blueprints, cheat sheets, guides, checklists and tools to help you get productive, support your clients, and run your coaching business without overwhelm. 

Purposeful Productivity Bundle

Ready to take the next step?

How Your Training Takes Place


Journey through 6 Self-Paced, Action-Oriented Modules

3 MonthlyLeadLabs

Listen to Live Labs with Advanced Coaching Demos and Coaching Q&A

4 Master CA Connection Group

Unlock the proven, advanced coaching toolkit used by experienced master-level coaches

5 VirtualVideoLessons

Learn from Virtual Video Lessons And Real-world Application Exercises

6 Tools Blueprints

Receive Done-For-You Blueprints & Tools so you don't have to reinvent the wheel

8 VirtualLearningEnviroment

Go at your own pace through our Flexible, Virtual, Self-guided Learning Environment

Get started today and choose the plan that’s best for you…

Pay In Full

$ 1950

3 Monthly Payments

$ 750

Hear from just some our coaches who created success following the Coach Mastery system....

“I decided to go 100% in with my online coaching business and wanted the support and accountability to not give up on myself while learning how to create a consistent client practice.

I have learned so much about how to prioritize my time to truly be productive, how to conduct laser coaching sessions … and more advanced techniques to get my clients unstuck….

If you want to believe in yourself wholeheartedly and have the support it takes to believe in yourself, you’re in the right spot. You deserve this investment in both your growth and your business!”

“I was interested in learning some more intensive coaching techniques….

I personally struggle when I need to come up with my own systems to follow (even though I’m great at helping others with theirs). My confidence has grown….

I’m proof that when you do “the thing”, it gives space for other opportunities you could have never even planned for!”

“I decided to join this program to take my skills with clients…to the next level…

It has allowed me to be more aware of my time and organization. It has given me additional tools to help frame some of the topics I incorporate into my program….

The volume of content in the program is so robust you will have such an incredible opportunity to grow and expand yourself personally but also as a business.”

“[This program] has been a very intense (but in a good way!) experience for me…It has required a huge reframe around my work hours, my workday planning, and my task management and prioritization.

The advanced coaching techniques have been hugely helpful in a personal way.  They’ve given me clarity for myself and for helping others.

To other considering this program, I would say:

 Being an entrepreneur and a coach requires a lot of inner work, and this program, with the advanced coaching techniques and…the training calls, really helps facilitate that and provide some accountability. It can be a difficult process at times, but the resulting transformation is ultimately worth it.


“Coach Mastery is doing a lot for my mindset. It helped me realize I am not stuck and whatever obstacles I face I can work through. I just have to take the steps to work through them….

My coaching skills are advancing in the sense that I have new tools to help myself work on my limiting issues and then I can help my clients. 

I’ve gone from thinking: “I’m behind, I’m not at the same place as my peers, I’m not as good as my peers, I’m not as successful as my peers, I don’t belong here” to “I am right where I should be, right now, in this moment”….

 I’m excited about my future and the business that I am building….”

“I decided to join Master Coach Academy to maximize my skills as a wellness coach …[this] has taught me higher level organization skills, how to keep my goals on track and how to stop pushing so hard and learn to surrender to this journey. The learning tools, videos and ” know how” is amazing….

I’m finally giving into the flow of life…and I’m finally finding my authentic voice.This is an experiential journey into self. ..[it] has been healing to me.”

Step out of the overwhelm, feeling stuck, and leave your lack of confidence behind!

With Coach Mastery, you’ll receive the step by step strategies to…take your coaching skills to the next level, and uplevel your impact…

I did this for myself with The IAWP and it was so worth it. I’m excited to invite you to follow in my footsteps and invest in yourself, your business, and your future. You’ll be so glad you did!”


Ready to take the next step?

Check out just some of the blueprints and tools you'll receive...

MCA Bundle

A Message from Suzanne Monroe

Suzanne 070 1

Coach Mastery isn’t just another program, it’s a journey where coaches go from feeling uncertain and hesitant to becoming confident and empowered with their coaching skills.

It’s a chance to transform your own obstacles and learn how to help others do the same.  

If you’re ready to advance your coaching skills and take your practice to the next level, then I hope to see you inside Coach Mastery!

Love, Health and Success,
Suzanne Monroe


Coach Mastery is a super supportive, yet self-guided advanced training program. So yes, you can enroll at any time and go at your own pace. That said, the special pricing being offered on this page may not be available if you enroll later. 

The design of Coach Mastery allows you to customize the amount of time you want to spend each week on your training.  There are 6 modules. Each module consists of a video trainings, reading, blueprints and application exercises. We estimate about 4 to 5 hours per module, though many application exercises are implemented over a longer time period within your coaching business. Coaches can finish this program in as little as 30 days and the average is 90 days.  If you need to spend more time one week and less time another week, the program is flexible in that way.

No, you do not need to available for live training calls. The program is set up for you to work through it self-guided and the Live Labs are recorded so you can watch the replays in your classroom when it works best for you. 

Coach Mastery will be the perfect jumpstart to your coaching business. Instead of waiting until you are working with a client who you know needs advanced tools, you’ll be ready to support them. 

Participants will likely have different levels of experience and number of clients, but what you will have in common is that you are on your way to creating more impact. For experienced coaches, if you are facing any of the following struggles, then Coach Mastery may be just right for you…

  • If you have clients, but don’t feel confident in going deeper with them.
  • If you have a niche but it’s not bringing you the amount of clients you want and you want to refocus on something more transformational.
  • If you want to offer your current clients more, but don’t have other coaching programs in place and are unsure what you would offer.

It’s time to pause and consider your own personal situation to determine if taking on an investment like this is right for you at this time.

One option to support you is to consider the payment plan option and carving out time to complete this program within 30 days so you can start earning income and pay off your investment quickly.

Also, if you haven’t earned any income yet, consider why that might be.  If more circumstantial but you are ready to keep moving forward and everything you have learned about Coach Mastery resonates, then you should join. You will likely grow your practice faster when you are able to create a bigger impact in your client’s lives. 

If your financial situation is very tight, you may want to consider waiting to get started at another time. You don’t want to have to be worrying while you are focusing on new learning.

Finally, the value of Coach Mastery is over $2500. But because we know most new coaches have already invested so much in their education and are often at a pivotal point in their business,  we’ve greatly cut the tuition to help more coaches get started. 

Time is our greatest commodity, that’s for sure. We get it. That’s why we’ve designed Coach Mastery to be flexible. You can participate from anywhere, anytime and on-the-go.  We estimate that you will want to spend at least 1 to 2 hours per week on your training, though some weeks you could spend more or less depending on your schedule. Consider where you could open up a little bit more time. Could you get up an hour earlier one time per week and stay up an hour later one time per week? Could you carve out morning on a Saturday once a month?

If you’re “too busy”, it’s likely that there are some things you may need to clear off your plate to be able to focus on your coaching business. Good news, during Coach Mastery we’ll be helping you with Productivity as a bonus and making the most of your time and energy!

We understand you still have questions. Let’s schedule a personal coach success strategy session where one of our experienced coaches can help you get clear on what’s been standing in your way up until this point. On this call, your coach will identify the top three things you need to stop doing in your business and the top three things you need to start doing. Together, you’ll lay out a plan and next step to take your business from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. Sound good? Schedule your personal Coach Success Session now.
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