Our graduates do amazing things in their wellness practice.

Meet the people who changed their lives by becoming an IAWP Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

I am a holistic practitioner...

Donna Lee Humble

I had over 14 years of experience in the wellness field yet I had no idea how to market myself, coach my clients, or make a living following my passion.

That all changed when I became a student at the IAWP.

I am very happy to now be able to say I am an IAWP Certified Wellness Coach, my business has taken off and I’ve created more balance and confidence in all areas of my life, plus I recently had my first $10,000 month!

Donna Lee Humble Class of 2015
Aimee Schrank

This has been so exciting for me! One of the reasons I went into this field was to be able to stay at home with my kids while following my passion, working from home. I now run my coaching practice from home, working with clients virtually.

During my training I took on paying clients, created a program to support moms and launched my coaching practice called Redesigning Motherhood. And I just had a $10,000 month!

Aimee Schrank Class of 2016

I was a school teacher...

I was in corporate...

catherine spriggs

Through my training at the IAWP, I found the missing answers to aligning my purpose with the rest of my life.

Best of all, finding my purpose has meant being able to create a career I love and live life on my own terms. I don’t have to climb a corporate ladder or do something that doesn’t feel right to me. I get to decide. Today I can proudly say I’ve found my purpose - Wellness, coaching and empowering women.

This is a dream come true. I CANNOT believe just 6 months ago I was feeling so purposeless and down and out and now I'm taking on PAYING clients! I KNOW if I can do this, anyone can.

Catherine Spriggs Class of 2020
Michael Dilorio thumbnail

When I was let go from my corporate job, I had no doubt that this was my opportunity to finally be able to contribute something meaningful to the world. When I found the IAWP, I enrolled within 2 weeks of getting laid off.

I learned that wellness coaching is a real thing that people get paid for and it can be a lucrative career with the proper support, commitment, and business tools.

I also found a new community of like-minded people who want to make a real difference in their corner of the world using the power of wellness and coaching. If I can do it, anyone can do it. You have the power within you.

Michael Dilorio Class of 2020

I was in corporate

I was a cosmetologist...


I was a cosmetologist of 22 years. It was a great career but it wasn't fulfilling anymore. I was also on my own wellness journey and the more I discovered and shared with people, I realized they were really struggling.

When I came across the IAWP, I was hooked. It all clicked for me that this is what I was looking for. My biggest transformation is building the confidence in myself I needed and the skills to effectively coach others.

Melanie Willette Houdek Class of 2019

I was an anxious law school student. I worried about everything and my stomach was in knots all of the time. When I became a law school professor, I constantly had students coming to me who reminded me of myself. I could no longer ignore all of those other issues. A lightbulb went on one day and I knew I wanted to become a Wellness Coach.

The IAWP has exceeded my expectations and more! The quality of the program and the depth of the teaching is what has really impressed me. There are a lot of programs out there, but there are not a lot of programs where you feel the leaders are truly invested in your success and you're getting the most out of the program...and that's what IAWP does so well.

Janet Thompson Jackson Class of 2020

I am a law professor. . .

I was a wealth manager...

Natalia Edelmann

I was in wealth management for over 10 years. And I loved it...until I didn't anymore. Until there was this feeling inside of me that there was more for me.

I hit a point where I got burned out. And I started getting symptoms in my body. When I came across the IAWP, I got a reset.

I'm so happy the universe led me on this path! I love my life right now, it's amazing!

Natalia Edelman Class of 2018
Kelly Williams

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and I’ve always had an interest in helping people improve their lives. But I felt I needed a certification to go along with my experience that would really teach me how to coach people.

I look back over all of the years of helping people and if I had known the CORE Coaching Method back then, I could have had more of an impact on people. The IAWP has helped me see what I was missing in terms of really helping people. People feel like I am listening now.

Kelly Williams Class of 2019

I'm a exercise physiologist...

I am in corporate...
Kody Burke

The IAWP has helped me to break out of my shell, put myself out there and gain confidence.

Being a student has helped me on a personal level from the wellness education and becoming an effective coach. I became a healthier individual and have gained the confidence to coach clients effectively by following a proven system.

Kody Burke Class of 2017
Stacy Thewis

I never felt like I had the time or resources to really get to the root of the problem with my patients. I was at a crossroads in my career and I knew I needed to change.

When I found the IAWP and saw their Wellness 360 model, I got goosebumps.

I have since left my full-time nursing position and launched my wellness coaching business.

Stacy Thewis Class of 2019

I was a Registered Nurse...

I was a sales rep...
Karina Hammer

When I found the IAWP, everything started to change. I have learned more from the IAWP Wellness Coach Certification program than I could have ever imagined.

What I love about the IAWP is that everything they teach you works. I've followed the exact systems they provide and immediately signed up my first client!

Karina Hammer Class of 2014
Alie Harwood

Being in the IAWP Community has been amazing - to be with like-minded people who are so passionate, supportive and inspiring. My biggest successes are launching my website and wellness blog, sharing my story, working with clients both online and locally and leaving my teaching job to go full time with wellness coaching!

Alie Harwood Class of 2018

I was a teacher...

I was a financial consultant...

Nellie Kunjami

Becoming an IAWP Holistic Wellness Coach has been life-changing. I've been able to leave corporate and become an entrepreneur.

I now have control over my schedule and I can spend time with family and be present without feeling rushed. I am experiencing time freedom and financial independence.

I actually have people telling me I am now glowing!

Nelli Kunjami Class of 2018
Helene Larocquesq

For over 10 years, I’ve been passionate about bringing wellness to the workplace.

Doors are opening for me now. I'm becoming the go-to for wellness at work, I've done several workshops, and I've signed up 25 clients so far.

It’s ongoing, you’re part of a community...I can’t say enough good things about the IAWP. I’m living on cloud nine…

Helene Larocque Class of 2019

I'm in workplace wellness...

I was a travel director...

Tania Mather

The training has been life transforming. I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for the IAWP Wellness Coach Certification.

There's been a dual impact as I've learned to transform others, I've transformed my own life.

Tania Mather Class of 2017
Angela Gowdy

Before becoming a Wellness Coach, I was so used to just telling people what to do and they never did it.

Now, it is amazing to experience my clients being excited about their changes. Coaching does more than I could have imagined.

Angela Gowdy Class of 2018

I'm a massage therapist...

I'm able to stay at home with my kids...

Leigha Benson

I have been able to work with over 20 clients before graduating and have recently just sold two of my largest coaching programs!

All of these doors have opened up for me to share my message of healing with the world and I keep getting confirmation that I am undoubtedly on the right path.

Leigha Benson Class of 2018
Molly Sommerhalder

I've been a yoga teacher for over 10 years. At the IAWP, I learned how to incorporate wellness coaching with my yoga business and go to the next level in sharing wellness with so many more people because of the tools I gained here.

The IAWP Wellness Coach Certification gave me the confidence to attract clients and the tools to get over my fears.

Molly Sommerhalder Class of 2018

I'm a yoga teacher...

I was a corporate exec...

Sam Perry

I decided to become a Wellness Coach because helping people become their best selves is something I've always been passionate about.

Taking the leap wasn't easy, but I knew it was the step I had to take.

Sam Perry Class of 2019
Sandra Payne

I had a 13-year successful career as an RN. I began exploring natural health alternatives for my own illness of depression and found hope and success in learning to manage my symptoms without medication.

Since joining the IAWP, my life my life has been consistently aligned with the training. It has opened doors to new opportunities and created the foundation I was seeking.

Sandra Payne Class of 2019

I was an RN...

I was a Registered Nurse...

Shamika Wallace

Even though I have the background as a Nurse, I learned so much about holistic wellness and how to help individuals.

I’m so completely grateful for the IAWP because they have allowed me to transition into a coaching role so that I can help individuals one-on-one understand what’s going on with their mind, their bodies, their soul and spirit and really get them to a complete 360 degree of health and wellness.

Shamika Wallace Class of 2020
Sue Palmer

I am a psychologist and certified life, business and education coach. Although I was already an experienced coach, I never had any business training.

The IAWP helped me to hone my coaching skills, determine who I wanted to really help and launch my online practice.

I've been able to plan for my retirement and for the first time in my life, I feel totally in charge of my destiny.

Sue Palmer-Conn Class of 2018

I am a life coach...

I was a corporate exec...

Kim Goeltom

I was a corporate executive working 60-70 hours per week doing 12 shots of espresso per day to keep up. I only slept about 4 hours per night.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. I knew I needed a solution.

As I started healing with Wellness 360, I wanted to share this with everyone else I knew.

Kim Goeltom Class of 2017
Melanie Halter

I was a 5th grade teacher who loved my students but was miserable. I felt trapped and I knew it was time to look for something different.

When I found the IAWP, I felt like I was home.

I'm now working in my sweet spot and I feel that joy coming out as I coach clients, lead workshops and earn an income doing something I really love.

Melanie Halter Class of 2019

I was a teacher...

I was a therapist...

Laura Albers

Being a mental health therapist, I have always had a strong desire to help others. But I felt there was a missing piece and a disconnect between physical and mental health.

Joining the IAWP was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I'm now impacting thousands of people's lives through my workshops, coaching programs and online videos.

Laura Albers Class of 2016
Eileen Franco Landscapesq

Before the IAWP, I worked in a corporate environment. I developed chronic stress, fatigue, insomnia and more. The breakdown in my health made me realize I didn’t want to climb the corporate ladder anymore, it wasn’t fulfilling and I wanted to do something more.

I am so happy and so grateful! I feel so different. I’m not the same person I was when I enrolled. I feel so much more connected to myself and I know myself. Here I am today, who knew that my life would take this turn?! I reclaimed my health and recreated my career.

Eileen Franco Class of 2020

I was in corporate...

I'm a millenial...

Hayley Vincent

I had put a lot of pressure on myself from a young age to do well and look a certain way. I developed a lot of self-hate and battled with bulimia for years. When I looked for help, the only answers were focused on nutrition and exercise.

So I went on my own healing journey. Discovering the IAWP and the holistic Wellness 360 approach is what helped me and now I'm helping young women who are experiencing what I did.

I'm only 26 but I feel so lucky to be in this position!

Hayley Vincent Class of 2020
Kate Piscopo

I had been a massage therapist for 15 years and had been helping my clients with their health and wellness for some time and was ready to take the next step to help them make real, lasting change.

I have a whole new lease on life!

Kate Piscapo Class of 2019

I'm a massage therapist...

I was a new coach...

Neshama Mousseau

I joined the IAWP after graduating from another coach certification program. I realized I didn't have the coaching or business skills I needed to create the kind of coaching practice I wanted to have.

So many things have happened since finding the IAWP. I have a new level of confidence. And I'm getting ready to start with my 50th client and getting paid to do what I love!

Neshama Mousseau Class of 2017
Morgan Sheets

To be honest, I thought I knew it all when I joined the program.I was the person people asked for advice and came to with their problems.

But the truth was, I didn't know how to create transformations for them.

The IAWP showed me how to become not only a great coach, but a better person.

Morgan Sheets Class of 2014

I was a massage therapist...

I was in traditional healthcare...

Swapna Medidi 1

Being a student at the IAWP has motivated me and inspired me to take more positive action steps in my life. As a busy mom of two small children, I was lacking awareness, focus, self-care and boundaries. All that has changed.

I’ve worked with 14 coaching clients and have received powerful success stories about my work, launched a group of 100 people, have been invited to speak, and am reaching my ideal clients. I am really grateful to the IAWP for all of this!

Swapna Medidi Class of 2020
Michelle Anderson Johnson

As I searched for programs to learn more about wellness, I came upon many health coach programs. But I was looking for a program that specifically focused on wellness because wellness encompasses so much more than health.

And that is why the IAWP was the perfect fit for me. The IAWP’s Wellness 360 philosophy correlates with my value of wellness and how it should be perceived.

Michelle Anderson-Johnson Class of 2020

I am a Registered Nurse...

I have a wellness product...


Being a student at the IAWP has helped me so much! I have learned many interesting things through the assignments and reading. I loved learning from all of the Professors from diverse backgrounds.

Personally I feel more connected to my ‘why’ than ever. I see a clear vision of the brand I am developing and the lives that I will change.

Suzi Reader Class of 2020

The IAWP community and training has proven to be the most valuable asset in my wellness journey.

Becoming a wellness coach has been life-changing for me. The wellness information has helped me solve my own health issues, including fibromyalgia, gut issues, and stress issues.

And the coaching training has been invaluable to me both personally and in helping others. The Core Coaching Method works so beautifully both with practice clients and family. It's a wonderful system!

Rivka Caro Class of 2020

I was a special ed teacher

I was a nurse

heather brittain

Nine months ago I hopped into Module 1 at the IAWP with a big dream and no direction. I knew that my work as a full-time nurse was purposeful but misaligned. My passions and values differed from my role responsibilities, and I couldn’t stand to sit around waiting for weekends and retirement, especially at 26 years old….

Life is so much bigger than dead end jobs and passions on pause. I’m stubborn enough to appreciate that. I think initially I thought it was like any other degree/certification - 12 modules, finish up in a few months, and then see what happens. Man, oh man, was I wrong. I never expected to have a full business up and running by this January.

I am so grateful for the IAWP for making my dreams a bigger reality than I ever believed, and teaching me how to remain healthy and well in the process.

Heather Brittain Class of 2021
Jen Martin thumbnail 1

I have multiple sclerosis. In 2017, I had no energy to do anything. I was just merely existing. My doctors couldn’t help me and finally I decided to take action to take back control of my health naturally. I found the IAWP and signed up immediately, without hesitation.

During my time as a student with the IAWP I learned how to re-balance and re-align every area of my life. I got my health and my life back.

I've had breakthroughs in my own health and my clients are now experiencing the same thing. Since graduating, I have a thriving coaching business. The skills I learned through IAWP have set me up for extreme success!

Jen Martin Class of 2019

I was in healthcare

I was in sales

Catalina Rojas

Before the IAWP, my job was so demanding and stressful so I decided to resign and find my purpose in life. Finding the IAWP community was an incredible experience. Learning with people from many different places and facing different challenges was so gratifying.

Having the opportunity to participate in the Live Coaching Labs and Live Workshops allowed me to apply all the information I was learning and overcome my biggest fears.

My life has changed since the beginning of this journey. This certification gave me the necessary skills to be helpful and help my clients progress in their lives. This is the best part of my job!

Catalina Rojas Class of 2020
corinne fabre

I am a kindergarten teacher. Before the IAWP, I felt disconnected with myself and my life purpose. I was unhappy with my career, my relationships and my health.

Today I can say - I did it! I am now an IAWP Certified Holistic Wellness Coach! I am feeling so grateful for this journey and don’t have enough words to describe the joy, appreciation, and growth in my heart right now. This is a new beginning, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

For anyone who feels self-doubts, feeling lost, feeling stuck, unsure, or any of these emotions that hold us back, I want to tell you I felt all of those too and more, I just didn’t let them stop me.

Corinne Fabre Class of 2020

I am a teacher

I was in management

Alex Simmonds

I wanted to have passion in my work and I was bored of only putting my efforts into other people's dreams. I chose Wellness Coaching because I have been on my own wellness journey and I realized I had a lot of experience and knowledge which could support people going through similar challenges to myself.

Through the IAWP experience, I have become more confident in being seen as myself. This has been huge for me and has allowed me to overcome a lot of my limiting beliefs.

I look back at where I was a year ago and I am so proud of my accomplishments. All of this time and effort we put into ourselves is worth it. Keep moving forward one step at a time. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Alex Simmonds Class of 2020
Susan Batastini Landscape

After 24 years as a School Psychologist, just turning 50 and living as a new empty-nester, I knew I needed to make a life change and find that passion and purpose that was there 20 years ago. I felt it was either now or never so I just took the leap.

The IAWP has been a tremendous learning experience for me. I have had years and years of specialized training in my field of School Psychology and Educational Leadership and I can honestly say the 12 module program of the IAWP has been one of my favorite learning experiences. I not only feel supported in my journey but equipped with the skills to start my own business as a wellness coach.

This journey has been life-changing. My mindset and overall attitude is different and it feels great!

Susan Batastini Class of 2020

I was a school psychologist

I was a Yoga Studio Owner

Aditi Rastogi 2

Before the IAWP, I was a full-time Mum and Yoga Studio Owner. I also suffered from chronic stress, autoimmune disease and depression.

My life and health was totally transformed after I started the IAWP training. I gained not only the wellness knowledge to overcome my autoimmune disease naturally but I also found my purpose in life.

I’ve had many successes since graduating, including signing up paid coaching clients easily becoming confident, and positively impacting my family and friends' lives.

Aditi Rastogi Class of 2020
Christina Benishin

When I found the IAWP, I had been retired from a career as a university professor. After leaving the academic life, I tried several different activities to keep busy. However, I found myself always helping people with health and wellness.

Initially I was primarily interested in working with people on their weight loss journey. But with the IAWP training I realized that there are so many other aspects of life that can be improved with a holistic wellness approach. The program taught me to look deeper into a person's challenges and look deeper into my own as well.

It was a very fulfilling and enlightening experience. I have become more conscious of the balance of the food I eat and my level of physical activity. I have expanded my self care routines, and share my experiences with my clients. I have worked with several coaching clients, am expanding my business virtually and am helping women who are nearing retirement.

Christina Benishin Class of 2020

I was a university professor

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Emily Soares Proctor
Emily Soares Proctor
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When I enrolled in the IAWP Wellness Coach Certification program, I had wanted to help others improve their lives for a long time, but hadn’t yet found the right method. Being a student in this program has provided me with so much more than great preparation. It has given me the space and opportunity to learn about myself, explore my dreams, work through long-standing blocks and come away with the tools to begin a new, never-ending adventure of helping others. The IAWP program gave me so many amazing results I’d never expected. Had I been seeking a way of improving my own life, I couldn’t have found a better program. The fact that I was looking for training to help heal others and, in the process, so significantly healed myself feels like an enormous two-for-one. I feel very fortunate to have found the IAWP!
Susan Joyce Proctor
Susan Joyce Proctor
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I continue to be impressed and inspired by the IAWP! In a world where so many are jumping on the training bandwagon, this is a terrifically high-integrity organization that truly delivers on its commitment to training and support. As a heart-based practitioner who really wants to "make a difference," I have been shown how to take my work and message to a whole new level of impact and mastery while staying aligned with the values that made me want to join this industry in the first place
Dan Ekblad
Dan Ekblad
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I would like to say that I've had an extremely positive experience learning and achieving my certification through the IAWP. I was able to learn at my own pace, when I needed help I got it. My learning partner was from Brazil, so it was very fun to learn about wellness coaching in another country. A wealth of information is available to those who are looking to enter into this rewarding field through the IAWP. I highly recommend getting your certification through them.
Shauna Harris
Shauna Harris
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I could write a novel here on my amazing experience with the IAWP Wellness Certification Program. It was a game changer for me in that I finally found a place where I could channel my passion to help others and be able to make a difference. The support that I received from my Mentor and my Peer Coach was invaluable. I truly felt that the program was tailored for me, I really loved every module. The tools that have been learned and given to me will be used in all faucets of my life. Thank you IAWP!
Wendy Penlington
Wendy Penlington
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Amazing training and support! Coming from a corporate background with zero prior experience within a holistic field, just a new sense of purpose, the will to learn, and a passion to help women like me, I was concerned about how an online programme might work for me. I needn’t have worried; a comprehensive classroom, too many live support calls to mention, as well as a fantastic, supportive online community.
Anna Kluver-Fensler
Anna Kluver-Fensler
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This is a comprehensive, well thought out and meaningful training program. They help not only with curriculum but also through how to think about building your business and making connections. I highly recommend the IAWP!
Alie Harwood
Alie Harwood
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The IAWP has given me a wealth of knowledge, skills and support. The best part is that the support is ongoing for which I am so grateful. I thoroughly enjoyed my training. Highly recommended 🙂
Barb Sparhawk
Barb Sparhawk
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I highly recommend the IAWP Certification Program. Theirs is the most comprehensive program I've seen; with it's trifecta of Holistic Wellness, Coaching, and Business. You will receive amazing support in all those areas, as well as in your own personal wellness journey and your business launch.
Helene Larocque
Helene Larocque
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The IAWP helped me to become the Wellness Coach I've always dreamed of being! Their program and ongoing support was KEY to my success!
Shauna Ferry
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The decision to explore the IAWP and to take their Wellness Coaching Certification Program was the best decision. This program is top-notch, the support that students receive is unheard of, the resources that are used and are given to students to use throughout the program and after graduation are fantastic, I am really excited to begin my new career. Thank you IAWP!
Dan Ekblad
Dan Ekblad
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I would like to say that I've had an extremely positive experience learning and achieving my certification through the IAWP. I was able to learn at my own pace, when I needed help I got it. My learning partner was from Brazil, so it was very fun to learn about wellness coaching in another country. A wealth of information is available to those who are looking to enter into this rewarding field through the IAWP. I highly recommend getting your certification through them.
Shine and Glo On Coaching
Shine and Glo On Coaching
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I have loved every moment with the IAWP!! I love their ethical ways, content, classrooms, opportunities, the list is endless!. The information they provide is so helpful and has given me the extra boost I needed to become a successful Wellness Coach! Thank you so much IAWP!!
Michelle Bersell
Michelle Bersell
Read More
My business has truly grown to the next level! I’ve learned how to successfully market my services to clients who now say “yes”, how to create program launches and grow my list, and how to create virtual products that support me to help people all over the world! -Thank you Suzanne and IAWP!
Laura Albers
Laura Albers
Read More
I had an amazing experience with the IAWP! Not only did I learn so much, but I was able to network with other like-minded and knowledgeable professionals in the field of wellness. I am proud to say that I was able to open my own wellness coaching business after all that I learned and experienced through the IAWP; I am so thankful to be given the opportunity to turn my passion into my reality!