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Explore the 3 Pillars of Our Certification Curriculum

Pillar Three: Business Training

Learn How Our Proven Business Model Will Help You Build a Purposeful and Profitable Practice

Our Business Breakthrough Training™, which includes our fast track system Coach Launch™, is the third pillar of the IAWP Wellness Coach Certification. This proven, field tested Health & Wellness Coach Business Model guides you step by step as you create success in your new practice. But let’s face it…

When you’re passionate about wellness and helping others, “business” may not be the first thing on your mind. We get that. That’s why we give you the systems you need so you can focus your time and energy on what you do best – supporting your Wellness Coaching clients.

Our Business Breakthrough Training™, like our other proven pillar methods, is unique and highly effective for several reasons. Let’s take a closer look….

What makes our Business Breakthrough Training™ + Coach Launch™ System so effective at helping Wellness Coaches to create success?

IAWP Wellness Coach Launch Wheel

First, our Business Breakthrough Training™ + Coach Launch™ System are built on our real world experience

Most coach training programs don’t teach business or if they do, it simply includes some “basics” that the teachers themselves have never actually implemented on their own to build a coaching business.

Wouldn’t you rather learn how to run a Wellness Coaching business from someone who has actually done it? Good news, you can….

Coach Launch™ is compilation of over thirteen years of real holistic business experience and success developed by IAWP Founder Suzanne Monroe.

When Suzanne first got started as a Wellness Coach, she had little business training.

Like most Wellness Coaches, she wanted to spend her time helping people not thinking about marketing. But she quickly found out that she had to figure out how to run a business if she wanted to follow her passion and help as many people as possible.

Through tons of trial and error (not to mention time, energy and money), Suzanne developed her own Health & Wellness Coach Business Model.

This proven system allowed her to create a six figure wellness coaching practice.

She then went on to teach this method to thousands of holistic practitioners and coaches through the IAWP so that they could skip over struggle and get right to success.

Her goal: To ensure that as many people as possible would be able to experience the benefits of holistic health and wellness. She knew that could only happened if she taught her fellow peers how to follow in her footsteps.

As a Wellness Coach student at the IAWP, you’ll walk through our proven systems with handholding and support every step of the way. Plus you’ll learn from our expert Faculty, who are world-leading experts in wellness, coaching and business.

Second, Our Business Training is all about Personal Support

When you first consider becoming a wellness coach, it can feel overwhelming to consider how you will make the transition or what it will look like to actually be in business for yourself.

What we know is that every wellness coach who wants to create success needs personal support.

Unfortunately in today’s virtual world, personal support is lacking in online education.

The IAWP is different.

We’re committed to providing the most supportive program in the world. And here’s how we do it…

Unlimited Live Coaching Labs

You can jump on a live lab to experience personal support with whatever you are working on. Our students love our live, interactive calls where they can receive ongoing personal support.

Whether it’s asking a question, practicing something you’re learning in real-time or deepening your learning, our live support is frequent, personal and live.

Fact Check: Most coach training program say they offer personal support but be aware – it’s often masked as Facebook groups with simple peer support or large group calls where you can listen in and fingers crossed, get your question answered.

That won’t happen to you at the IAWP. We pride ourselves in our small group settings where we ensure that every student gets the live, interactive support they need. And, it’s unlimited for the life of your career. 

24-7 Support

With the IAWP’s training, systems and support, you’re never alone as you embark on your new path.

Whether you decide to launch your own practice or work within an organization, you’ll have the tools and guidance you need at your fingertips.

There’s always a team member, staff or community member available to answer your questions and support you.

Community & Connection

Our community is like no other. It’s hard to explain just how powerful our holistic community of Wellness Coaches is until you experience it firsthand, but we can tell you it’s the best because that’s what we hear from our students everyday.

Be sure to check out our unsolicited Social Shout Outs page to get a glimpse inside our community and hear what our students are saying.

Lifetime Support

To add to our support mission, we decided to do something unprecedented and offer lifetime support.

That means that even after you graduate, you’ll stay a part of our community and enjoy continuing education and support.

We want to provide you with more than just an education and a few tools – we’re committed to providing you the systems and support you need to be a successful Wellness Coach for years to come.

The 4 Steps to Success You Will Master as an IAWP Holistic Wellness Coach …


Launch Your Business

You’ll receive your own customizable wellness program to use with clients, including  a done-for-you wellness workshop, client materials, marketing materials plus the education, tools and resources you need to get started.


Jumpstart Your Business

You’ll learn our proven formula to get your first 5 clients fast, then your next 50 or 500. This system helps provide you with a quick start to your wellness coach business, so you can begin practicing as a Holistic Wellness coach.


Grow Your Business

You’ll be supported with marketing, referrals, and career opportunities to help you grow your coaching business. This is how we support you through the beginning of your career, offering personalized support and providing the opportunities and resources you need to continue growing in your career.


Expand Your Business

You’ll receive continuing education, ongoing business support, connection and collaboration through the IAWP. This is how we provide continuing support as your health and wellness business grows and expands. When you train as a wellness coach with IAWP, you’re not only learning to help clients with a holistic approach. You’re also receiving systems and support via our holistic curriculum that helps you through each step of your career as a Holistic Wellness coach.

An Overview of Your Curriculum in Pillar Three

Our Coach Launch™ Business Pillar, contains all the tools and support you need to quickly build an authentic and profitable coaching business you love.

When you’re passionate about helping others, “business” may not be the first thing on your mind. We get that. That’s why we give you the systems you need so you can focus your time and energy on what you do best – supporting your coaching clients. 

After training 1000s of coaches, we know what it takes to build a thriving coaching practice. In this first lesson, we’ll lay out the exact steps to carve out space for this new journey and set yourself up for success. You’ll also discover the 12 P’s of Coach Launch as your business roadmap. This module includes:
  • The truth about creating success as a coach and mistakes to avoid
  • How to discover your talents and apply them to your new coaching career
  • The 8 steps of preparation and how to create your customized roadmap
  • The simple time management solution successful coaches use to 3x their productivity, while avoiding distractions and overwhelm
Every person’s journey to get to where they are now has been a story. Learn how your own personal journey is a powerful story that can inspire others to change their health. This module will show you how to position your passion to help people.  This module includes:
  • The why, when and how of sharing your story
  • How to create connection and impact through storytelling
  • The Share Your Story Blueprint to guide you to unlock your own story
  • How to authentically market your passion to your ideal clients
  • The 5 Steps to Uncover Your Niche from Your Story

Discover who you truly want to serve as a coach and how you can help them. In this module you’ll gain clarity on your people and learn how to connect with your tribe.

This module includes:

  • How to find and lead a tribe you love
  • How to build authentic relationships with your ideal coaching clients
  • How to share your message in an authentic way
  • A simple formula to align your passion with your people 
  • The 5 Steps to Track Your Tribe  and make meaningful connections with your clients
Gain clarity once and for all on who you’re meant to serve and confirm with real proof that your niche works for you. During this module bring together your passion and people with their problem to create lasting connections. This module includes:
  • Your Niche for Now – How to pick a profitable, purposeful niche in 30 minutes and start attracting clients right away
  • Narrowing Your Niche – A four step guide to clarify your cients and uncover the secret language that will magnetically attract your tribe
  • The Niche Matrix – If you have more than one niche in mind, use this powerful tool to quickly determine the most profitable group of clients to work with now
  • The Nail Your Niche Blueprint – a powerful guide to support you in helping others both as you get started and for years to come

Follow the IAWP’s proven formula to design your unique signature coaching program.  In this module you’ll learn how to organize, share and powerfully attract new clients to your coaching program while you provide tons of value to solve their biggest challenges.

This module includes:

  • Learn how to position your coaching program as a must-have essential rather than a luxury clients can’t afford.
  • Discover the simple steps to package what you do and avoid trading dollars for hours
  • The Top 10 Places to Find New Coaching Clients
  • How to customize your client’s experience to meet their exact needs, while staying within your system
  • The hidden trap most coaches fall into that sabotages their marketing and how to avoid it
  • The #1 way to authentically market your coaching program that most coaches never learn
Discover your Coaching Superpower so you can tap into your talents and create a sustainable structure in your new coaching business that aligns with YOU. This module includes:
  • The Three Coaching Superpower Types and understanding your own type
  • Potential Pitfalls to avoid based on your Coaching Superpower
  • Your Superpower Track and how to build your business so that it supports your superpower
  • Your Specific Superpower Pathway to guide you on which types of programs and types of clients will be your best fit
Using the IAWP’s proven marketing system, follow the simple steps to share your message and attract your ideal coaching clients, without being ‘salesy’.  In this module,  you’ll discover our step-by-step formula that our coaches have used over and over again to attract coaching clients with ease. This module includes:
  • Pick your Perfect Podium – Instead of being everything to everyone, learn how to show up as you and make authentic connections.
  • Craft your Signature Message so your ideal clients recognize you are the coach for them.
  • Tap into the Power of Workshops – both local and virtual – to educate and build rapport, rather than feel trapped by marketing.
  • Workshop Mindset Must-Haves – Powerful strategies to overcome pre-workshop jitters so you can show up confident and ready to deliver a powerful workshop.
  • The Six Step System to Planning a WOW Workshop 
  • The two proven, powerful methods to share your Signature Message both offline and online.
  • Plus, Virtual Business strategies you’ll be able to implement with ease
Now that you’ve met your ideal clients, it’s time to support them to become coaching clients using the secret language of discovery sessions. Experience how simple and rewarding it is to follow this proven model that has been taught by the IAWP and tested by our coaches for over a decade. This module includes:
  • Discovery Sessions vs. Free Consults – how knowing the difference will make you a successful coach rather than a struggling one
  • Learn the secret language successful coaches use during discovery sessions so that they can confidently enroll new coaching clients
  • The 5 most powerful questions to ask a client during a discovery session
  • The #1 mistake most coaches make during discovery sessions that cost them clients and cash
  • How to create a mission for your new wellness coaching practice
It’s time to build upon the foundation you’ve created so far and expand your growth. In this module, you’ll learn how to create purposeful partnerships in your coaching business that will help you both reach and support your coaching clients. This module includes:
  • The 2 Types of Partnerships Every Coach Must Have in their business and how to foster them
  • The benefits of partnerships in a holistic coaching business and how to collaborate with others for the benefit of all
  • How to choose a partner wisely and the mistakes to avoid in business partnerships
  • Your Partnership Action Plan – the 7 Steps to connect with your ideal partners, even if you’re an introvert or don’t have a network yet
When it comes to running your own coaching practice, it’s important to create a foundation that will set you up for success for the long term. Learn how to be productive with your new coaching schedule so you can stay out of overwhelm and avoid burnout. This module includes:
  • How to avoid hustle mode and bring laser focus to your business
  • A proven technique our coaches use to organize their schedule to stay energized and productive every week
  • Discover how to focus on what you do best and leverage your talents without compromising your goals
  • Top tips for reducing clutter and managing your business like a pro
  • Exactly how to set up your client records and business systems so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel
  • Plus, powerful rituals to stay clear and calm every day
Learn how to empower yourself to create the coaching business of your dreams. In this module you’ll uncover any old obstacles preventing you from creating an abundant career and life and move forward now with confidence. This module includes:
  • Money Mindset strategies to evolve your thinking and create prosperity
  • Discover then heal your own money story so it doesn’t hold you back any longer
  • Develop a powerful Prosperity Mindset using a simple strategy that works for anyone, even for those who are reading this right now and feeling doubtful it’s possible
  • Define what success personally means to you and how to build your new business around this vision
  • Plus, how to powerfully price your programs with two proven, authentic methods aligned with service and transformation
By this module, your foundation is in place and you’re working with your first coaching clients. Now it’s time to start automating your winning formula and create a success plan for your coaching business for years to come. This module includes:
  • Measuring Your Metrics – the top things to evaluate in your business and how to tweak them for even greater success as you grow
  • Milestone Management – learn our technique for keeping tabs on what’s most important in your business
  • Three simple strategies to enroll more clients as you grow without more work
  • How to expand your offerings to group coaching or online program
  • The nine must-have strategies for coaches who want to go from local to global
  • Time-saving technology that every coach must use to leverage their unique gifts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Holistic Wellness Coaches are professionals who take an integrative approach to help people learn to make healthy lifestyle changes. They take into account more than just nutrition,  fitness or simple habit changes, but all aspects of a person’s health and life in true holistic fashion.

IAWP Holistic Wellness Coaches are highly trained coaches, providing support and accountability for their clients so they can make lasting lifestyle changes.

Today there are many people calling themselves “Health Coaches”. They have varying educations and backgrounds, some with extensive training, others with no training at all. “Health Coaching” is a general term that does not tell people what area of health you help with or your specific approach. Many Health Coaches focus solely on nutrition, exercise and habit changes.

“Wellness Coach” is a more specific term. It denotes that more than just general health is being considered in the approach. Wellness signfies well-being and lifestyle aspects beyond food and exercise.

When evaluating various health and wellness coaching programs, it is important to understand the difference between becoming a generalist and a specialist. Whether a training program calls their graduates a “health coach” or a “wellness coach,” they often have a particular angle that they work from.

Holistic Wellness Coaching is a specialty term in which professionals will take a holistic approach to wellness, considering all aspects of a person’s well-being as well as the support provided involves holistic remedies, therapies, and a more natural approach to wellness.

While generalist coaches can be useful, you’re guaranteed greater success when you choose a specialist track like Holistic Wellness. You probably know that in the field of medicine a doctor who is a generalist is paid much less than a specialist. Generalists do not have the same level of training and the market allows for specialists to charge higher fees. This is also true for a Holistic Wellness Coaches.

The International Association of Wellness Professionals is recognized world wide and we have students participating from countries all over the world.

The IAWP offers accredited coach training and is aligned with several accrediting bodies. 

Upon completion of our Holistic Wellness & Holistic Life Coach Dual Certification coaches can become a board certified Health and Wellness Coach with through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

Our Holistic Wellness Coach & Holistic Life Coach Dual Certification integrates three pillars of learning – holistic wellness, coaching and holistic business. Our coaching curriculum is CCE Accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). ICF has the highest standards for its approved coaching programs and we are proud to provide an advanced coaching education that meets their standards. Current coaches who are ICF accredited and complete our coaching pillar, are eligible for continuing coach education  CCE credits with the ICF.

Our Certification program is also approved by the Canadian Health Coach Alliance. 

With approval and accreditation from leading organizations across the globe, you can feel confident that our  curriculum has met a high standard in terms of the education and support you will receive.

The IAWP is committed to supporting you during your training and for the life of your new career. Our curriculum is built on support and systems which set the foundation for launching a thriving coaching practice. Our certification is unique because it’s built on an experiential learning method where coaches-in-training receive a full immersion in their learning with unlimited support.

For example… You will have have unlimited opportunities to receive personal coaching from our IAWP Master Coaches during our weekly Live Coaching Labs. You can learn from multiple mentors and experience different coaching styles during these group coaching labs. We offer a wide variety of days and times so you will receive personal support in these highly transformational training sessions.

You will also have unlimited access to our live training calls and workshops each month, where you will receive personal support from a  Master Coach, a guest teacher or our Founder, Suzanne Monroe.

These events are live, interactive workshops held over video conference and are a great way to connect with our faculty and fellow students, with a laser focus on subject matters related to wellness, coaching, business and mindset.

Our mission at the IAWP is to provide the most supportive online education experience in the industry and we take our mission seriously. The way we deliver our training and support is what makes our program unique from any other training in the online education field today.  

Our unique training method is called The Immersive Transformation Training Method™ (ITTM), where you will personally experience and practice everything you learn in your program. This process allows you to master your own wellness, become a highly effective coach, and launch a profitable practice…all during your training.  

Unlike most online education, where you “read, watch and learn”, here at the IAWP you will “read, watch, learn and DO” through our hands-on learning experience. ITTM includes interactive training, hands-on application, application modules, real-world experience, small group coaching labs and ongoing support. 

This full immersion means you always have a place to get direct and personalized support and you not only end up with superior knowledge of coaching, but more importantly, you have the ability to coach.

We also give you all the tools and systems you will need to be confident as new Wellness Coaches, without having to reinvent the wheel or start everything from scratch. You’ll get to build on a foundation that’s guaranteed to help you create success in your new business or career path.

With a large international student population, you will form lasting friendships and peer support relationships with students from around the globe and in your local communities.

We don’t stop offering support after graduation, though.

One of the most impactful parts of an education with the IAWP is that we offer lifetime support for all of our students. Our community is always there to provide advice, feedback, and inspiration, no matter where you are in your Holistic Wellness Coach career journey.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what our students are saying!

The short answer is Yes! In fact, we are so confident you will get your first client by the time you graduate, that we guarantee your success. If you follow the steps in our program and fail to attract your first client by graduation, we will refund your tuition and you can keep your certification. 

At the IAWP, our program is based on our Immersive Transformation Training Method™. This method ensures you are applying your knowledge during every stage of your training and this includes taking the right steps to attract your ideal clients.

Through our business training, you will follow our Coach Launch system, which is designed to take you step by step through a process that will guide you as you attract and sign up your first 10 clients, or your next 10 clients, again and again. 

When you enroll in our Holistic Wellness Coach Certification program, you will receive Lifetime Access to our training, plus continued education and support for the life of your career. This is very unique in the online education industry and we are unaware of any other organization that provides this level of access and ongoing support. 

This also means that you will be part of a community that is committed to supporting one another. Unlike other training programs where access to other students might be limited to your current class, at the IAWP you will have the opportunity to connect with former students and grads who are always excited to share their experiences and pay it forward. It’s truly a unique community like no other. 

While you do not need continuing education credits to maintain your IAWP Holistic Wellness Coach Certification, our training is recognized and accredited by several organizations, like the International Coach Federation where our program allows you to earn Continuing Education Credits. 

Our primary focus is on giving you the systems and support you need to build a thriving practice, helping others. 

Our business training can be applied to building a practice in your local community or creating an online coaching business.  Some students prefer to work locally, others go straight to online. The choice is yours and will largely depend on your preference. 

Through our Coach Launch Fast Track system,  you will learn how to set up your business and determine which career track best fits for you. You will also learn the ins and out of online marketing, social media, video conferencing and other virtual business tools. You’ll also personally experience virtual coaching and online workshops through your training.

Because launching an online practice requires some additional technical skills, we encourage our students to apply our systems in their local community first and then expand to online as they build proof of concept with their niche, their signature coaching program and our client attraction strategies.