Live Well Dream Big

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming Your Best Self
and Living Life on Your Own Terms

Create a Holistic Life, Empower Your Mindset, Follow Your Dreams and Make a Big Impact

With your Live Well Dream Big Guidebook, you will be guided to make small shifts in your life, that have an immediate impact on your entire well-being. With this step by step guide, you will be empowered to create transformations in your life today, that last a lifetime.

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Your Holistic Solution

Receive a powerful system designed to guide you towards lasting transformations that last a lifetime.

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Your Wellness Roadmap

With your step-by-step roadmap, you can quickly move towards your wellness & life goals and make a big impact. 

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12 Wellness Experts

Our experts will share 12 powerful stories and tips, that will inspire you to Live Well & Dream Big.

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One Breakthrough

It only takes one breakthrough to transform the path of your life forever. This powerful guide will help you make this breakthrough. 

12 Inspiring Stories of Transformation

Learn from real people who Decided to Live Well then Dream Big

Laura Albers HeadshotNEW

Laura Albers

From Frazzled to Fueled

“I was overworked and overwhelmed. It all changed when I discovered the true meaning of the word ‘self-care’.”

Catherine Spriggs Headshot

Catherine Spriggs

The Path to Finding Your Purpose

“I found the missing answers to aligning my purpose with the rest of my life. I’ve been able to do the internal work and show up every single day putting the work into myself and my passion.”

Michael Dilorio thumbnail

Michael Dilorio

Finding Your Answer Within

“It wasn’t the practical, logical thing to do, but it was liberating, thrilling and filled me with an energy I hadn’t felt in years. I felt alive.”

Eileen Franco Landscapesq

Eileen Franco

Learning to Let Go

“I spent decades struggling through life’s transitions until I learned to let go so I could become who I was meant to be.”

Aimee Schrank

Aimee Schrank

Motherhood Makeover

My experience helped me to realize that to be a good mother, I needed to unapologetically invest in my wellbeing first.”

Natalia Edelmann

Natalia Edlemann

The Journey from Stuck to Success

I’m a recovering workaholic and that really caused me to lose my sense of self. It wasn’t until I started paying attention to the other areas of my life that I found myself again.”


Kelly Williams

The Body Beyond Exercise

“I wasn’t sure if there was another way, but I started listening to my body.Whatever we do, it should make us feel better. It’s that simple.”

Tania Mather

Tania Mathers

Finding Your Flow

“I was exhausted and overwhelmed. It felt like I had hit rock bottom, yet this low point became my turning point.”

Donna Lee Humble

Donna Lee Humble

Mastering Money Mindset

“I was really able to look at my old beliefs around money and reframe them. I feel more worthy – worthy of myself, of the work I do and how I want to serve in this world.”

Kim Goeltom

Kim Goeltom

From Super Stressed to Super Woman

I finally saw the missing pieces to my health and discovered the interconnection between everything in my life.”

Janet Thompson Jackson

Janet Thompson Jackson

From High Anxiety to High Frequency

Thriving doesn’t mean there isn’t pain or struggle. Instead, it can be the pathway that leads you to living your best life.”

hayley vincent

Hayley Vincent

Finding Food Freedom

I let my own voice be heard and the wisdom that came through was life changing.”

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