Coach Launch

Quickly Scale Your Coaching Business
and Attract Your Next 10 Clients in 90 Days or Less

Have you invested countless hours trying to practice, only to realize that you still don’t know where your next client is coming from?

If you want to escape the frustration and confusion of trying to launch a successful coaching practice all on your own and are finally ready to start attracting a steady stream of clients, you’re in the right place.

Coach Launch is a revolutionary training system based on our experience coaching 1000’s of successful coaches and holistic practitioners from around the world.

After over a decade of testing different online and offline methods for building a successful coaching practice, we know from experience what really works.

If you’re a holistic practitioner or wellness professional who wants to leverage your knowledge as a coach or you’re already an established coach but you’re struggling to get off the ground and running,

Coach Launch is for you. We’ve taken all our knowledge, experience and the results of countless tests to create this hands-on training for you.

Coach Launch is a proven system designed to help you launch and grow a thriving coaching practice in 90 days or less.

In this training, you'll discover...

Systems + Support = Success

If you want to create a successful coaching practice you love, you need proven systems and personal support. Coach Launch will give you the three essential systems you need to attract your ideal clients and build a thriving practice. Plus, your training includes personalized support and a powerful community to ensure your success is inevitable.

Whether you want to stay local or grow global, Coach Launch is a complete coaching system designed to help you transform personally and professionally, so you can finally achieve your true calling… changing lives and sharing your big message!

Learn more about the Systems and Support you’ll receive during Coach Launch….

What systems will you learn in your Coach Launch training?

Core Coaching System

Learn our proven coaching method so you can confidently coach clients with any challenge.


Go from being an advice-giver to becoming a coach who creates transformations for your clients.


With the CORE Coaching System, you’ll turn clients into raving fans.

Leap CoreCoaching
Leap BusinessBreakthrough 1

Your Client Attraction System

Discover the exact steps to attract your next 10 clients so you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel.


You’ll get complete clarity on who your ideal clients are, then craft an irresistible offer that will have them asking to work with you.

Using our proven workshop system, you’ll attract clients with ease.

Your Client Enrollment System

Master the art of authentic sales so that you never have to wonder what to say to inspire someone to work with you.


With our proven discovery session model, you’ll gain confidence talking to potential clients and see the sign-ups come rolling in.

4 Unlimited Live Coaching Labs

How We Support You Every Step of the Way in Your Training. . .

  • IAWP Wellness Virtual Classroom

    Weekly Training Videos with Suzanne Monroe

    Experience learning in our state of the art classroom where you’ll digest your training in a step-by-step process. You’ll be supported to take weekly action so you can see success quickly.

  • Wellness 360 Live

    Weekly Launch Labs

    Get all of your questions answered and hear from coaches just like you who have gone from overwhelm and struggle to clarity and clients. Launch Labs are a chance to breakthrough any fears or challenges, learn from others and get into action each week.

  • Wellness Coach Videos

    Step-by-Step Action & Accountability

    Apply what you learn each week with guided action steps to ensure you don’t get stuck.

  • Wellness Workshops

    Coaching Demos

    Listen in to real-live coaching demos where the coaching and selling methods you are learning will be demonstrated so you can hone your own skills when working with real clients.

  • Done-for-you Tools & Blueprints

    Coach Launch will provide you with ready-to-use templates, blueprints, and tools for each system so you can hit the ground running.

    From workshop set-up guides, to proven sales scripts, to coaching session blueprints, you’ll have all of the resources at your fingertips so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

    Check out just a few of the tool’s you’ll receive:

    The CORE Coaching Kit – Done-for-you blueprints for coaching success Step by Step Guide to your First 10 Paying Clients The Nail Your Niche Blueprint Client Clarity for Coaches Blueprint Plug-n-Play WOW Workshop Brilliant Bio Blueprint Your Signature Coaching Program Blueprint Signature Talk Template Workshop Setup Guide The Secret Language of Discovery Sessions Blueprint Workshop Follow Up Cheat Sheet Discovery Session Invitation Script From Local to Global Starter Guide And much more!

Plus these special bonuses...

Wellness 360 Rx Protocols

Whatever type of coaching you want to specialize in, your clients are bound to have health challenges. Wellness 360 Rx are proven health challenge they have.

Based on the top health tips from the IAWP’s world-class wellness faculty, you’ll receive 18 step-by-step proven protocols to support clients through lifestyle, diet, supplement and behavior management approaches for specific health concerns including:

Weight Loss • Chronic Inflammation • Thyroid Disease • Adrenal Fatigue • Food Allergies • Digestive Disorders • Hormone Imbalance • High Cholesterol • Hypertension • Diabetes • Emotional Eating • Headaches & Migraines • Insomnia • Stress Management • Career • Relationships • Spirituality • Finances

Wellness 360 Rx
Mindset Mastery

Mindset Mastery

Most people are not held back by their true abilities, but by their thinking. When you master your mindset, you can overcome fear, take action and build the coaching practice of your dreams.

Listen on-the-go as you master your new mindset practicing our 12 Empowered Coach Mindsets that will support you on your new journey.

Get started today and choose the plan that’s best for you…

Pay In Full

$ 1997

5 Monthly Payments

$ 497

Success Stories

Whether you want to stay local or grow global, the systems and support of Coach Launch will take you where you want to go.

I’ve taught this system to thousands of coaches & holistic practitioners. See what they have to say….

“I followed the exact steps as they were outlined and signed up my first client on my first try! I couldn’t believe it was that easy, but it is. I was shocked because this was the first time I practiced the process taught to me and it just simply works. I’m now using this system over and over again to grow my coaching business with amazing results!”

[And a few months later]…

“This REALLY works! Not only did I enroll 4 clients into my 6 month program this month, I also have noticed how much more I am loving what I do!. Just knowing my clients are getting real results and long lasting benefits has been as valuable as reaching my financial goals.!!! Thank you Suzanne! You are truly amazing!”
Donna Lee Humble
Donna Lee Humble
Alternative Health Practitioner & Certified Wellness Coach
“What I love about the IAWP is that everything they teach you works. I’ve followed the exact systems they provide and immediately signed up my first client! It’s true, you really can get clients if you follow the program.”
Karina Hammer IAWP student
Karina Hammer
Holistic Wellness Coach
“I wanted to say thank you…for all of your feedback and support. Just this week: an invitation to speak, a discovery session booked and a new program purchased. Feeling accomplished and grateful!”
Danielle Luipersbeck
Danielle Luipersbeck
Health & Wellness Coach
My training with the IAWP had opened up so many opportunities for me…

The IAWP gave me the knowledge and confidence to create these programs not only for individuals but for groups. I launched a new school program called INSIGHT that has reached 2500 kids already – teaching them how to live healthy and balanced lives.

Best of all, I am on the road to a new job that combines all my passions and pays twice what I’m currently making. I would say that since [working with] the IAWP things which are better than I imagined are coming my way. Thank you!
Stacy West
Stacy West
IAWP Wellness Coach
“The IAWP gave me the tools to turn my hobby into a real business I love to wake up to everyday… I was able to leave my job and jumpstart my coaching business!”
Lisa Leverrier
Lisa Leverrier
Thyroid Coach
“Before learning the Core Coaching Method, I was under the impression that coaching meant creating a plan for clients and guiding them through it. The Core Coaching Method has helped me to effectively guide clients to their own solutions, help them uncover their deeper issues and…take [the] steps forward in their transformation. Now, I’m confidently guiding my clients to…create the lives they desire.”
Morgan Sheets
Morgan Sheets
Well-Being & Business Coach
“Before becoming a coach, I worked a full time desk job (that paid the bills, but I absolutely loathed it). I was unsure of the direction i wanted my life to go, but I knew a change needed to occur. As soon as I discovered the IAWP, I knew it was right for me…I was able to finally discover my niche + create a Signature System that I am proud of!

The most life-changing thing about this whole new chapter of my life is that I finally realized I don’t need to have a job in a corporate office at a desk everyday, that’s so not me and not what i like to do. And I’m so excited to be out working with people!”
Lily Kanalen
Lily Kananen
Massage Therapist & IAWP Wellness Coach
“There isn’t anything left to chance. A success track is what they gave me; I will be forever grateful.”
Kim Goeltom
Kim Goeltom
Wellness Coach
“I was struggling with how to best describe and effectively market my specialty, which is natural hormone restoral for women 50+. Suzanne and the IAWP helped me really hone in on the specific solutions I offer to this group, and brand it in a way that speaks to my ideal clients. The result was Get Your Juicy Back, a program that effectively distinguishes me, clearly appeals to the women I can help, and provides a professional platform for my speaking and other projects.”
Susan Joyce Proctor
Susan Joyce Proctor, DAy
Ayurvedic Practitioner & Founder
“This was the perfect program for me! It helped me learn tools to build my business, but more importantly, I was taught skills on coaching. This was the area I needed educated in the most…The CORE coaching method is an amazing way to help my clients get at the solutions on their own.

It has given me freedom that NO other profession has done…It has been fun to see my business grow as well as my following. It is hard work but so rewarding! I have discovered that I LOVE to share, educate, and empower my fellow mamas. This program has been such a blessing.”
Kristine Lies
Kristine Lies
Business Owner
“I have gained so much confidence by… following my passions, instead of playing it safe by staying someone’s employee…I cannot thank [you] enough for allowing me to fulfill my dreams of being my own boss, helping people learn to love themselves, and make this world a better place by using my natural talents.”
Molly Wentzel
Molly Wentzel
Wellness Coach
“First off I wanted to thank you endlessly for creating this program. It has transformed my life….I have been able to work with 20 clients and have recently just sold two of my largest packages…

I also was featured as a guest on [the] radio for an hour discussing what I do and why! All of these doors have opened up for me to share my message of healing with the world and I keep getting confirmation that I am undoubtedly on the right path. “
Leigha Benson
Leigha Benson
IAWP Certified Wellness Coach

Get started today and choose the plan that’s best for you…

Pay In Full

$ 1997

5 Monthly Payments

$ 497