Coach Launch

Get Personal Support to Attract Your Next 10 Clients (and create a sustainable coaching business for years to come)

Let's discuss the problem First...

Have you invested countless hours (and dollars) in your coaching business only to realize you're back where you started with no real plan in place?

Did you receive an amazing training and education in coaching...that didn't prepare you to actually build a business or be a successful coach?

Have you helped a handful of clients and know deep down that you can make an impact, but just feel frustrated by how to actually do it?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the potential possibilities, programs and "big ideas" out there on social media from supposed gurus who have THE answer?

Are you thinking of giving up on your coaching business because "getting clients" is just getting too hard and becoming too stressful?

Yet despite all this, you just can't let it go. You're passionate about helping people and you know your work as a coach has big potential. And there's more - you deeply desire to make this work so you can create a life that feels authentic to you. So throwing in the towel on your coaching business is definitely not what you want to do. But...you're stuck.

If this sounds like you, you are in the right place. Here's why I know...

 Having trained thousands of coaches, I know firsthand the struggles you’re facing. I also went through the same challenges myself when I first started my coaching business two decades ago. The good news is, you don’t have to stay stuck. There is a path forward that is not only sustainable but authentic and can work for YOU. 

I know you’ve been jaded by all of the trainings and experts out there. And it can be hard to trust someone again and even dish out more dollars after trying so many things. But do something for just a minute. Lean in a little closer with me and read below to learn how my proven Coach Launch system is different and can finally help you…

Top 5 Reasons Coach Launch is different than other business coach trainings
(and can finally help you get to where you want to be)

Gain Real
Support & See Success Quickly

Running a successful coaching business take real experience and application. Most business programs tell you what to do, but don’t support you to actually take action. That’s why during Coach Launch, you won’t just be learning how to do it, you will actually be doing it.  Our system is built to guide you step-by-step and includes tons of live, personal support you to take action every step of the way so you can see success and keep building upon it.

Become a
Confident Coach & Entrepreneur

If you’re tired of doubting yourself, get ready to overcome your fear and overwhelm once and for all. See, confidence comes from being supported to take action and then seeing results.  From this place, you gain real experience and can build upon your newfound confidence. Coach Launch is designed to help you do this quickly while we hold your hand along the way. 

Expand Your
Business Locally & Globally

Whether you want to work with clients locally, create a virtual practice or both…the Coach Launch system works for any type of coaching business you want to have…you get to decide.  This is not just the latest marketing hype or newest social media strategy, my proven system is something you will use for years to come in your coaching business to continue expanding and reaching new goals. Plus, it’s been used successfully by thousands of coaches to date. (You can meet them below!) 

Next Level Client Attraction Training

This isn’t just “Client Attraction 101”. As a seasoned coach, you probably already have a few tricks up your sleeve to find clients. This is about learning how to both authentically and consistently attract your ideal coaching clients over and over again, without having to hustle, send annoying DMs, chase people down, pray for referrals or keep reinventing your marketing message (Ugh!)

Forget Cookie Cutter Quick Fixes

Most business trainings for coaches are cookie-cutter approaches, that usually only work for a small percentage of people. Coach Launch is a customizeable system that works for a lifetime. Best of all, it’s built around our personal support and inspiring community.  You get to choose your pathway and build a business in alignment with you while we show you how to do it, answer all of your questions and guide you step-by-step.

What's Included in Coach Launch?
Discover the three essential phases to build a successful coaching business....

Phase One


Most coaches miss the Alignment phase in their business, leaving them confused and overwhelmed as they try to attract clients. During phase one of your Coach Launch journey, you will learn the formula for aligning your true passion with the people you are meant to serve.  Then, you’ll get yourself set up for success and jumpstart your coaching business on the right foot.

You’ll receive tons of personal support in this phase to make sure you jumpstart your coaching business on the right foot.

This part of your journey will create the foundation you’ve been missing and will support your business for years to come.

  • How to create success as a coach without compromising on your values or yourself
  • A simple formula to align your passion with your people
  • The Superpowered Scheduling System to help you stay on track and reach goals with ease
  • A powerful self-coaching technique to overcome the top 6 fears most new coaches have
  • How to authentically market your passion, cut through the noise and create connection with your ideal coaching clients
  • 3 proven methods to authentically attract coaching clients you probably haven’t tried yet
  • The top 4 problems you can solve for clients that create repeat business and endless referrals
  • Plus overcome niche overwhelm and finally discover the real clients you’re meant to help

Phase Two


Most coaches spend hours every day creating social media posts and months (if not years) creating materials and content. That stops now. 

In the second phase of your Coach Launch journey you will create a business system that will inform everything you do within your coaching business. Imagine having one system you can use to support your clients, market your business, create content and share your message.

But you won’t do it alone. With personal feedback and expert guidance, you’ll feel 100% confident with your coaching business.


It will be a total relief as you finally step back and watch your business work for you rather than against you. Say goodbye to reinventing the wheel once and for all.

  • Follow a proven formula to attract your next 10 ideal coaching clients
  • Get out from behind your screen, stop wasting time on activities that don’t add up to income and start helping people who want to pay you
  • Discover your Coaching Superpower and never try to fit into someone else’s version of success again
  • Follow a custom Coaching Business Model Roadmap that allows you to build your business based on your unique talents
  • Design a powerful coaching program that your ideal clients will know is perfect for them
  • Gain confidence quickly in sharing your message through both authentic marketing and soulful sales

Phase Three


Most coaches who have an initial level of success in finding clients end up burning out from trading dollars for hours and trying to help all their clients, while losing themselves in the process.

In this phase of your Coach Launch journey, you will learn how to grow your business sustainably and leverage your time and resources to make an even bigger impact.  

No question will go unanswered for you and you’ll have total clarity on your big vision as you receive personal support and celebrate with your fellow coaches who are experiencing the same success.

Instead of putting in long hours and wondering if there’s an end in sight, you can finally spend your time doing things you love. (More yoga, anyone?)

4-Unlimited Live Coaching Labs
  • Start with the end in mind and design your business to match your lifestyle, not the other way around
  • Master your Money Mindset as you go on an intimate journey to finally heal your money story and tap into your Prosperity Vision.  
  • Learn the activities that successful coaches implement everyday to stay focused, organized and on purpose
  • Discover how to create partnerships that complement your business and expand your network without effort
  • Learn two powerful methods for authentically pricing your program that will leave you feeling confident in your price instead of wondering if you are “worth it”
  • Finally, learn how to “rinse and repeat” and create a steady stream of consistent clients for years to come

Check out these special program bonuses we know you're gonna love....
Bonus #1

6 months of personal business coaching support

Gain access to our live support where you can receive ongoing personal support during your journey. Ask questions, breakthrough any barriers, connect with your classmates and keep your momentum going ($1,997 Value)

2 VideoAudio Live Expert Training 2

Bonus #2

Launch Labs

You also get access to our bonus Launch Lab Library where you can work through the most common questions coaches and holistic practitioners have and stay inspired on your journey. ($997 Value)

3 Live Curriculum Training

Bonus #3

Mindset Mastery for New Coaches

Starting your own coaching business can wreak havoc on your mindset. You can easily doubt yourself and lose confidence as you try to do so many new things at once (can you relate?) So, the good news is this: It’s normal. But… you can’t build the business you want without mastering your mindset. 

It’s time to overcome fear, take action and build the coaching business of your dreams…because your mindset will finally match your vision.

In this exclusive bonus, you’ll learn how to identify your inner critic,  dialogue with your true, inner voice and discover the top 3 mindsets of an empowered coach. ($997 value)

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Ready to take the next step?

How Your Training Takes Place


Journey through 12 Self-Paced, Action-Oriented Modules

3 MonthlyLeadLabs

Join Live Launch Labs where you can receive business coaching and personal support.

4 Master CA Connection Group

Unlock the proven step-by-step business system used by successful coaches...which is soon to include you

5 VirtualVideoLessons

Learn from Virtual Video Lessons And Real-world Application Exercises

6 Tools Blueprints

Receive Done-For-You Blueprints & Tools so you don't have to reinvent the wheel

8 VirtualLearningEnviroment

Go at your own pace through our Flexible, Virtual, Self-guided Learning Environment

Get started today and choose the plan that’s best for you…

Pay In Full

$ 2495

6 Monthly Payments

$ 495

Hear from just some our coaches who created success following the Coach Launch system....

“I followed the exact steps as they were outlined and signed up my first client on my first try! I couldn’t believe it was that easy, but it is. I was shocked because this was the first time I practiced the process taught to me and it just simply works. I’m now using this system over and over again to grow my coaching business with amazing results!”

[And a few months later]…

“This REALLY works! Not only did I enroll 4 clients into my 6 month program this month, I also have noticed how much more I am loving what I do!. Just knowing my clients are getting real results and long lasting benefits has been as valuable as reaching my financial goals.!!! Thank you Suzanne! You are truly amazing!”

“What I love about the IAWP is that everything they teach you works. I’ve followed the exact systems they provide and immediately signed up my first client! It’s true, you really can get clients if you follow the program.”
“I wanted to say thank you…for all of your feedback and support. Just this week: an invitation to speak, a discovery session booked and a new program purchased. Feeling accomplished and grateful!”

“My training with the IAWP had opened up so many opportunities for me…

The IAWP gave me the knowledge and confidence to create these programs not only for individuals but for groups. I launched a new school program called INSIGHT that has reached 2500 kids already – teaching them how to live healthy and balanced lives.

Best of all, I am on the road to a new job that combines all my passions and pays twice what I’m currently making. I would say that since [working with] the IAWP things which are better than I imagined are coming my way. Thank you!”

“The IAWP gave me the tools to turn my hobby into a real business I love to wake up to everyday… I was able to leave my job and jumpstart my coaching business!”

“This is a dream come true. I CANNOT believe just 6 months ago I was feeling so purposeless and down and out, and now I [have] paying clients! I KNOW if I can do this, anyone can.”

“Before becoming a coach, I worked a full time desk job (that paid the bills, but I absolutely loathed it). I was unsure of the direction i wanted my life to go, but I knew a change needed to occur. As soon as I discovered the IAWP, I knew it was right for me…I was able to finally discover my niche + create a Signature System that I am proud of! The most life-changing thing about this whole new chapter of my life is that I finally realized I don’t need to have a job in a corporate office at a desk everyday, that’s so not me and not what i like to do. And I’m so excited to be out working with people!”
“There isn’t anything left to chance. A success track is what they gave me; I will be forever grateful.”
“I was struggling with how to best describe and effectively market my specialty, which is natural hormone restoral for women 50+. Suzanne and the IAWP helped me really hone in on the specific solutions I offer to this group, and brand it in a way that speaks to my ideal clients. The result was Get Your Juicy Back, a program that effectively distinguishes me, clearly appeals to the women I can help, and provides a professional platform for my speaking and other projects.”

“During my training I took on paying clients, created a program to support moms…and I just had a $10,000 month!

“I have gained so much confidence by… following my passions, instead of playing it safe by staying someone’s employee…I cannot thank [you] enough for allowing me to fulfill my dreams of being my own boss, helping people learn to love themselves, and make this world a better place by using my natural talents.”
“First off I wanted to thank you endlessly for creating this program. It has transformed my life….I have been able to work with 20 clients and have recently just sold two of my largest packages… I also was featured as a guest on [the] radio for an hour discussing what I do and why! All of these doors have opened up for me to share my message of healing with the world and I keep getting confirmation that I am undoubtedly on the right path. “

“I’m now impacting thousands of people’s lives through my workshops, coaching programs and online videos.”

“I’ve had may successes – including signing up paid coaching clients easily and becoming confident….”

“I’ve worked with 14 coaching clients and have received powerful success stories about my work, launched a group of 100 people, have been invited to speak, and am reaching my ideal clients. I am really grateful to the IAWP for all of this!”

“I now have control over my schedule and I can spend time with my family and be present, without feeling rushed…time freedom and financial independence!”

Ready to take the next step?

Check out just some of the blueprints and tools you'll receive...

Coach Launch System 2023 1

A Message from Suzanne Monroe

Suzanne 070 1

Coach Launch isn’t just another program, it’s a journey where coaches go from feeling uncertain and hesitant to becoming confident and empowered.

It’s an opportunity to follow a proven system with tons of personal support…so you can get back to what you really love – helping people and living your life, rather than worrying about where your next client is coming from.

It’s not a quick fix solution, but if you follow the steps and methods I’m sharing, you will transform your coaching business for years to come. 

This is about you stepping out into the world as the coach you’re meant to be, because people are waiting for you. I hope to see you inside Coach Launch!

Love, Health and Success,
Suzanne Monroe


Coach Launch is a super supportive, yet self-guided business training program. So yes, you can enroll at any time and go at your own pace. That said, the special pricing being offered on this page may not be available if you enroll later. 

The design of Coach Launch allows you to customize the amount of time you want to spend each week on your training.  There are 12 modules. Each module consists of a video trainings, reading, blueprints and application exercises. We estimate about 4 to 5 hours per module, though many application exercises are implemented over a longer time period within your coaching business. Coaches can finish this program in as little as 30 days and the average is 90 days.  If you need to spend more time one week and less time another week, the program is flexible in that way.

No, you do not need to available for live training calls. The program is set up for you to work through it self-guided and the Live Launch Labs are recorded so you can watch the replays in your classroom when it works best for you. 

Coach Launch will be the perfect jumpstart to your coaching business. Instead of wasting time or reinventing the wheel, you will start your new business off on the right foot with a strong foundation. 

Participants will likely have different levels of experience and success, but what you will have in common is that you are on your way to creating more success. For experienced coaches, if you are facing any of the following struggles, then Coach Launch may be just right for you…

  • If you have a full practice, but don’t have a way to expand it.
  • If you have a niche but it’s not bringing you the amount of clients you want
  • If you feel capped out at a certain income level but not sure how to grow
  • If you are feeling stuck with how to authentically market your coaching business
  • If your practice took a dive during the pandemic and hasn’t recovered yet
  • If you felt like you never had the business foundation you needed and have been just trying to figure it out as you go
  • If you’re tired of trying the latest guru’s secret, only to find that it doesn’t last forever

There are plenty of free trainings online that focus on one fix or another. It has been our experience that most trainings in the online space, whether free or paid, tend to focus on one strategy or tactic that could support you. Having been in the online business field ourselves well before it was on trend, we’ve also seen a lot of crazy things out there. We caution you from “magic bullet” style programs that promise you that you will solve all of your marketing challenges in 30 days or less and instead leave you in overwhelm or running down a rabbit hole. You may find something that works for you, but Coach Launch is about building a strong foundation in your business rather than simply using a single marketing technique that won’t last forever…leaving you back to where you started.

At the IAWP, we believe it takes having a strong foundation and not changing what you’re doing every few months because some other expert has told you to. And it also takes being willing to stick to a proven system (from someone who has actually done it rather than just saying they’ve done it.)

It’s time to pause and consider your own personal situation to determine if taking on an investment like this is right for you at this time.

One option to support you is to consider the payment plan option and carving out time to complete this program within 30 days so you can start earning income and pay off your investment quickly.

Also, if you haven’t earned any income yet, consider why that might be.  If more circumstantial but you are ready to keep moving forward and everything you have learned about Coach Launch resonates, then you should join. You will likely grow your business faster with support and community.

If your financial situation is very tight, you may want to consider waiting to get started at another time. You don’t want to have to be worrying while you are focusing on new learning.


Finally, the value of Coach Launch is $5,000. But because we know most new coaches have already invested so much in their education and are often at a pivotal point in their business (make it or break it), we’ve cut the tuition in half to help more coaches get started. 

Time is our greatest commodity, that’s for sure. We get it. That’s why we’ve designed Coach Launch to be flexible. You can participate from anywhere, anytime and on-the-go.  We estimate that you will want to spend at least 2 hours per week on your training, though some weeks you could spend more or less depending on your schedule. Consider where you could open up a little bit more time. Could you get up an hour earlier one time per week and stay up an hour later one time per week? Could you carve out morning on a Saturday once a month?

If you’re “too busy”, it’s likely that there are some things you may need to clear off your plate to be able to focus on your coaching business. Good news, during Coach Launch we’ll be helping you with Productivity and making the most of your time and energy!

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