A Complete System to Attract and
Support Your New Coaching Clients . . .
Online and Offline

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A Complete System to Attract and Support Your New Coaching Clients . . . Online and Offline

As a coach, you did not launch a practice so you could spend endless hours tinkering with technology. You started your practice for one simple reason. You want to help others live their best life possible.

But in today’s online world, you have discovered that to stand out in your market, you have to have a digital presence. A website, social media, online scheduling, the ability to take online payments. The list goes on.

Everyone wants to leverage all this technology to automate their practice and build relationships with new clients, but with so many options, it can be difficult to find a solution that fits the unique needs of your practice.

And even when you do find an attractive option, the technical requirements to implement this new technology can stop you in your tracks.

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At the end of the day, you want to invest in a program that will streamline your practice and create new client opportunities, but you simply don’t have the time or interest in figuring all this out on your own.

Frustrated? Don't worry, we've got you covered.



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As a Health, Wellness or Life Coach, you are on a mission to change the world, one client at a time.

To support you in your journey, we have created Wellness 360™ Coach Pro. This program is made up of our two favorite things, Systems and Support.

Wellness 360™ Coach Pro is a turnkey marketing system designed to help you get established online and offline in a professional and powerful way.

Wellness 360™ Coach Pro also comes with a whole new level of training to help you get online quickly.




Wellness 360™ Coach Go Virtual Training

In this exclusive training, you’ll learn everything you need to Go Virtual with your coaching practice including how to set up with your first virtual workshop and common mistakes to avoid that most new coaches make when going online.

Included in Wellness 360 Go Virtual are 6 power-packed video training lessons and done-for-you social media and online marketing images you can use as is or customize for your business.

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Here’s a look at the lessons inside W360 Coach Go Virtual

Lesson 1 How to Set up Your First Virtual Workshop

Lesson 2 Best Practices for Hosting Virtual Workshops on Zoom, including managing groups and troubleshooting technology without overwhelm

Lesson 3 How to use W360 Coach Done-for-You Workshops Virtually to Attract Your Ideal Coaching Clients

Lesson 4 How to Market Your Virtual Workshop without Spending Money on Online Ads

Lesson 5 How to Enroll Virtual Coaching Clients Without Reinventing the Wheel

Bonus Lesson Pivot Your Practice: 7 Steps to Go Virtual Now

Your Wellness 360™ Coach Website

Choose from 2 Fully Customizable Website Designs

You can select from these two options at time of purchase.
Click either image below to review a live demo website.


This version of the website is Wellness 360 Coach branded, but you can customize everything, including the color scheme and site logo to match the barand of your practice.

Preview Version One Here

This version of the website provides an alternative look and features, without any branding around Wellness 360. This is ideal if you already have your own logo.

Preview Version Two Here

3 Complete Done for You Wellness 360™ Coaching Programs

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Wellness 360 Coach™
Online Pro Bonuses

Wellness 360 Coach™
Online Research Guide.

Discover how to use several free online tools to quickly research your niche audience and incorporate language that resonates with your tribe.

Wellness 360 Coach™
Client Attraction Guide for
Facebook Groups.

This video training will walk you through the dos and don’ts of interacting in Facebook groups, so you can build authority and make real connections with potential clients, without breaking group rules or getting blocked as a spammer.

Wellness 360 Coach™
Content Marketing Training.

In this training, we’ll show you the 4 Rules to get your content marketing started and keep it going on a regular basis.

The Wellness 360 Coach™
Home Video Studio Guide.

In this training we’ll show you how to set up a professional studio in your home office using your computer or smart phone for $40 bucks or less. Plus, we’ll show you how to leverage video on the most popular platforms on the web.

Your Wellness 360 Coach™

In this step, we’ll show you the exact steps you need to take to set up an online classroom for your clients without any coding or any monthly maintenance fees.


Regular Price: $1997/year


After personally growing my own coaching practice and training 1000s of wellness coaches to follow in my footsteps, I truly know what it takes to start and run a successful coaching business.

If I would have had something like W360 Coach Pro when I first got started years ago, life would have been so much easier! We created this program especially for you, so you don’t have to spend countless hours like I did working on your website, creating your coaching program or figuring out your funnel. Just use this complete, done-for-you system and you’ll be up and going in no time, doing what you’re meant to be doing – helping others live their best life. If you only invest in one thing as a new coach, make W360 Coach ‘your thing’. You’ll be so glad you did!

Love, Health & Success,


If you are ready to cut through the online marketing noise and discover how to grow your coaching practice, Wellness 360 Coach is for you.

Kevin Cahill

In this program, we will give you all the tools you need to attract and support your next coaching clients. We’ll pull you out of that technical blackhole and give you turnkey systems that you can simply plug and play for quick, meaningful results.

Plus, we will show you the exact systems, tools and techniques we use at the IAWP to connect with clients and grow our business.

In Health and Wellness,


Read What Our Coaches Are Saying

Stacy Thewis

Stacy Thewis

Certified Wellness Coach,
Owner of Cultivating Balance

Shout out to everyone at the IAWP for the awesome tips on how to improve my website and optimize my links.

Less is definitely more and so happy that my clients and yoga students have a more direct path to the scheduling links.

I couldn’t imagine trying to figure this out on my own!!

Again, this program ROCKS!

Melanie Halter

Melanie Halter

Certified Wellness Coach,
Owner of Joy Health and Wellness

Last Saturday I did my first in person workshop and used the Embodied Living Resource.

Holy smokes was it amazing ❤️

I had 12 people who were pretty much rockstars. This workshop resulted from an interview I did of a local yoga studio and they then asked me to be their Self Care Saturday expert.

After the workshop I got asked if I would be a speaker at their retreat!

THANK YOU IAWP. Best resources EVER.

Dr. Sue Palmer Conn

Dr. Sue Palmer Conn

Certified Wellness Coach,
Owner of ME or WE - Rebuilding Healthy Relationships

Fantastic provision of a professional standard website. The training videos are really easy to follow even for technophobes like me.

The IAWP team is quick to answer any queries. In addition to the website, the workshops in a box are a fabulous addition which give us not only a script to adopt or adapt but also ready made flyers and participant handouts.

A brilliant provision which has saved hours of time for my monthly lunch and learn sessions.


Regular Price: $1997/year


The content and layout on the website is 100% customizable. You can change just about anything to match your brand, including site colors, logo, footers, etc.

By default, the Version One website is designed around the Wellness 360 Coach brand and color scheme. So when you first get your new website, you have everything you need to quickly jumpstart your practice. We have provided a professional logo, the website design and just about everything else.

Version Two allows you to instantly create your own signature logo (or update your own) and is designed for a coach who might focus on personal branding. However, either site allows complete customization so you can build a site to meet your unique needs.

For both sites, all you need to do is customize a few sections to help your next clients learn more about you. Or you can take it step further and fully customize the site to match your own brand!

In either case, our easy to follow instructions and live support in the Facebook Group ensure you can be up and running in a single day. 

Yes! Our team can connect your custom domain to your new website for a small fee of $100.

We will handle all the technical details to get your site connected to your custom domain. (You must buy this domain or already own one).

Or you can use the domain we provide with the site, which is wellness360coach/your-name.

Absolutely. About 25% of our coaches chose to use their own website, but rely on Wellness 360 Coach Online Pro for all their marketing, workshop and program materials. 

The marketing, workshop and program materials are provided to you as a license. You can use these materials in your practice as long as you are a paid member of Wellness 360 Coach.

We know you will find tremendous value in these materials as you set out to attract and serve new coaching clients and your investment in this program should given you a huge return as you quickly attract and sign up new clients.

Yes! Here is an example of the starter guide for the 90 day Wellness 360 Intensive Program. This sample program guide is a great example of the quality and depth of information you will find in our done for you resources. 

This is just one small piece of everything that is included in your program, including: your website, 3 complete done for you coaching programs, Wellness 360 Workshops in a Box, Your Go Virtual Training, Client Ready Materials, Social Media Graphics and Ads, plus support in our Facebook Group.

These done for you materials are built around Wellness 360 Coach brand. As an IAWP Certified Coach, you are a Certified Expert in our Wellness 360 system, so these resources are going to fully support your coaching practice as is.

To protect our copyright on these materials, you cannot alter or change these materials in any way, without our written permission. However, you can add your own logo, a cover page or end page to help personalize the materials.

These materials can be used with any niche as they are based on the Wellness 360 Wheel and the CORE Coaching method.

So whether you are supporting Supermoms, Men with Adrenal Fatigue or Millenniums who are looking for greater purpose in their life, these materials will work for your practice!

Please be sure to review the video and all the details on this page. If you still have questions, please click here to book a 30 minute session with one of our admission advisors to see if Wellness 360 Coach Online Pro is for you! These calls are limited to 30 minutes, so please be prepared with a short list of your most pressing questions!

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