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Live Well Dream Big is your go-to resource for creating a healthy, holistic life, building your mindset and empowering you to follow your purpose.

Through this podcast you’ll hear from your host Suzanne Monroe, Founder of The International Association of Wellness Professionals, who has been teaching people how to live a life of wellness, tap into their passion and go for their dreams for over fifteen years.

Learn practical tips and tools from guest experts in wellness, mindset, and following your purpose to create a life you love. Episodes include a live audience so you’ll get to hear their real-life questions and even submit your own!

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Podcast Icon HolisticWellnessTopTips

#050 – Top Holistic Wellness Tips of 2021

For many, the new year is a time of reflection and resolution. We all want to live our best lives, and we know living healthy is a key component. When we evaluate our health and want to make changes, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are...

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Podcast Icon Dr. Arthur Ciaramicoli

#048 – Heal Your Wounds | Dr. Arthur Ciaramicoli

These days, hatred and conflict seem to be everywhere, from conversations around our dinner tables to interactions with total strangers. How can we come together to replace prejudice and generalization with understanding and unity? Clinical psychologist and author Dr. Arthur P. Ciaramicoli believes the answer lies in empathy and understanding....

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#047 – The Plan is No Plan

In our quick-fix, productivity obsessed culture, taking time to pause and be present with ourselves often feels uncomfortable, or just plain wrong.  Our drive to do more and be more keeps us busy, but keeping busy isn’t enough if we want to live our best lives and make a big...

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Podcast Icon PatrickMckeown

#046 – Breathe Your Way To Sleep | Patrick McKeown

If you struggle to sleep, you know that a restless night can mean increased anxiety, lack of focus, and decreased memory. Patrick McKeown’s advice for better sleep and less anxiety? Functional breathing. Patrick first started experimenting with breathwork while at university. He was suffering from an inability to sleep which...

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Podcast Icon Mollie McGlocklin

#045 – Sleep is a Skill | Mollie McGlocklin

More than ever people are struggling with insomnia and other sleep issues. Some may consider themselves night owls because they’re tired all day but seem to wake up at night when they should be sleeping. It’s a vicious cycle. Before electricity, our ancestors woke with the sun and went to...

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Podcast Icon DonnaLeeHumble

#044 – How to Get Unstuck | Donna Lee Humble

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel stuck on the never-ending treadmill of a busy life. For many, this can translate into anxiety, depression, and overwhelm.  If you can relate, know you’re not alone.  While a band-aid approach might provide some relief in the short term, it won’t address...

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Podcast Icon SandraPayne

#043 – Nurse Burnout Part 2 | Sandra Payne

Is work leaving you overwhelmed and burned out? How can we continue to show up when we’ve reached our emotional limits and our gas tank is empty? Nurses are experiencing burnout at unprecedented rates. When Sandra Payne began her career as a nurse, she was confronted with emotional overwhelm, moral...

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