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Live Well Dream Big is your go-to resource for creating a healthy, holistic life, building your mindset and empowering you to follow your purpose.

Through this podcast you’ll hear from your host Suzanne Monroe, Founder of The International Association of Wellness Professionals, who has been teaching people how to live a life of wellness, tap into their passion and go for their dreams for over fifteen years.

Learn practical tips and tools from guest experts in wellness, mindset, and following your purpose to create a life you love. Episodes include a live audience so you’ll get to hear their real-life questions and even submit your own!

To compliment your podcast journey, download your complimentary digital copy of your Life Well Dream Big Lifestyle Guidebook.

Podcast Icon HeatherBrittain

#039 – Nurse Burnout Part 1 | Heather Brittain

Are you feeling burned out as a healthcare worker? How can we protect our health and set boundaries at work? Heather Brittain’s natural passion for serving others led her into the field of nursing. She soon discovered, however, that being a nurse came at a cost–the sacrifice of her own...

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Podcast Icon EmpowerfulCoachingSessions

#038 – Empowerful Coaching Sessions

Do you provide your coaching clients with the information they need to make big changes, yet they return again and again without making significant progress? How can we help our clients break out of old patterns and experience real growth? If more information was the solution to our problems, we’d...

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Podcast Icon Intuition

#037 –  Intuition in Life & Business

Are you getting hints of what your deeper purpose is, but have trouble taking action? How can we learn to trust our intuition and dream big, even when we don’t have all the answers, yet? In this episode, Suzanne responds to these questions and provides listeners with four techniques for...

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Podcast Icon AskSuzanne

#035 – Ask Suzanne Anything

In this special Episode, Suzanne responds to questions submitted by podcast listeners. She shares with listeners how she first got started as a holistic wellness coach, how to avoid making the mistakes she made when starting her coaching practice, time management tips for wellness coaches, and much more. Listen to...

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Podcast Icon CuriousCoach

#034 – The Curious Coach

Are you making this common mistake with your coaching clients? How can we help our clients get unstuck and make progress? In this episode, Suzanne digs into a common coaching mistake–the tendency to focus on giving advice. Suzanne explores how focusing on powerful, transformative questions will make you a more...

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Podcast Icon HeleneLarocque

#033 – To Drink or Not to Drink | Helene Larocque

Is alcohol interfering with your ability to live your best life? Is there a middle ground between drinking and complete abstinence? What does the science say about how alcohol affects our health? Alcohol is a controversial topic in the wellness space. Some people say it provides health benefits, others say...

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