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Live Well Dream Big is your go-to resource for creating a healthy, holistic life, building your mindset and empowering you to follow your purpose.

Through this podcast you’ll hear from your host Suzanne Monroe, Founder of The International Association of Wellness Professionals, who has been teaching people how to live a life of wellness, tap into their passion and go for their dreams for over fifteen years.

Learn practical tips and tools from guest experts in wellness, mindset, and following your purpose to create a life you love. Episodes include a live audience so you’ll get to hear their real-life questions and even submit your own!

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Podcast Icon Dr.BretScher

Your Best Health Ever with Dr. Bret Scher

In today’s episode, I’m talking to Dr. Bret Scher. He is a board certified cardiologist and lipidologist, a Functional Medicine physician and a Certified Personal trainer. His focus is on preventing and reversing heart disease naturally rather than putting patients on medication and performing surgery. He is a part of...

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Podcast Icons RockYourRelationships

Rock Your Relationships

Relationships can be complicated, right? But learning how to navigate them and cultivate them are both important to living well. Yet, we don’t always think of relationships as directly tied to our health and well-being. But I’m sure if you’ve ever felt stress in your relationships, you can see how...

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Podcast Icons ProductiveOnPurpose

Productive and On Purpose

Today’s episode is on Productivity – and we’re talking about how to be both productive and on purpose, including three steps to get out of overwhelm and get organized. Let’s face it, we’re busier than ever these days and it doesn’t look like life is going to be changing any...

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Podcast Icons Dr. Frank Lipman

The New Rules of Aging Well

In today’s episode I’m talking with Dr. Frank Lipman on the New Rules of Aging Well. Dr. Lipman is recognized as a vocal pioneer of integrative and functional medicine (or what he calls “good medicine”). He is the best-selling author of six books—including a book I’ve just read, his newest...

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Podcast Icons HowNottoDie

How Not To Die

March is national nutrition month. And it got me thinking, nutrition is one of the most confusing aspects of wellness. There’s so much contradictory information out there about what to eat, from a plant based diet to paleo and keto diets, most people are overwhelmed. So I thought it would...

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Podcast Icon StephanieSackerman

Mindful, Heartful Parenting with Stephanie Sackerman

In this episode we’re talking about Mindful Parenting. For those of you who are parents out there, I don’t know about you, but parenting can be tough. Add to that some of the challenges like working virtually from home while your kids are in the mix, and things can get...

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Podcast Icon GrowToGlow 1

Grow to Glow: How to Get Unstuck and Become Your Best Self

You’ve probably heard the saying “If you’re not growing, you’re dying”. I believe it has some truth to it, but in this episode I’m sharing my own version. Join me for this conversation with IAWP Master Wellness Coach Laura Albers. We’re talking about how to get unstuck if you are...

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Podcast Icon MollySommerhalder

Women’s Wellness: Healing Your Pelvic Floor

In this episode, we’re talking about an important women’s wellness topic – the health of your pelvic floor. For all the women out there, I think the more we can give voice to the parts of our health and life that are often whispered about or kept quiet or only...

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