Pillar One: Wellness Training

Discover Our Unique Approach to Holistic Health & Wellness

Our Wellness 360 Education™ is the first learning pillar and a unique aspect of your wellness coach training and certification program.

During your Wellness 360 Education™ you’ll gain in-depth training in nutrition, natural health, and holistic health and wellness.

Our Wellness 360 Education™ is built around our proven, holistic philosophy that has been taught with amazing results to thousands of students and their clients over the past thirteen years.

You might be wondering what exactly Wellness 360™ is and why it’s so unique. Wellness 360 is different than other approaches to health and wellness for several reasons. Let’s take a closer look….

What makes Wellness 360™ the most powerful approach to health and healing?

Wellness Wheel Wellness 360

First, Wellness 360™ is a truly holistic approach to wellness.

While some health and wellness theories use the word “holistic”, they don’t often examine all areas of a person’s life that impact their health.

For example, if you were using a traditional approach and wanted to help a person improve their food and nutrition, you might provide advice on what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it. 

In contrast, using a Wellness 360™ approach, you would also look at other factors that are at play with a person’s food choices. Perhaps their career life, mindset and stress levels are also impacting what they choose to eat everyday. 

This is a simplistic example, but the point is….

If you simply look at a person’s nutrition in a box, you’ll likely miss important factors that are playing a big role in their health. 

Ultimately, without a truly holistic approach, it’s harder for someone to reach and keep their goals for the long-term.

Holistic Wellness Coaches focus on the whole person. They start by helping their clients with “outer” health issues like nutrition, weight, fitness and stress but go deeper beyond the physical symptoms to examine a second “inner” layer including Relationships, Career, Finances, Mindset, Emotions, Spirituality and Purpose.

At the IAWP, we teach holistic wellness because we believe that all areas of a person’s life affect their health and well-being. 

Our physical, emotional and mental health all play a role in our wellness as well as factors like our connection to our purpose in life, our financial well-being and our spirituality.

The second reason Wellness 360™ is unique is that it’s exponential.

What does that mean exactly in terms of your wellness training? You have probably heard the phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and this is true when it comes to how Wellness 360™ works. The various elements in a person’s life are not isolated in a box, they are actually interconnected.

Beyond taking a holistic approach and considering multiple factors in someone’s life, Wellness 360™ goes even another step further and considers how these factors are interconnected and how they impact one another.

For example, if your career is out of balance, what other areas of your life might that be affecting? 

Perhaps your relationships are impacted. Or the food choices you make. Or your mindset. Wellness 360™ supports people to see this interconnection and provide real-life solutions that works with their lifestyle.

The third and final reason Wellness 360™ is so powerful is because it actually works!

How many health plans, diet books and prescribed therapies have you tried in your life? Most people encounter information overload when it comes to their health. 

Unfortunately the system or advice they try doesn’t last forever. It’s usually a short-term fix. In contrast, Wellness 360™ is not a quick fix solution, but rather a lasting solution.

This is where IAWP Wellness Coaches come in to create transformations for their clients using Wellness 360™.

As an IAWP Wellness Coach, your holistic Wellness 360 Education™ will allow you to:

  • Differentiate yourself among other coaches with your holistic approach to health and wellness
  • Create meaningful changes and lasting transformations for your clients
  • Stand out in the crowd to potential clients and organizations with a niche and a unique approach to health and well-being

Our comprehensive wellness training will allow you fully support clients with a variety of health and lifestyle goals. Our Wellness 360™ Education prepares you to approach the whole person, coaching them toward making positive changes that they can maintain for a lifetime.

After completing our wellness training, you’ll feel confident when you begin coaching clients recognizing that you have a depth of knowledge and tools to support them, plus a proven wellness system that helps them reach and keep their goals.

Above all, IAWP’s wellness coach training is focused on helping aspiring wellness coaches find success by providing you with a well-rounded education, proven systems, and personal support. 

You’ll learn how to become a wellness coach that truly listens to your clients’ needs and addresses issues holistically with compassion.

A Brief Introduction to the Curriculum in Pillar One: Wellness 360™

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Frequently Asked Questions

Holistic Wellness Coaches are professionals who take an integrative approach to help people learn to make healthy lifestyle changes. They take into account more than just nutrition,  fitness or simple habit changes, but all aspects of a person’s health and life in true holistic fashion.

IAWP Holistic Wellness Coaches are highly trained coaches, providing support and accountability for their clients so they can make lasting lifestyle changes.

Today there are many people calling themselves “Health Coaches”. They have varying educations and backgrounds, some with extensive training, others with no training at all. “Health Coaching” is a general term that does not tell people what area of health you help with or your specific approach. Many Health Coaches focus solely on nutrition, exercise and habit changes.

“Wellness Coach” is a more specific term. It denotes that more than just general health is being considered in the approach. Wellness signfies well-being and lifestyle aspects beyond food and exercise.

When evaluating various health and wellness coaching programs, it is important to understand the difference between becoming a generalist and a specialist. Whether a training program calls their graduates a “health coach” or a “wellness coach,” they often have a particular angle that they work from.

Holistic Wellness Coaching is a specialty term in which professionals will take a holistic approach to wellness, considering all aspects of a person’s well-being as well as the support provided involves holistic remedies, therapies, and a more natural approach to wellness.

While generalist coaches can be useful, you’re guaranteed greater success when you choose a specialist track like Holistic Wellness. You probably know that in the field of medicine a doctor who is a generalist is paid much less than a specialist. Generalists do not have the same level of training and the market allows for specialists to charge higher fees. This is also true for a Holistic Wellness Coaches.

The International Association of Wellness Professionals is recognized world wide and we have students from numerous countries all over the world.

Our Program is CCE accredited by the International Coaching Federation, the international gold standard in training accreditation.

The IAWP is an accredited school by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and approved by the Canadian Health Coach Alliance. Our Wellness Coach Certification program is also approved by the UK Health Coaches Association.

With approval and accreditation from leading organizations across the globe, you can feel confident that our curriculum has met a high standard in terms of the education and support you will receive.

The IAWP is committed to supporting you during your training and for the life of your new career. Our curriculum is built on support and systems which set the foundation for launching a thriving coaching practice. Our certification is unique because it’s built on an experiential learning method where coaches-in-training receive a full immersion in their learning with unlimited support.

For example… You will have have unlimited opportunities to receive personal coaching from our IAWP Master Coaches during our weekly Live Coaching Labs. You can learn from multiple mentors and experience different coaching styles during these group coaching labs. We offer a wide variety of days and times so you will recieve personal support in these highly transformational training sessions.

You will also have unlimited access to our live training calls and workshops each month, where you will receive personal support from a  Master Coach, a guest teacher or our Founder, Suzanne Monroe.

These events are live, interactive workshops held over video conference and are a great way to connect with our faculty and fellow students, with a laser focus on subject matters related to wellness, coaching, business and mindset.

Our mission at the IAWP is to provide the most supportive online education experience in the industry and we take our mission seriously. The way we deliver our training and support is what makes our program unique from any other training in the online education field today.  

Our unique training method is called The Immersive Transformation Training Method™ (ITTM), where you will personally experience and practice everything you learn in your program. This process allows you to master your own wellness, become a highly effective coach, and launch a profitable practice…all during your training.  

Unlike most online education, where you “read, watch and learn”, here at the IAWP you will “read, watch, learn and DO” through our hands-on learning experience. ITTM includes interactive training, hands-on application, application modules, real-world experience, small group coaching labs and ongoing support. 

This full immersion means you always have a place to get direct and personalized support and you not only end up with superior knowledge of coaching, but more importantly, you have the ability to coach.

We also give you all the tools and systems you will need to be confident as new Wellness Coaches, without having to reinvent the wheel or start everything from scratch. You’ll get to build on a foundation that’s guaranteed to help you create success in your new business or career path.

With a large international student population, you will form lasting friendships and peer support relationships with students from around the globe and in your local communities.

We don’t stop offering support after graduation, though.

One of the most impactful parts of an education with the IAWP is that we offer lifetime support for all of our students. Our community is always there to provide advice, feedback, and inspiration, no matter where you are in your Holistic Wellness Coach career journey.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what our students are saying!

The short answer is Yes! In fact, we are so confident you will get your first client by the time you graduate, that we guarantee your success. If you follow the steps in our program and fail to attract your first client by graduation, we will refund your tuition and you can keep your certification. 

At the IAWP, our program is based on our Immersive Transformation Training Method™. This method ensures you are applying your knowledge during every stage of your training and this includes taking the right steps to attract your ideal clients.

Through our business training, you will follow our Coach Launch system, which is designed to take you step by step through a process that will guide you as you attract and sign up your first 10 clients, or your next 10 clients, again and again. 

When you enroll in our Holistic Wellness Coach Certification program, you will receive Lifetime Access to our training, plus continued education and support for the life of your career. This is very unique in the online education industry and we are unaware of any other organization that provides this level of access and ongoing support. 

This also means that you will be part of a community that is committed to supporting one another. Unlike other training programs where access to other students might be limited to your current class, at the IAWP you will have the opportunity to connect with former students and grads who are always excited to share their experiences and pay it forward. It’s truly a unique community like no other. 

While you do not need continuing education credits to maintain your IAWP Holistic Wellness Coach Certification, our training is recognized and accredited by several organizations, like the International Coach Federation where our program allows you to earn Continuing Education Credits. 

Our primary focus is on giving you the systems and support you need to build a thriving practice, helping others. 

Our business training can be applied to building a practice in your local community or creating an online coaching business.  Some students prefer to work locally, others go straight to online. The choice is yours and will largely depend on your preference. 

Through our Coach Launch Fast Track system,  you will learn how to set up your business and determine which career track best fits for you. You will also learn the ins and out of online marketing, social media, video conferencing and other virtual business tools. You’ll also personally experience virtual coaching and online workshops through your training.

Because launching an online practice requires some additional technical skills, we encourage our students to apply our systems in their local community first and then expand to online as they build proof of concept with their niche, their signature coaching program and our client attraction strategies.