30 Best Wellness Blogs (According to Actual Wellness Coaches)

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Exploring the world of health and wellness is easier than ever before. You can learn all about specific areas of your lifestyle that you’d like to improve by following along with high quality blogs. From nutrition to fitness, wellbeing to mental health, you can learn how to make this year the best one yet.

There are thousands of wellness blogs out there and not all of them are full of quality information. How do you sort through them all to find the best? We’ve put together a round up of the ones we like the most. Follow along to improve your health and feel better, then share with your friends and family.

Cheers to becoming the healthiest, most balanced version of yourself yet!

General Health & Wellness Blogs

1. The IAWP Blog

IAWP Health and Wellness Blog Screenshot

The IAWP is a leading organization in the field of health and holistic wellness. As a school that trains wellness professionals, you’ll only find the highest quality information on our blog. Since we’re dedicated to expertly training wellness professionals, you’ll find our blog is regularly updated with useful information to help you improve your life.

As a school that trains and certifies Holistic Wellness Coaches, you’ll also find lots of information about what it means to become a coach. We post plenty of business tips, thoughts on how to choose the right training program for you, and how to be successful in the field of wellness coaching.

Additionally, the IAWP believes that wellness is about a whole-life approach (you can learn more about our Wellness 360 Wheel here). So you won’t find just nutrition advice, but rather a bigger picture view on how everything in your life affects specific issues you might be struggling with. From a holistic wellness approach, you’ll learn how to improve all aspects of your wellbeing.

Some of our best posts include a deep dive on everything you need to know to become a health and wellness coach. You can check that out here.

2. Harvard Health Blog

A screenshot of the Harvard Health Blog homepage.

Featuring evidence-based health news and tips, the Harvard Health Blog offers a more medical perspective on what it means to be healthy. They cover a number of topics related to health and wellness for all ages and genders. When you want a more scientific view on a health issue, this blog is the one to read.

3. Well from the New York Times

A screenshot of the New York Time Well blog.

You’ll find more popular content in the New York Times, with a science-based foundation. The Well blog covers five categories of topics, including Eat, Move, Mind, Family, and Live. They also have a question and answer column where readers can ask medical experts their questions and get authoritative answers.

4. Mindbodygreen

A screenshot of the MindBodyGreen blog health and wellness blog homepage.

This health blog is more of an online magazine about all things wellness. It features a pretty comprehensive view on just about every topic under the sun that fits under the umbrella of health and wellness. Mindbodygreen has a holistic focus with a research-backed emphasis.

5. Mommypotamus

A screenshot of the Mommypotamus health and wellness blog homepage.

You’ll find all things related to natural living, wellness, and mothering on this blog. All the articles on Mommypotamus relate to creating a home that is as natural as possible. This includes ideas for how to raise kids from a holistic perspective and how to create home-crafted products that are organic.

6. The Healthy Maven

A screenshot of the Healthy Maven health and wellness blog homepage.

The Healthy Maven is a blog and podcast for those who like to dive into all areas of health and wellness. From whole foods recipes to effective workouts, you’ll find lots of tips to help you improve your life. You’ll also find advice for beauty and household wellness recipes to help you boost your clean living in all areas.

7. Art of Healthy Living

A screenshot of the Art of Healthy Living health and wellness blog homepage.

Written by a health enthusiast, The Art of Healthy Living blog is chock full of tips for creating more wellbeing in your life. Article categories include recipes, travel, beauty, diet-specific tips, and so much more. You’ll also find support for exercise and ways to stay fit that cater to various lifestyles.

8. Well + Good

A screenshot of the Well and Good health and wellness blog homepage.

One of the most popular wellness platforms online, Well and Good features a ton of articles written by experts in many health and wellness fields. You’ll find information on just about anything you can imagine, with plenty of science to support health claims. Check it out for a deep dive into wellness.

9. Wellness Mama

A screenshot of the Wellness Mama health and wellness blog homepage.

Written by a mother and wellness enthusiast, Wellness Mama features a treasure trove of all things related to natural family wellness. You’ll find herbal home product recipes, food recipes, tips for eco-living, and so much more. This is a great blog to share with moms who want to live more naturally and who like the DIY lifestyle.

Fitness Blogs

10. Fitful Focus

A screenshot of the Fitful Focus fitness blog homepage.

If you’ve ever gotten frustrated that your exercise and diet routine aren’t helping you get in shape, Fitful Focus is for you. With an emphasis on realistic life changes that will meet your fitness goals, you’ll find inspiration and actionable advice. Find your ideal workout routine and finally get fit with focus.

11. The Fit Foodie

A screenshot of the Fit Foodie fitness blog homepage.

The Fit Foodie blog is all about how to make your food and your workouts play nicely together. You’ll find lots of recipes to fit your foodie philosophy and that will also boost your fitness. Articles and recipes featuring pre and post-workout snacks, plus what to eat for meals. A whole food focus and holistic emphasis make this a great blog for holistic minded people who want to get fit.

12. Nerd Fitness

A screenshot of the Nerd Fitness fitness blog homepage.

For a totally different spin on the stereotypical fitness blog, Nerd Fitness offers a fun and engaging blog full of actionable fitness advice. With a large team of experts (and nerds), plus a worldwide community, you’ll find a place among those who aspire to be in-shape nerds. Online coaching, workouts to do at home, and plenty of free resources make this a great blog to subscribe to.

13. The Balanced Life

A screenshot of the Balanced Life fitness blog homepage.

If Pilates and barre are more your speed, The Balanced Life blog will help you get in shape at home at your own pace. With a large collection of workout videos, an inspiring blog full of healthy recipes, and a membership community, you’ll find great support to help you get in shape Pilates-style.

14. Run to the Finish

A screenshot of the Run to the Finish fitness blog homepage.

If you’re a runner or want to become one, you have specific nutritional and fitness needs. Run to the Finish is all about you, with a supportive vibe geared to cheer you on. With advice for runners of all levels, you’ll find the tips you need to take your running to the next level safely, whether that’s running your first mile or finishing your first marathon.

15. Yoga with Adriene

A screenshot of the Yoga with Adriene fitness blog homepage.

Yoga is a great addition to any fitness and wellness lifestyle. Yoga with Adriene features lots of yoga content, including a ton of free yoga routine videos. You’ll find accessible content for all levels, from beginners to yoginis who are looking for an intense workout. The blog also features yoga routines for specific situations, such as when you need to release some stress.

16. Eat Pray Workout

A screenshot of the Eat Pray Workout fitness blog homepage.

Eat Pray Workout is an online magazine geared toward those who live a healthy lifestyle from a faith-oriented focus. With an organic, clean eating, and sustainable perspective, this fitness-focused blog offers lots of tips for getting in shape and feeling great holistically.

17. Tone It Up

A screenshot of the Tone It Up fitness blog homepage.

An online community built specifically for women, Tone It Up offers content focused on inspiring women to improve their nutrition and meet their fitness goals. The blog features recipes, lifestyle tips, and fitness advice. It all connects with an online community plus trainers available to help people meet their individuals goals.

Nutrition Blogs

18. Oh She Glows

A screenshot of the Oh She Glows nutrition blog homepage.

Oh She Glows features lots of recipes crafted just for vegans that also avoid processed foods, soy, and gluten. You’ll learn about how to live a healthy vegan lifestyle, created by a cookbook author and health enthusiast who’s an expert in eating a vegan diet.

19. Eating Bird Food

A screenshot of the Eating Bird Food nutrition blog homepage.
A screenshot of the Eating Bird Food nutrition blog homepage.

Written by a holistic nutritionist, Eating Bird Food focuses on lots of healthy whole foods recipes. You’ll also find lots of useful tips on general wellness, lifestyle, and effective workout ideas. If you love whole foods and recipes, this blog will inspire you.

20. Downshiftology

A screenshot of the Downshiftology nutrition blog homepage.

The core idea behind the Downshiftology blog is to eat more simply, mindfully, and minimally. It features lots of easy recipes, tips for setting yourself up for whole food success, and ways to improve your lifestyle. All recipes are gluten free and processed food free, so you’ll find yourself eating better without much effort. Lots of videos demonstrating the recipes helps to make it even easier to follow the recipes.

21. Bites of Wellness

A screenshot of the Bites of Wellness nutrition blog homepage.

Written by a personal trainer, fitness chef, and nutrition coach, Bites of Wellness features lots of useful advice on creating delicious food that is also nourishing to your body. You’ll find plenty of recipes for a gluten-free diet, low carb diets, and dairy-free diets. Sprinkled among the recipes are useful tips for your whole lifestyle and wellness routines.

22. The Roasted Root

A screenshot of the Roasted Root nutrition blog homepage.

The Roasted Root focuses on using whole foods to nourish and heal the body. The articles focus on how to prevent illness, boost your immune system, and reduce chronic inflammation. You’ll find lots of recipes that taste great and make you feel better in no time.

23. Mark’s Daily Apple

A screenshot of the Mark's Daily Apple nutrition blog homepage.

Mark’s Daily Apple features advice from Mark Sisson who’s been writing about the paleo eating lifestyle for years. You’ll find lots of research and tips for eating from an ancestral health perspective. This is a great blog for those who thrive on a paleo diet and enjoy reading more about why it works for many people.

Mental Health Blogs

24. Tiny Buddha

A screenshot of the Tiny Buddha mental health blog homepage.

Tiny Buddha shares mental health tips from a mindfulness perspective. You’ll read about lots of topics on creating a lifestyle that brings more meaning and simplicity into your mental wellness journey.

25. Sleep Junkies

A screenshot of the Sleep Junkies mental health blog homepage.

If you struggle with sleep or you love learning about how to get better quality sleep, Sleep Junkies is for you. Sleep is a core part of being healthy and increased wellbeing, yet it’s one of the biggest challenges many people face. Learn how to improve your sleep with evidence-based insights and tips from experts.

26. Calm Blog

A screenshot of the Calm mental health blog homepage.

You might recognize this blog as being part of the Calm brand that puts out the super useful meditation app. Learn lots about meditation, mindfulness, and how to create a more calm mind and lifestyle.

27. HealthyPlace blogs

A screenshot of the Healthyplace mental health blog homepage.

You’ll find a treasure trove of blogs on various topics on HealthyPlace. Read about various mental health issues and how to work with them. You’ll find informative articles on bipolar disorder, depression, PTSD, ADHD, eating disorders, anxiety, and many other mental health issues.

28. Dear Therapist from The Atlantic

A screenshot of the Dear Therapist mental health blog homepage.

As a question and answer column in the Atlantic, you’ll find reader-submitted questions that are then answered by therapist Lori Gottlieb. The articles in Dear Therapist offer compassionate advice that is applicable to people from all walks of life. You might just find a few great tips to help you sort out a problem you’re facing in your own life.

29. Zen Habits

A screenshot of the Zen Habits mental health blog homepage.

With a Zen Buddhist focus, Zen Habits features tips on just about any wellbeing topic from an Eastern perspective. This blog has grown massively since it was founded in 2007 by blogger Leo Babuta. If you’re looking for a simple life full of mindfulness, this blog will help you on your way.

30. Pick the Brain

A screenshot of the Pick the Brain mental health blog homepage.

With an emphasis on self-help, Pick the Brain is all about using personal growth to create a healthier lifestyle. You’ll find lots of psychology articles, education on mental health improvement, meditation tips, how to achieve goals, and so much more. If you’d like to improve your mental health, this is a great place to start.

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