March 15, 2021

Mindful, Heartful Parenting with Stephanie Sackerman

In this episode we’re talking about Mindful Parenting. For those of you who are parents out there, I don’t know about you, but parenting can be tough. Add to that some of the challenges like working virtually from home while your kids are in the mix, and things can get really interesting! That’s why this episode is so important and is going to help you come back to that good place with parenting. I’m talking with Stephanie Sackerman, who has tons of tips and resources for parents. Listen in now…

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Guest Info

Stephanie Sackerman

m9w5e1a7m7n4w6d3n0a9q3v7d5u1f5n1q7y2z8u3 pictures tiny rectangle largeAfter becoming a mother, Stephanie Sackerman realized just how much support moms need but how very little there actually was, and she set out to change that.

As an educator, IAWP Certified Wellness Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, and Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Stephanie supports moms with practical and accessible techniques which focus on mindfulness, kindfulness, and compassion.

She is passionate about coaching moms to reduce stress and self-doubt, practice self-care, increase their self-love, and live life mindfully so they can build a motherhood and life they love.

Her tips, tools and guidance can support moms (and dads too!) to parent more joyfully.

Show Notes

  • About this Episode

    Suzanne is joined by Stephanie Sackerman to discuss mindful parenting, how mindfulness can empower us to be present with ourselves and our children, and what you can do to begin a practice today.

    Topics include:
    -What is mindfulness?
    -What is mindful parenting?
    -Parent guilt and regret
    -Simple mindfulness exercises we can do anytime, anywhere
    -And other topics…

  • Highlights

    - Suzanne introduces today’s guest, Stephanie Sackerman, and today’s topic–mindful parenting.
    - Stephanie share’s her story, how her struggle with postpartum anxiety led her to find mindfulness, and how her mindfulness practice has changed her life.
    - What does it mean to be mindful? What does it mean to be a mindful parent?
    - The tangible results Stephanie has seen in her life as a result of her mindfulness practice.
    - Using mindfulness to breakdown parenting guilt and find compassion for ourselves.
    - Mirrors into ourselves–how our children reflect back to us the biggest lessons we still need to practice.
    - Finding presence with ourselves to find presence with our children.
    - The two feet, one breathe exercise that you can do in one minute or less.
    - Small steps parents can take to start building a mindfulness practice today.
    - Stephanie and Suzanne take questions from the audience.

  • Resources

    To learn about Stephanie visit https://www.livelovebewellnesscoaching.com/


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