How To Be Grateful For Your Job When You Want To Quit And Follow Your Passion Now


You might have a really great job that you used to love. Maybe it’s perfect for paying your bills and taking care of your needs and your family. But it might have lost its luster ages ago. If you have found a new career passion and are itching to quit your job, it can be really hard to keep showing up and even harder to remember how to be grateful for your job.

Most people can’t just quit their day job the moment they find their passion and desired career path. It’s not usually smart to do while you’re building up to your next move. If you really want to become a wellness coach, it takes time to get the proper training, plan out your business model, and start to get clients. It’s a good idea to keep your current job to minimize your financial stress, giving you a smooth and comfortable transition.
How To Be Grateful For Your Job When You Want To Quit And Follow Your Passion Now

Finding Gratitude At Work

But what do you do when you find yourself feeling negative every time you walk in the door at work? How do you keep it together when all you want to do is quit?
Here are some useful tips to help you regain a sense of peace and gratitude for your current job while you’re working toward a new career as a wellness coach.

Acknowledge Your Frustration

It’s a healthy thing to understand your feelings and give them a little air time. Realize that you are truly excited to become a wellness coach and that’s what is driving your frustration with your current job. You’re ready for the next awesome thing and that’s great!

Spend a little time in a quiet space reflecting on how you feel. Listen to all the frustrations in your head and feel each emotion for a moment. Then say thank you to each emotion and let it go. You’ll be ready to take action toward changing your attitude once you’ve let all those feelings go.

Focus On What’s Going Well

Sure, your job might not be in alignment with the path you crave. But it’s probably not all bad. There are likely several things at work that you’re good at and actually enjoy. They might be tiny, minor things, but that’s okay.

Start looking for those things you like. Maybe it’s as simple as a quiet pleasure in how the office sounds when everyone is hard at work. Or how it feels when you submit a report and your boss says, “Once again you’ve done an excellent job!” Maybe it’s even a silly thing like how much you love your stapler. Find those little and big things, and give them more attention. What you give attention to grows, so give more energy to positive things and you’ll notice them more.

Look For What You Can Change Now

You might have more options and flexibility at work than you think. If you’ve been at your job for a while, you probably have even more sway when it comes to changing things up. Do some thinking about your current work schedule and style, then think of ways you could change things that would give you new energy for your job.

Maybe talk to your boss about the possibility of working at home one day per week. Consider shifting your schedule so you work more hours on certain days so you can take more days off every week. Find a creative solution that will give you the balance you need to feel good.

Find Ways To Integrate Your Passion At Work

If you love wellness then you probably want to share it with everyone who will listen. Your current workplace might have a need for more wellness support. Offer to teach your co-workers about wellness and work-life balance. Talk with your bosses about things they can do to create better health and wellness in the workplace.

Finding ways you can bring your passion into what you already do will help you feel better about your current job. It might also give you some insights into how you can help in the wellness coaching business you’ll be creating in the future.

Stay Connected To Your Passion

Once you’ve rearranged your work-life balance, you’ll have more space to focus on your passion. Start connecting with others who share your passion now. If you want to become a wellness coach, start befriending wellness coaches and other wellness professionals. Attend workshops, conferences, and networking events. Feed your passion for learning and connecting.

Start to connect with your training program of choice. Even if you can’t start it right now, you can begin to talk with admissions right now (reach out to one of our advisors here). They can help you plan out your career path and educational journey before you officially get started.

Plan For Your New Future

One great way to create energy in your life is to start designing your path to your new career. Indulge in daydreaming and figuring out what you love. Check out what other health and wellness coaches are doing in their businesses and how they are creating positive changes with their clients.

How can you be an excellent wellness coach? What will you need to do in your own life to make this a reality? Work on your own wellness. Start planning out your educational path and designing your business. Then decide how you will gently work your way out of your current job and into your new career.

Get Support Early

When making a big career change, it’s important to put together a support team that will help you get there. Decide now what you will need to change and what key players in your life will need to do to help. Talk with your partner, children, and other close family members. Make sure they’re on board and ready to back you up when you need it.

Assess your friends, mentors, and community members, deciding who will be a positive support base for you. Make sure to choose only those who will be excited for you and fully supportive. Keep negativity away from your new career path and focus only on the positive people in your life.

Get Ready To Launch!

Once you’ve found gratitude at work, you’ll have the healthy base you need to create a wellness coaching career in a space of joy. Those kinds of healthy feelings will allow you to work from a place of positivity which will ensure that your business is built on the most solid of foundations. Learning to practice gratitude for what you have now will also make you an even better coach for those who might also struggle with finding joy in the moment.

Once you’ve strategically planned out your path toward your new career, you can start putting the pieces into place. Enjoy creating momentum, but don’t forget to also come back to your gratitude practice. It will make the journey truly enjoyable and help you design a business and career you love.
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