March 8, 2021

Grow to Glow: How to Get Unstuck and Become Your Best Self

You’ve probably heard the saying “If you’re not growing, you’re dying”. I believe it has some truth to it, but in this episode I’m sharing my own version. Join me for this conversation with IAWP Master Wellness Coach Laura Albers. We’re talking about how to get unstuck if you are and how to become your best self. We’ll share some personal stories about our own journeys of being stuck and how we overcame it. This episode is for you if you want to grow in your personal life or if you’re here to dream big and make an impact with the work you do everyday. Listen in now…

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Guest Info

Laura Albers

Laura Albers HeadshotNEWLaura Albers is the founder of Albers Mind & Body Wellness. She’s a licensed professional counselor, an a mental health therapist, an IAWP Certified Master Wellness Coach and on staff at the IAWP as our Master Coach Trainer, where she leads live workshops, live coaching labs and supports coaches to master their skills.

In her practice, Laura works primarily with high-achieveing female entrepreneurs and coaches who are overwhelmed, overextended and plagued by people pleasing and perfectionism, to help them free up their precious time and energy so they can run their business and their lives with confidence and clarity. 

Laura is passionate about self-care, productivity and clearing emotional and mental clutter.  You can learn more about Laura by visiting here website at:  http://alberswellness.com/

Show Notes

  • About this Episode

    Suzanne is joined by IAWP certified wellness coach Laura Albers to discuss personal growth and transformation and tiny habits that can help you get more done.

    Topics Include:
    -Lifelong learning
    -When to drop things, and when to lean in
    -Simplifying your goals
    -Tiny habits for big wins
    -And other topics…

  • Highlights

    - Suzanne introduces today’s topic–grow to glow–and guest Laura Albers.
    - Being dedicated to the growth path. Embracing adversity and challenge.
    - Tips for people who feel like they are just starting their journey.
    - Committing to a lifelong journey of growth and learning.
    - Steps for simplifying your goal setting and taking action on your highest priority items.
    - Tiny habits for big wins.
    - What can I clear? The secret to self-care–removing something that isn’t serving you, rather than adding something new.
    - Running up against your limits–when you need to make a change.

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