7 Health and Wellness Tips to an Abundant and Healthy Fall Season


Chilly autumn mornings are returning and you’re probably starting to notice a few yellow leaves fall and blow across your yard. Yes, it’s the return of fall and change is right around the corner. This gives us the opportunity to think about our fall wellness.
As the seasons change to fall, we have the opportunity to step back for a moment and consider how we can honor our own changes. Fall encourages us to adjust the pace of our lives and take better care of ourselves.
In honor of the upcoming seasonal changes, we’ve put together some of the ways you can take inspiration from the autumnal season to deepen your own wellness practice.
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Fall Health Tips to Get the Most Abundance Ever

Turn to Seasonal Foods

Humans haven’t always had year-round access to foods from the grocery store. We do better when we pay attention to the seasons while shopping and cooking meals. Autumnal foods are very grounding and abundant. It’s time to freshen up our diets and dig out the slow cooker to create luscious soups and broths, as well as start to brew up warm mugs of nourishing and calming teas full of vitamins. Filling out diets with green leafy veggies, squashes, and roots vegetables with vitamins and minerals, especially those grown by your local farmers will certainly help to have a healthy fall.

Reflect on Your Path

Fall encourages us to dig deep and reflect on our goals. Are we working towards our life purposes this fall or did we get a little off path over the past few months? Take the time to make sure you’re headed in the direction during the autumn months you want to be going so that you can get the most meaning and fulfillment from life.

Enjoy Being Outside

Autumn is a beautiful time of year to be in nature. The leaves are changing to rich fall colors, the temperature is more comfortable, and animals are busy getting their nests ready for hibernation. Your body is healthier when it gets regular movement during the fall monhs, you get to enjoy the benefit of endorphins from the exercise, and your mindfulness practice is enhanced by being outside.

Take Care of Your Immune System

As the seasons change to fall, this is a common time of year for lots of people to get sick. Make sure you’re eating as healthy as you possibly can, drinking plenty of water, exercising, getting plenty of sleep, and adding in herbal support such as echinacea teas and tinctures. Laughing and feeling joyful can have a big impact on your immune system, too. So feel free to find enjoyable activities that get you to laugh and relax this fall.

Prioritize Your To-Do List

cool fall weather weather and the impending winter season is a great time to quieten down and think about how you can de-stress your life. Over the summer, did you manage to add too many things to your plate? Now is a great time to go over your schedule to decide if there are some commitments and activities that you need to shed. Say yes to self-care by learning to say no to things that keep you from a balanced state of well-being.

Boost Your Mindfulness Practice

The fall season is a great time to start reacquainting yourself with stillness. Learning how to meditate or deepen your already-existing mindfulness practice is a great way to invest in your wellness. It doesn’t need to be extravagant. Just take an extra 5 minutes here and there to be still, find some peace, and calm your mind. Your stress level, mental health, and physical health will benefit enormously.

Focus On Your Relationships

If you’ve been overly busy running here, there, and everywhere, it’s a good time to settle back into giving attention to those relationships you value the most this fall. Take time out to visit with a good friend, take a parent out to lunch, or read a story to a child you love. Relationships are an important part of our wellness practice all the time, so this fall make time to nourish and care for those people in your life that you love and that means a lot to you.
Fall is a beautiful time of year that gives us the opportunity to focus on abundance, nature, joy, and finding stillness. Commit to getting back to your wellness goals, take time out for yourself, and enjoy this special season.
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