Wellness Coach Career Opportunities

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Wellness Coach Career Opportunities

Discover How You Can Build a Career on Your Own Terms as a Health and Wellness Coach

You might be barely containing your excitement over the thought of becoming a Wellness Coach. But you know that it’s important to thoroughly understand the career field and all the opportunities you’ll have after graduation. We applaud you for carefully researching your training, certification, and career choices to ensure your success.

Luckily, wellness coaching is one of the fastest growing careers. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the number of jobs available for Health and Wellness Coaches is going to increase by 21% over the next few years. They also call this career path “the fastest growing source of employment in the economy” … which is all great news for you!

In the US, healthcare is a 4 trillion dollar industry (according to Forbes magazine), and people are spending over $60 billion on non-medical attempts to improve their health. In addition, corporations are spending more than $6 billion on workplace wellness.

Individuals and corporations are seeking out Wellness Coaches and hiring them for personal and workplace growth. With the right training and education, you’ll be perfectly positioned to apply for these jobs and book those clients!

Opportunities After Graduation
There are many options for places you can work after you are a certified Wellness Coach. Our graduates have created successful careers in the wellness field by working in places such as…

  • In their own offices with local clients in their home communities
  • Over the phone or Skype with clients across the world
  • In corporations leading workplace wellness programs
  • In schools helping children and educators
  • In wellness centers and holistic clinics
  • In yoga studios and fitness centers

As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to wellness careers. As the demand for wellness grows, more and more opportunities will open up to those who are experts in the field. When it comes to our graduates, we’ve seen just how many ways to design a specialty that combines your life experience and passions so you can truly create the career of your dreams!

Earning Potential After Graduation
Wellness Coaches are able to command top dollar, especially when they are specialized and have deep knowledge, as IAWP graduates are and do. A study done by PricewaterhouseCoopers and The International Coach Federation found that the average salary of a coach is $82,000 per year.

According to Forbes magazine, the highest paid coaches can earn well over $100,000 annually. When you specialize in Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching through IAWP, you’ll be positioned to be able to create this kind of income with your new career.

The Training and Support You’ll Need
In order to be a highly sought-after Wellness Coach, you’ll need to put a few things into place first. Even if you’re very well educated on all things wellness, you’ll still need to understand how to use coaching to help clients transform. You’ll need to have the kind of education that provides you with the knowledge and systems you can use with clients to immediately work with them to change their lives.

You’ll also need an education program that provides the proper support so that you always get your questions answered. This should include one-on-one support in applying the curriculum to your future career and business. It also means having access to your own mentors throughout all your stages of growth, especially after graduation when you’re building a practice.

Coaching can be intimidating if you haven’t had a chance to work with practice clients first. A great education will include a practicum component, allowing you to have guidance, feedback, and support from a mentor as you try out your new coaching skills. This will help you to feel confident that you know what you’re doing with your first “real” client after graduation.

One Graduate's Story

"The IAWP has provided me the encouragement to step into a successful career that gives me the opportunity to share and live my purpose.”

Molly Sommerhalder was a yoga teacher and marketing professional who was ready to step into a new career as a Wellness Coach. As someone struggling with job burnout and fear of career transition, she was able to overcome these challenges during the IAWP training and go on to begin to build a successful career in wellness.

“Before enrolling, I was a yoga teacher for 10 years and I also worked full time as a Public Relations and Marketing professional at a major performing arts center.

I knew the IAWP was right for me when I discovered the three parts of education. Not only did the program focus on wellness, but it also provided me the tools to coach clients with a well thought out method and the opportunity to learn ways to build my existing business.
Being a student of IAWP has allowed me to move through my burnout and fear about what career is next. IAWP has provided me the encouragement to step into a successful career that gives me the opportunity to share and live my purpose.

I finally see a new path for me and it has provided me the ability to live my dream of becoming a business owner in the wellness field. The program has allowed me to branch out and combine my knowledge in yoga and wellness to expand my reach to new students and clients. It has also given me the confidence to approach people and share my business.

I am helping people with chronic stress and anxiety and I provide them support to overcome overwhelming thoughts, burnout, food issues, etc that are related to their stress and anxiety.

I am part of a women’s networking group and I’m looking to join a wellness professional group in my area. I hosted my first workshops. . . I am also co-presenting a day long retreat to my niche using my full signature system with another wellness partner. Personally, I have found that I have been using the methods the IAWP teaches not just with my own clients, but also to coach myself through this transition to a new career.”
Molly Sommerhalder
Molly Sommerhalder

How We Support You in Your New Wellness Career

The IAWP Holistic Health and Wellness Coach training is unique in the field of wellness education. Our program is built on the successful systems created and fine-tuned by our founder Suzanne Monroe, and has evolved over the years with feedback from staff, faculty, and our students.

We’ve studied the best ways for students to learn, the support and systems they need, and the components necessary to ensure that they start their careers as Wellness Coaches with confidence and success. Our program is designed to help students create community, work with mentors, and apply principles of effective wellness and coaching.


We have designed a unique program that includes…

A comprehensive education in holistic health and wellness

Our unique Wellness 360 program that teaches students how to coach clients in a way that transforms their lives at every level

Deep support available at every step of your journey

We provide this real, personalizes support through interactive training and live coaching labs

Get personal advice and all your questions answered, plus learn from others in our thriving learning community

Career oath support through showing students how to set up their own practice or work in organizations

A thorough investigation of different Wellness Coach career tracks and how to get from where you are now working in those fields

We provide the business and coaching systems plus essential tools so you don’t have to figure it all out on your own

We’re dedicated to helping you hit the ground running in your new career

We’ll send you client referrals through our professional directory

We’ll support your business and career growth with our unique PR approach – we help you get noticed in the media

Lifetime support – once you graduate we’ll still be here to help you grow a career you love

Becoming a Wellness Coach is an exciting career with big opportunities. With the IAWP’s support and training, you’ll be positioned for success.

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