April 5, 2021

Productive and On Purpose

Today’s episode is on Productivity – and we’re talking about how to be both productive and on purpose, including three steps to get out of overwhelm and get organized. Let’s face it, we’re busier than ever these days and it doesn’t look like life is going to be changing any time soon. So how do we manage ourselves, our lives, our schedules, our relationships, our work (and our phones!) so that we don’t get burned out and can have energy to do what we love and do what we need to do everyday. 


Well, we’re breaking it all down in today’s episode and I’m joined with IAWP Certified Master Wellness Coach Laura Albers who is passionate about all things productivity and staying organized and energized. I think you’re going to enjoy this conversation as we share some actionable tools you can use right away as well as some personal stories on how we’ve become purposefully productive. Listen in now…

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Suzanne Monroe

Suzanne 070Hi! I’m Suzanne Monroe and I want to personally welcome you to the Live Well Dream Big Movement. You might be wondering exactly what this movement is all about and I’d love to share it with you. In the last few years, people have been rethinking their health and life and taking matters into their own hands. More and more people are turning to holistic approaches and looking for ways to create a lifestyle they love to wake up to everyday.

Are you one of these people? If so, then it’s likely something has happened in your own life to awaken you to the power of wellness and maybe even the possibility of creating a lifestyle where you get to follow your dreams. Maybe you’ve overcome your own health challenge, helped a family member of friend, have gone through an unexpected life transition, or you’ve simply discovered there’s a better way to living than what you’ve been told.

Whatever has brought you here, I want you to know you’re in the right place.  Together we’re going to explore all things living well – from holistic health and wellness to empowering your mindset and much more. We’re also going to talk about all things dreaming big like following your purpose and creating a life you love.

I believe living  well and dreaming big starts with ourselves. And that doesn’t mean going it alone on your journey, it means coming together to have important conversations to help you keep moving one step further toward yourself and what’s possible for you.

So I invite you to come on this journey with me.  Subscribe to the podcast, invite your friends and I look forward to all the conversations up ahead that we’re going to have. 

Love, Health & Success,

Signature of Suzanne Monroe - Founder of IAWP

Show Notes

  • About this Episode

    Suzanne is joined by Laura Albers to discuss how we can be more productive by spending our time more purposefully, tips for getting more done in less time, outsourcing, morning routines, and much more.

    Topics include: transitioning careers, getting curious about what your purpose is, why your purpose is bigger than your career, tips for empowering your mindset of purpose, and other topics.

  • Highlights

    - Suzanne introduces today’s topic–productive and on purpose. What does it mean to be productive? How do we measure productivity?
    - Three steps for being productive and on purpose.
    - Breaking the habit of being a yes person. Understanding that saying yes to one thing means saying no to another, and vice versa.
    - Bringing purpose to our partnerships and primary relationships. Setting boundaries with yourself and others.
    - Delegating responsibilities in your relationships. Playing to one another’s strengths.
    - Creating bright lines in your schedule for work hours and non-work hours.
    - A tip for getting more done in less time. Gamifying your schedule with “race the clock”!
    - Outsourcing tasks you don’t enjoy doing or tasks that aren’t important for you to personally do.
    - Starting your day on your own terms by creating a morning routine that’s just for you.

  • Resources

    Get your complimentary Live Well Dream Big Guidebook here: https://iawpwellnesscoach.com/guide


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