How To Create a Career Transition Plan As a Wellness Coach


Not long ago, we surveyed thousands of wellness professionals and discovered a common theme: transition. Many wellness professionals are struggling with the transition from working for someone else to working for themselves.

They’re struggling with the transition from working for a company to working at home, from being a stay-at-home parent to a work-at-home parent, from a “stable” w2 income to generating their own paycheck. And most recently we were asked, “How can I transition from a full-time job with irregular hours to a sustainable career in Wellness Coaching?”

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“How can I transition from a full-time job with irregular hours to a sustainable career in Wellness Coaching?”

The common concerns, fears, struggles, and questions from those transitioning include finding the time, energy, and money to focus on their business while maintaining balance during the transition. These are very real considerations, especially when someone is trying to move from reliance on a full-time job working for someone else to generating one’s own income. Sometimes, we need a little help to see the possibilities of moving from one place to the other.

So, when we were asked for help in how to work around a full-time job with irregular hours, we offered the same transition suggestions that have helped other wellness professionals move to a full-time career. First, set some basic time and income goals. Then, schedule your time and structure your programs to support these goals. Let’s take a closer look.

“First, set some basic time and income goals. Then, schedule your time and structure your programs to support these goals.”

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make with a career change is deciding when you’ll be able to make the full transition to your new career and leave the old one behind. The deciding factor for most people is knowing when they can transition financially, so knowing your bare minimum financial goal is a top priority. What income do you need to generate to meet your basic needs?

Financial goals not only serve as mile markers keeping you moving forward with momentum but they also serve as benchmarks to let you know whether you’re on track or need to make adjustments. Achieving your bare minimum financial goal is the first step. Your bare minimum is what you need to be able to make the leap. It’s important to start measuring your success. Get to your baseline and then, get some momentum.

Knowing and achieving your ideal income goal is another benchmark. Your bare minimum and ideal income goals may not be the same. Your ideal income will let you know when it’s time to fully let go. It will give you confidence in spreading your wings and knowing you’ll be able to sustain your lifestyle living your passion.

So, let’s say you know where you want to be financially but you feel stuck with your current schedule. Perhaps, your full-time position has irregular hours. What do you do? Stay goal oriented! Set some goals with how much time you can set aside each week and when you can carve out a few hours at a time. Then, carefully plan out what you will do during that time to make the most of the time you have available.

“For those with an irregular schedule, try shifting your paradigm. Instead of looking for regular blocks of time to set aside, look for irregular blocks of time.”

For those with an irregular schedule, try shifting your paradigm. Instead of looking for regular blocks of time to set aside, look for irregular blocks of time. Are there days or times during the day or evening that you definitely do not work? Those are ideal times to create your new irregular schedule to nurture your passion and grow your business. Can you get your work schedule a month in advance? The earlier you know your committed time, the earlier you can plan out your uncommitted time. Plan your work. Then, work your plan.

When it comes to working with clients, try scheduling client time blocks. Let’s say you know that you work from 12 noon to 9 p.m. every other Monday and 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Thursday. With this schedule, you might consider scheduling client time blocks every other Monday morning and every Thursday evening. But even with a schedule that changes from week to week and day to day, there’s a solution, and that solution may be in the coaching structure you choose.

The coaching structure you choose and how much you charge can support both your time and income goals. Create a package or program and value it for what you need to have a sustained bare minimum per month (for example, $4000 per month). How many clients will you need to get to that goal? Start with a premium package and then, scale it down over time.

“Don’t sell yourself short…”

Don’t sell yourself short. Almost everyone ends up charging more over time; you can usually start at a higher level than you initially thought and give a higher value which will allow you to reach your baseline faster. Besides your signature program, consider group coaching, teleseminars, webinars, workshops, retreats, and seminars.

If you have an irregular schedule though you’ll need to leverage the time that you do have. This might mean less one-on-one client time and more work with groups, phone or virtual clients. Maybe instead of working face-to-face, you move to phone sessions or record a weekly audio lesson and ask your clients to email you for support with questions and whatever came up for them after listening to the lesson.

You can also use a private Facebook group to support your phone or virtual clients. How about offering a VIP session, a retreat style session or a six-month audio program with VIP or retreat sessions as part of the mix? You could even move from shorter coaching sessions to longer 90-minute sessions that allow you to have fewer sessions in your package but keep the value and pricing comparable.

Remember, there’s no right way to set up your programs, pricing, or schedule. The key is to stay flexible while you’re in transition. Create a transition plan that works for you. Set those basic time and income goals. Then, schedule your time and structure your programs to support those goals. If you’re in transition and want support to take the first step toward a career you love, schedule a call with one of our admission advisors. We’re here to support you!

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