Congratulations! You’re a Wellness Professional. Now What?


shutterstock 184868945Are you struggling with what it really takes to build a sustainable wellness business while staying in alignment with your true purpose? Are you working your “day job” while trying to make your heart-centered business take off? Or did you ditch your day job and now you’re wondering how you’ll pay the bills?

Having Second Thoughts?

It’s not that you’re not trying. You are just tired of trying to convince people to work with you. You’re tired of trying to figure out where to get your next client. You’re tired of feeling “salesy”. You feel overwhelmed, alone, and wondering if you made the right decision. You’re not alone.

In fact, these are the four most common concerns we hear from new wellness professionals struggling to build their business:

  •  Information Overwhelm
  •  No One “Gets” You
  • Internet Envy
  • Lack of Real Expert Support.

Let’s look at these areas a little closer.

Information Overwhelm

You love to read, research and learn. Perhaps you have even take every course you can find. You have a lot of great ideas but never seem to get started. When you feel stuck, you go back to do more research. Instead of taking action, you hide by adding more information. And that in turn, leads to more overwhelm and information overload.

No One “Gets” You

You feel like no one really understands the path you’re on. The people in your life are probably working at jobs that are not fulfilling. They may not understand why you want to follow your passion. Going after your dreams leaves you feeling alone and unsupported. You know that deep down you’ve got what it takes to have a successful wellness business. You just don’t know how to make it happen…yet.

Internet Envy

Internet envy occurs when you find yourself watching what other entrepreneurs are doing online. You spend countless hours looking at their blog posts, websites, and social media. You’re looking for the magic combination of answers, but there aren’t any. Like information overload, you continue to research and research until you start feeling like you’re not good enough like you’ll never get it all figured out.

Lack of Real Expert Support

You know what you want to do. You know where you want to go. But unfortunately, you have no idea of how to get there. You know you need help; you’re passionate about your vision, but passion isn’t enough. You know you need to learn from real-world experts who have successfully paved the path to your field of dreams.

Change Your Course Forever

So, how can you turn all of this around? How can you overcome the fear, that feeling of being stuck, unsupported, and not good enough? How can you ignite the flame of passion within and run a successful wellness business?

We believe there are two things that will change your course forever. These two things make the difference between staying stuck and building momentum to take you to the next level. The first is surrounding yourself with like-minded people and the second is real life mentorship.


Surround yourself with like-minded people who will support you when you’re feeling down and help you not feel alone. When you belong to a community of like-minded people, you have others who can support you. You have others who can offer suggestions, feedback, and ideas. You can learn from collective research and life experience rather than just what you’ve come across yourself.

Expert Advice

Finding support, advice, and mentorship from someone who’s been there and can show you the way is invaluable. Having someone in your court helps you learn quickly about what it really takes to build a sustainable wellness business. When you learn from experts in your field, you’ll get inspired to go further and to make a deeper contribution to the world.

Combining community and expert advice is a winning combination. That’s why we created the International Association of Wellness Professionals and why we invite you to stay connected to our community.  We’re here to offer real support and guidance on your journey.

The IAWP is committed to supporting Wellness Coaches to create success and share the message of wellness across the globe. If you’re passionate about holistic health and wellness, inspiring others to be healthy and creating a career you love, then learn more by downloading our gift to you – The Wellness Coach Career Kit.
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About the Author

Suzanne Monroe

Suzanne Monroe is the author of The Holistic Cookbook & Lifestyle Guide: 12 Weeks to a Healthier, Happier You, the co-author of 101 Ways to Improve Your Health, and is a health and business expert appearing regularly in the media. Suzanne was inspired to create the IAWP Wellness Coach Training & Certification Program in collaboration with other leading health experts in order to inspire people to create meaningful careers and spread the message of wellness.