April 26, 2021

Be Known for Helping People

Today is a special type of episode called Launch Lab where you can join us in talking about the dream big side of the equation. During a Launch Lab I cover a hot topic related to following your passion in life and starting a business or career doing what you love. Launch Lab episodes are perfect for you if you are already on the path to living well and your thinking now about dreaming big. Maybe you want to transition from your current career to doing something you love, or maybe you’re already in the helping and helping professions. Join me for today’s launch lab where I’m talking about How to Be Known For Helping People. Listen in now…

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Suzanne Monroe

Suzanne 070Hi! I’m Suzanne Monroe and I want to personally welcome you to the Live Well Dream Big Movement. You might be wondering exactly what this movement is all about and I’d love to share it with you. In the last few years, people have been rethinking their health and life and taking matters into their own hands. More and more people are turning to holistic approaches and looking for ways to create a lifestyle they love to wake up to everyday.

Are you one of these people? If so, then it’s likely something has happened in your own life to awaken you to the power of wellness and maybe even the possibility of creating a lifestyle where you get to follow your dreams. Maybe you’ve overcome your own health challenge, helped a family member of friend, have gone through an unexpected life transition, or you’ve simply discovered there’s a better way to living than what you’ve been told.

Whatever has brought you here, I want you to know you’re in the right place.  Together we’re going to explore all things living well – from holistic health and wellness to empowering your mindset and much more. We’re also going to talk about all things dreaming big like following your purpose and creating a life you love.

I believe living  well and dreaming big starts with ourselves. And that doesn’t mean going it alone on your journey, it means coming together to have important conversations to help you keep moving one step further toward yourself and what’s possible for you.

So I invite you to come on this journey with me.  Subscribe to the podcast, invite your friends and I look forward to all the conversations up ahead that we’re going to have. 

Love, Health & Success,

Signature of Suzanne Monroe - Founder of IAWP

Show Notes

  • About this Episode

    In this Launch Lab episode, Suzanne discusses why being known for helping people is essential in today’s market to build a successful business or coaching program.

    Topics Include:
    What it means to be known for helping people
    The experienced expert framing
    The holistic expert framing
    Grappling with the title of expert
    Why passion is a necessity as a business owner
    And other topics...

  • Highlights

    - Suzanne introduces today’s topic–being known for helping people as a coach or business owner.
    - Framing your offering as “the experienced expert” who can show others a similar path to success.
    - Framing your offering as the holistic expert, or the “hub” expert.
    - Grappling with the title of expert. Being the guide, not the guru!
    - The importance of bringing your passion and values into your business practices.

  • Resources

    Get your complimentary Live Well Dream Big Guidebook here: https://iawpwellnesscoach.com/guide


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