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Discover How the IAWP Provides You with Personal, Hands On Support for the LIFE of Your New Career

When you start out on a new career path, it’s important to have support. In today’s online education world, we have so many choices and ways of learning. The good news is we can participate in programs and training from anywhere in the world and we don’t have to sit in a traditional classroom anymore.

But in many cases, the personal element has disappeared. So you have to be cautious, because you don’t want to just be enrolled in some online program with thousands of students and little real personal support.

You want the best of both worlds – to be able to learn on the go and take advantage of technology but also feel like you are in a real classroom and can get support from real people. So what should you look for?

What Quality Support Looks Like

One thing to be aware of is that support can be masked as group calls or group training where there are 100s of people on the line and you can’t ask personal questions. Or it might show up as a Facebook group where you’re with a large number of new coaches with very little personal support.

When we talk about effective support, we mean a personal, hands-on type of connection.

There are four things to look for when determining if a program has true levels of support.

1. Personal Support

This mean customized, one-on-one support that allows you to get all of your questions answered. With this kind of support, you are personally coached and mentored through learning challenges. You want this kind of personal support so you’ll be guided every step of the way and won’t just become a number in the crowd.

2. Personal Application 

You can be given all of the training and information, but if you don’t have a way to apply it you won’t really learn it. When it comes to coach training, it’s important to go through a practicum where you get to work with a mentor and practice coaching clients. By doing this, you’ll be fully prepared and confident when you are coaching your own clients after graduation.

3. Self-Growth Support

When you go through this kind of intense training, you’re going to need support with your own health and mindset. You’ll need to push yourself to evolve so that you can then help your own clients grow too. Self-growth can be challenging, though, so having that kind of personal support will help you overcome and grow much faster.

4. Community

When you have a community, you surround yourself with like-minded people who are walking the same path you are. They’re there to cheer you on and support you at every stage of your growth. A good community also includes people who are a few steps ahead of you and can reach back to show you how to get where they are. You want mentors and experienced coaches who can inspire you and share their best practices.

Over the years, at the IAWP we’ve seen how providing a community like this helps our Wellness Coaches thrive from supporting each other to create more success together.

One Graduate's Story

Here’s a powerful case study about one Wellness Coach who dove headfirst into support and what it meant for her.

Neshama Mousseau was a social worker who transitioned to the coaching field. Before she found the IAWP, she was really struggling to help people and to grow her business. She thought she didn’t have the coaching skills or the business savvy to be successful, which left her feeling overwhelmed and defeated.

She had invested a lot of time and energy in her education. But she didn’t want to give up. Once she found the IAWP, Neshama realized that she just needed real, personal support. The support was very powerful for her, especially having her own wellness coach to support her and mentor her.

Now she reports that she just booked her 50th paying client and the support of the IAWP has given her the confidence she needed as a coach to help real help her clients and be successful as a coach.

Neshama shares, “I thought I didn’t have the coaching skills or business background to be a successful coach. But once I found the IAWP, I realized that wasn’t true. . . I just needed some support.

One of the things that was very powerful for me was having my own personal coach during my training. I just loved having my own coaching sessions. . . I have a new level of confidence now and I’ve been able to integrate everything I do within my practice.

I’m starting with my 50th client and getting paid, which is really exciting! The support stays with you even after you graduate.”
Neshama Mousseau
Neshama Mousseau

What Does the IAWP Offer When it Comes to Support?

The IAWP takes quality and effective support for our students very seriously. We don’t just leave you to figure things out on your own, as some other programs do. In these programs, students often don’t have access to staff and faculty so they can’t get their questions answered personally. This is crucial to figuring out how to apply the systems you learn to your unique personality, coaching style, and client needs.

Our program has been carefully crafted to address the four areas necessary for effective support: Personal Support, Personal Application, Self-Growth Support, and Community. Learn more about what’s included in your Holistic Wellness Coach Certification experience…

The IAWP Virtual Wellness Coach Classroom – 12 core learning modules you can access 24/7 from anywhere in the world and complete at your own pace.

Video, Audio & Live Expert Training – Learn from the world’s leading experts, such as Dr. Bernie Siegel (health and wellness pioneer), Dr. Stephan Rechtschaffen (co-founder of the Omega Institute), Marci Shimoff (world-renowned transformational teacher), Sally Fallon Morell (traditional whole foods expert), and Jesse Koren and Sharla Jacobs (award-winning coaches and business leaders) and many more.

Unlimited Coaching – Unlimited small group coaching from an IAWP Certified Master Wellness Coach to support your own personal growth.

Experiential Learning –Gain hands-on experience while you learn so that by the time you graduate, you’re already a confident coach with clients. The IAWP’s Immersive Transformation Training Method™ provide you with real-world application, unlimited support, and a full immersion experience into your training. 

The Student Support Center – Our Student Support Team is there to answer your questions and facilitate an amazing learning experience for you.

Live Wellness 360 Workshops – Deepen your wellness curriculum, expand your holistic health knowledge and get your personal questions answered from experts during your live monthly Wellness 360 Workshop.

Live Wellness Coaching Labs – Hone your coaching skills in live coaching sessions to prepare you to become the best Wellness Coach. Listen to coaching demos and get real-time feedback on your own coaching.

Live CORE Skills Labs – Hone your coaching skills in live coaching sessions to prepare you to become the best Wellness Coach. Listen to coaching demos, practice and get real-time feedback on your own coaching.

Live Launch Labs – Get all of your questions answered and receive personal hand-holding every step of the way. Be supported as you take action, breakthrough any fears or challenges, learn from others and see real results every week.

Done-for-you Business Tools – You’ll receive over 100 done-for-you business tools. From workshop setup guides, to proven sales scripts, to coaching session blueprints, you’ll have all of the resources at your fingertips so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Resource Library – You’ll receive over 300+ client tools including client templates, worksheets, and scripts! Visit the Resource Library during your studies or after to gain access to tools 24/7.

Thrive Mastermind Forum – Be part of a like-minded, interactive community, where everyone is working toward a similar goal of inspiring more people through the power of wellness coaching. Thrive Mastermind is a very unique element of support for your training, and something that you’ll get access to right away.

Step by Step Action & Accountability – Apply what you learn each week with guided action steps to ensure you don’t get stuck. This is important so you don’t get off track in your training. We have the support in place to help you to keep moving forward.

Wellness Coach Connect – We’ve never heard of another training program that actually markets your business for you and sends you clients! Get listed in our professional directory listing and enjoy our referral system.

Lifetime Support – Once you join our community, you’re never going to want to leave. Which is why we encourage you to keep growing with us even after you graduate.


Enjoy continuing education, ongoing classroom access, new curriculum updates…and support for life! You won’t hear of this anywhere else.


There’s no other training program out there that provides this level of in-depth education, teaches proven systems, and offers personal support. But this is our mission. To ensure that our students have everything they need to follow their passions and help change people’s lives with wellness.


We’ve seen how our systems and support have made a huge difference in our students’ lives. We have dedicated ourselves to our community and their success.


At the IAWP, you’ll be fully supported on your journey to become a Wellness Coach. Are you ready to be a part of our thriving, holistic community?

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