Your Career Superpower: Trusted Guide

Knowing your Superpower can impact every area of your life. 

Hey, you have an amazing superpower, did you know that?

As a Trusted Guide you love to go deep with people and guide them to more joy, health, freedom, love or whatever they are truly seeking in their life. Trusted Guides are good listeners and like getting to know people one-on-one.

You prefer intimate settings rather than large groups and too much interaction can be overwhelming. Trusted Guides like the details. You follow your heart in making decisions. Helper, Healer, and Peacemaker are all hats you may wear.

Here’s how to stay inspired

You’re great at making heartfelt connections, so be sure to seek out those connections both personally and professionally. People are naturally drawn to sharing their problems with you, so make time for those types of interactions.

As a helper or healer, you feel most inspired and alive when you are able to help someone feel or live better and make a difference in one person’s life. Finding a role within your career that includes supporting others keeps you motivated.

If you feel stuck right now, this might help

If you’re struggling in your career right now, you’re likely missing significance in your work. Maybe you are helping people, but not in areas that seem important to you.

Be sure to evaluate whether or not you have enough one-on-one interactions with individuals on an ongoing basis because creating meaningful connections is part of your DNA.

Action Step

Make a list of 5 to 10 ways that you enjoy helping people. It could involve relationships through work, personal life or your community.

Next, consider one step you can take to maintain regular connection with one or more of the ways on your list. Take note of how you feel as you take this inspired action.

How you can create success in a career helping others

As a Trusted Guide, you are meant to do deep work with people through counseling, coaching or other healing, therapeutic work. Supporting individuals or small groups will be the best fit for you to shine and help people create transformation in their lives.

Becoming a coach could be an ideal fit for you to do something meaningful while helping people create changes. You’ll thrive coaching individuals and leading small groups through transformative experiences.

Tips to Tap Into Your Career Superpower

Your Mission
Changing Lives

Personal Themes
Transformation, Intuition, Authenticity

Top Traits
Motivating, Empathetic, Healing

Your Motto
Find Your Inner Wisdom

What You’re Willing to Risk
Putting yourself out there in order to share your message

How to Move Forward
Commit to personal milestones and move steadily forward at your own pace

Congrats on Discovering your Career Superpower!

I’m Suzanne Monroe, Founder of the International Association of Wellness Professionals and I’m so glad you’re here. I developed this quiz to help people just like you tap talents so they can create a career and life they love.

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Wondering how I got interested in superpowers and following your purpose?

It all started with my own journey over 15 years ago that ignited my passion for helping others through a meaningful career. I was burned out in a corporate career and I deeply wanted to wake up everyday feeling passionate about life and do something that would help people.

Today, I’d love to support you on your journey by sharing this valuable resource. . .

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