Your Career Superpower: Community Leader

Knowing your Superpower can impact every area of your life. 

Hey, you have an amazing superpower, did you know that?

As a Community Leader, people see you as successful and enjoy being around you. You’re great at providing advice and helping someone see possibilities.

You don’t mind taking on responsibility and it’s easy for you to follow through with things. You are passionate about your subject, but also passionate about doing big things.

As a Community Leader, you tend to enjoy organizing projects, leading a team, directing your vision and ‘making it all happen’. Crossing things off your to-do list that go toward the big vision feels very satisfying 

Here’s how to stay inspired

Community Leaders tend to be happiest when they are working toward big ideas and solving problems using their own skills. They desire to make a difference by doing something important that can have a large impact.

If you feel stuck right now, this might help

If you’re unhappy right now in your career, it’s likely you have lost satisfaction and meaning tied to your role. You may have reached a plateau where you can no longer keep growing or making the impact that you want to.

Action Step

Make a list of 5 to 10 things that really light you up. It could involve projects for work, personal hobbies or organizations you’re involved in.

Next, consider one step you can take to become actively involved in a leadership role with one or more of the things on your list. Take note of how you feel as you take this inspired action.

How you can create success in a career helping others

You’ll thrive leading groups both small and large. You have the potential to lead a movement and impact changes for individuals and communities. If you have the right systems and support, creating success as a Community Leader is inevitable.

Becoming a coach could be an ideal fit for you to do meaningful work, help others and make a big impact in your career.

Tips to Tap Into Your Career Superpower

Your Mission
Leading a Movement

Personal Themes
Vision, Impact, Freedom

Top Traits
Leading, Organizing, Shining

Your Motto
There’s no time like the present

What You’re Willing to Risk
Everything in order to create freedom and an impact

How to Move Forward
Focus in on what matters most and stay determined

Congrats on Discovering your Career Superpower!

I’m Suzanne Monroe, Founder of the International Association of Wellness Professionals and I’m so glad you’re here. I developed this quiz to help people just like you tap talents so they can create a career and life they love.

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Wondering how I got interested in superpowers and following your purpose?

It all started with my own journey over 15 years ago that ignited my passion for helping others through a meaningful career. I was burned out in a corporate career and I deeply wanted to wake up everyday feeling passionate about life and do something that would help people.

Today, I’d love to support you on your journey by sharing this valuable resource. . .

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