Your Career Superpower: Meaningful Messenger

Knowing your Superpower can impact every area of your life. 

Hey, you have an amazing superpower, did you know that?

You are perceptive, innovative and generous. You are able to tap into a greater purpose and vision, be it your own or that of others. You’re a great team member and can often be seen in a supporting role, yet you have your own ideas and goals.

Working behind the scenes is natural for you. You’re very creative and do well at completing a project or helping bring a vision into reality.

Meaningful Messengers are intrigued by how things work and passionate about impacting changes, both small and large ones. You have skills that others don’t including creative writing, art, or other unique talents. To bring them to the forefront, it’s important that you align your gifts with your work or find other ways to fully express them

Here’s how to stay inspired

The Meaningful Messenger may be in a supportive role, helping to build someone else’s vision, but it must resonate with your own ideals or purpose. You might also be building something of your own that has the potential to impact a certain group of people or even humanity.

In order for you to stay inspired, it’s essential that you feel you can get behind a greater purpose and help do your part to bring it to fruition.

If you feel stuck right now, this might help

If you’re struggling in your career right now, you likely are trying to be something that you’re not. Take your passion and consider where it can be best put to use in the world to have the greatest impact.

The mistake that Meaningful Messengers can sometimes make is not realizing how on purpose you can truly be when your gifts are aligned with a vision that matters deeply to you.

Action Step

Make a list of 5 to 10 things that really light you up. It could involve projects for work, personal hobbies or organizations you’re involved in.

Next, consider which of the things on your list also leans toward a greater impact or purpose. Consider one step you could next take to become actively involved with this area. Take note of how you feel as you take this inspired action.

How you can create success in a career helping others

You’ll thrive creating programs, education and sharing information that supports individuals, groups, organizations and communities.

Becoming a coach could be an ideal fit for you to do meaningful work while helping impact change in people’s lives.

Tips to Tap Into Your Career Superpower

Your Mission
Impacting Change

Personal Themes
Purpose, Truth, Support

Top Traits
Honest, Activist, Passionate

Your Motto
Walk Your Talk

What You’re Willing to Risk
Going outside the norm to carve your own path

How to Move Forward
Set meaningful goals to stay on track

Congrats on Discovering your Career Superpower!

I’m Suzanne Monroe, Founder of the International Association of Wellness Professionals and I’m so glad you’re here. I developed this quiz to help people just like you tap talents so they can create a career and life they love.

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Wondering how I got interested in superpowers and following your purpose?

It all started with my own journey over 15 years ago that ignited my passion for helping others through a meaningful career. I was burned out in a corporate career and I deeply wanted to wake up everyday feeling passionate about life and do something that would help people.

Today, I’d love to support you on your journey by sharing this valuable resource. . .

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