Wellness Coach Certification Action Based Guarantee​

At the IAWP, we are big believers in people taking what we call Inspired Action. We know if you take the action steps outlined in our program you will see results. In fact, we guarantee it. 

Our guarantee to you is this: if you follow all the steps listed below within 12 months of starting your program and you don’t sign up your first Wellness Coaching client we will refund your entire investment in this program. 

We can do this because we know our program works. We’ve watched our Coaches in Training experience our education and use our systems to create results and we are confident if you follow these same steps, you’ll get results too.

Here are the steps you should take during our program:

  • Complete all 12 Modules and online classroom coursework within 12 months of start date.
  • Complete all written course assignments
  • Complete all apply your knowledge exercises in each module
  • Attend and participate in at least 2 Wellness Labs, 2 CORE4  Labs, 2 CORE9 Labs, 2 Launch Labs and successfully complete your Coach Demo Evaluation.
  • Attend and participate in 2 Wellness 360 Live Workshops, 2 Coaching Office Live Workshops, and 2 Empower Hour Live Workshops.
  • Complete, document and submit all ten steps of the Business Breakthrough System as outlined in the program within 12 months of start date. See below.
IAWP Business Breakthrough Blueprint

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