Intro to Coach Training

Welcome to your Sneak Peek of our Coach Training Pillar. Watch the video below and discover why CORE Coaching is the most effective, transformational coaching method available. 

Intro to Our Core Coaching Method

The CORE Coaching Method™ (CCM) is the second pillar of the IAWP Wellness Coach Certification and is our proprietary coaching method. During your CORE Coach Training, you’ll learn how to coach clients to get to the core of their challenges and finally breakthrough to reach their goals. 

Step One: Watch a Core Coaching Lesson

Step Three: Sit in on a Core Coaching Lab

Review Our Three Pillars of Training and Support

Become an IAWP Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

Click the link below to review complete program details and schedule a complimentary Wellness Coach Career strategy session with an IAWP Admissions Advisor. During your session, we will review your goals, explore any obstacles in your way and share the exact steps you can take to create a career you love. 

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