Welcome to Your Sneak Peak!

Welcome to your behind the scenes look into the IAWP’s life-changing Holistic Wellness Coach Certification training program. This sneak peek is a small glimpse into our internationally accredited training and the unlimited personal support you will receive as an IAWP Wellness Coach in Training. 

You can get started with the video below, where IAWP Founder, Suzanne Monroe will walk you through everything that is included in your Sneak Peek and provide an introduction to Wellness 360!


Intro to Our Wellness 360™ System

Wellness 360 is the first learning pillar and a unique aspect of your wellness coach training and certification program. Your Wellness 360 Education is built around our proven, holistic system that has been taught with amazing results to thousands of students and their clients.


Step One: Watch a Wellness 360™ Lesson


Step Three: Sit in on a Wellness 360™ Lab

Review Our Three Pillars of Training and Support

Become an IAWP Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

Schedule a complimentary Wellness Coach Career strategy session with an IAWP Admissions Advisor. During your session, we’ll discover together what your goals are and provide you highly personal support to make the right decision for you.

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