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Discover 3 powerful methods to attract your ideal coaching clients (without being inauthentic) that successful coaches are using today

Let's chat about the coaching business problem you might be facing....

Have you invested countless hours (and dollars) in your coaching business only to realize you’re back to where you started when you first began…with no real plan in place? 

Most coach training programs don’t teach coaches the real-life business and entrepreneurial skills they need to create success. This leaves you with some serious problems in your business like…

Anxiety & Overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the potential possibilities, programs and “big ideas” being marketed to you by supposed gurus who have THE answer.


Spinning your wheels everyday trying different things, but realizing at the end of each day that nothing really made a difference, even though you’re working harder than ever before. 


Not knowing how to attract your ideal coaching clients, leaving you feeling not just frustrated, but purposeless. Maybe you’ve even thought about giving up on your coaching business.

Inner Conflict

Wrestling between the deep desire to help people and follow your passion and the reality that you have to pay the bills and make a living.

Coaches just like you are creating authentic success

Laura Albers HeadshotNEW

Laura Albers

Wellness and Productivity Coach

“I’m now impacting thousand of people’s lives through my workshops, coaching programs and online videos.”

Catherine Spriggs Headshot

Catherine Spriggs

Relationship Coach

“This is a dream come true. I CANNOT believe just 6 months ago I was feeling so purposeless and down and out, and now I [have] paying clients! I KNOW if I can do this, anyone can.”

donna lee humble 1 e1683568110414

Donna Lee Humble

Holistic Wellness Coach

“This REALLY works! Not only did I enroll 4 clients into my 6 month program this month, I also have noticed how much more I am loving what I do!”

Suzanne 079 Crop scaled 2

Hi. I'm Suzanne Monroe and I know exactly what you're going through. Having trained thousands of coaches, I've seen firsthand the struggles coaches can face. I also went through the same challenges myself when I first started my coaching business two decades ago. So know this, you're not alone. But also know that there's another way.

You don't have to stay stuck and in struggle. There is a path forward that is not only sustainable but authentic and can work for YOU. I know this because I've followed it myself and have quietly taught it to coaches across the globe who've seen amazing results.

I invite you to get started on this proven path with my Client Clarity Blueprint today. Hope to see you on the other side (where I made a special video for you, too!)

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