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Are You Ready to Keep Growing your Virtual Coaching Business with Ongoing Support?

Congrats! As an IAWP Master Coach & Virtual Coach, you've put in a lot of time, energy and effort to grow your passion. You now have the knowledge, the systems and the experience to make an even bigger impact as a coach.

But we're guessing you're still in progress? Totally normal...

That's because building a business is a journey. We know there's more questions you will have as you build and launch your virtual coaching business and we want to help you keep building upon your success. (And secretly, we love hanging out with you!)

So let's keep your momentum going...together!


7 Top Reasons to Join Momentum

Personal Support from Your Own Dream Team

Get ongoing, personal support from Laura & Suzanne as you continue to grow your coaching business. From fine-tuning your VBA System, to mastering the in’s and out’s of your virtual practice, to all things marketing and mindset, you’ll always have someone with experience to guide you as you take your next steps. It’s like having your very own dream team for your business – if we do say so ourselves!

Build Your Business Faster with Real Time Support

Master Coaches are usually working on growing their virtual business quickly and need ongoing, personal support to avoid any mistakes or delays.

Bring your burning questions and get personal support on what you’re working on every step of the way so you can fast track your success.

Mastermind with Other Successful Coaches

Continue to surround yourself with other Master Coaches who are committed to success and making an impact. Just being around your like-minded peers will inspire and motivate you to keep upleveling your business.

Grow your Small Group Coaching Skills

As a Master Coach, you’ve learned how to lead small groups. Now it’s time to build upon those skills as you continue your journey as a small group coach leader at the IAWP.  You’ll receive ongoing feedback on your coaching labs and advance your small group coaching skills in your new leadership role.

Amplify your Leadership & Visibility

As you step into a leadership role at the IAWP, by default you’ll gain immense visibility as a coach. Our coaches-in-training look to our leaders as mentors and experts and while the impact of that can’t be measured, it’s definitely magic. You’ll also amplify your own leadership abilities and gain skills you haven’t developed yet that will help you become the best leader of your own business and team.

Keep Learning & Growing

One thing’s for sure: Building a business is not a straight journey, there’s curves and turns and they look different for each coach. Having support so you can keep learning and growing is not only essential, it makes it more fun!  You’ll stay focused, inspired and moving forward with momentum each and every month.

Get the Ongoing Support You'll Need

Momentum Mastermind will help you to keep honing your new Master Coach skills while giving you all of the personal support you'll need to keep growing your business.

Once you start growing your business, you often want (and really need) even more support. That’s because you’re actually making things happen but also facing new, complex challenges at the same time.  The good news…

Your journey doesn’t have to end here. Momentum Mastermind is designed for you to take that next step on your journey as a Certified Master Coach & Virtual Coach and to keep growing to the next level with ongoing support and accountability. You won’t have to figure things out on your own, instead you’ll always have someone to lean on.

Momentum Mastermind will be a more flexible environment with less training and more “hands-on” support time. We’ll focus on answering your questions, reviewing what you’re working on, getting in the trenches with your business and providing personal support to make sure your VBA system is working for you.  

So if you’re someone who knows you do best with a small group working toward similar goals and having personal support to make sure you are not “missing” anything, then Momentum Mastermind is going to be perfect for you. Read on friends to discover what’s waiting for you….

What's Included in Momentum?

Bi-Monthly Live Mastermind Calls

Get personal support and feedback from Laura and Suzanne as you build upon your Coach Mastery and Virtual Mastery journey.

Each month you’ll have two Mastermind calls where you can bring your burning questions and learn from others while you keep growing and stay inspired.

One call will be focused on your Master Coach Leadership journey as you take your small group coaching skills to the next level. The  second call will be focused on Virtual Business Mastery. Sound familiar?!

But now, you’ll experience flexible Open Office Hours style calls & Mastermind time where we’ll do less training and more deep dives.

yoga woman
hot seat

Hot Seat Sessions

Submit what you’re working on for a personal hot seat session. Get your funnel fixed, have your lead magnet magnified, or your website or webinar wow’d with personal review by Suzanne and Laura. We’ll review it live during a Mastermind call so your peers can learn with you and experience their own breakthroughs along with yours.

Online Mastermind, 24/7

Stay connected with your peers through your Online Mastermind with your Master Coach Connection Facebook group. Lean into the support of your close-knit Mastermind as you share what you’re working on, post your questions, celebrate your “Brags” and get 24/7 support to keep your momentum going.

online masterminding
zoom lab

IAWP Master Coach Leadership Training

Become an IAWP Coach Leader as you host your own monthly small group coaching labs. You’ll take your group coaching skills to the next level, receive ongoing feedback and learn new, advanced group coaching techniques including:

*Our proven Client Feedback Formula proven to create highly engaged coaching clients who take action

*Our Social Media Fan Formula where you’ll learn to how to engage clients in groups purposefully without wasting time online

*Plus, experience our Learn What You Teach Method where you’ll grow you confidence coaching coaches and take your CORE Skills to the next level (yes, there is still a next level!)

Your Leadership training requires leading two live coaching labs per month and one interactive social media discussion post at specific times based on the schedule you choose.

Add Group Coach Leader to your Bio

Upon successful completion of 12 small group coaching labs over six months, you’ll receive an additional Group Coach Leader certificate seal to add to your bio and website. Keep standing out!

Wellness Coach Career Opportuntities

Is Momentum Mastermind Right for You?

Master Coach Reviews

Kim's business went to the next level

"Being a part of the IAWP inner circle is a mix of hard love, sound advice and inspiration that pushed me to the next level every month we worked together. They reminded me of Best Practices and to stop Recreating the Wheel, keeping myself clear on my goals while stretching myself out of my comfort zone to achieve the level of success that I desired."
Kim Goeltom
Kim Goeltom
Founder, Creating Legacy Wellness,
IAWP Certified Master Coach & IAWP Coach Leader

Sandra created momentum

"Being a part of the Momentum Mastermind following my Master Coach Training with the IAWP has helped me stay the course. What is obvious is that life happens to us all. Unforseen challenges and struggles surface for everyone, and having Suzanne, Laura, and the rest of the group be there for me as I fumbled and navigated what was happening for me was extremely supportive, and their guidance helped me to find clarity in my decisions. I think the group is named so appropriately as creating and implementing new strategies and tools takes time and in order to keep the momentum of small steps forward having support is so essential. I am grateful for my time in MOMA and to be rising into a leadership role as a Master Coach with the IAWP."
Sandra payne e1646956835907
Sandra Payne
Founder, Sandra Payne Wellness
IAWP Certified Master Coach & IAWP Coach Leader

Donna simplified her practice and got amazing results

"Once again, after talking with Suzanne, something shifted. She gets right to the point and makes what you need to do next loud and clear. Because of her personal guidance, I made a dramatic shift in how I was running my business and within a few days, four new clients enrolled for my signature coaching program. Suzanne is worth her weight in gold!"
Donna Lee New
Donna Lee Humble
Founder, BioSynergy Better Health
IAWP Certified Master Coach & IAWP Coach Leader

Tania found support and elevated her practice

"I’m so grateful to have had one on one support as a coach leader. They are there for you, it's personable and it’s amazing. Masterminding with them and my like-minded peers has made all the difference."
Tania Mather about me my story 1
Tania Mather
Founder, Tania Mather Coaching
IAWP Certified Master Coach & IAWP Coach Leader

Theven launched her business and her book

"I’m someone who has a lot of ideas and can easily get stuck in my head as I create and consider all of the opportunities being presented. Being a part of Momentum Mastermind helped me to focus in, get organized and get clear about where I need to focus my time and energy in my coaching business. I finally got clear on my niche and my message. I even wrote a book called Heal Your Chronic Pain, An Integrated Approach to Healing that is being published soon! Suzanne and Laura have taught me how to narrow in so I can be more effective in my coaching business and I’m excited about re-launching my business with this renewed focus. It's invaluable to have this level of personal support as you grow your business so if you're considering MOMA, I'd say go for it!"
Theven Sabga e1646933212405
Tania Mather
Founder, Tania Mather Coaching
IAWP Certified Master Coach & IAWP Coach Leader

Melanie landed exactly where she hoped to

"Being a part of the IAWP leadership training is a wonderful experience. I get to connect with future health and wellness leaders in training from all over the world. It always amazes me how people basically all want the same things, to be happy and healthy and the IAWP Master Coach leaders help teach people how to not only care for themselves, but also to guide people to be better versions of themselves. This creates a ripple effect. Coaches are learning how to care for themselves and in turn can care for their families, community, and clients more and more. It is humbling to be a part of their journey and watch them grow in their confidence and skills. Having this additional experience and support with the inner circle of the IAWP has allowed me to land exactly where I hoped I could be with my wellness coaching career. I'm now working full-time as a Wellness Coach and loving it!”
Melanie Halter
Melanie Halter
IAWP Certified Master Coach & IAWP Coach Leader

Neshama is working full time as a Wellness Coach and loving it

“I was so lucky to be part of the IAWP's team leadership training as a Master Coach leader and mentor for students. As we all know - we learn the most when we teach - and teaching/mentoring helped me achieve a new level with my understanding of the coaching process and my skills. It was also very motivating and inspiring to meet regularly with the other master coach leaders in the Mastermind - to receive mentorship, bounce ideas off and get clear about my professional goals. Today I am working full-time as a wellness coach and loving my career!” Having this additional experience and support with the inner circle of the IAWP has allowed me to land exactly where I hoped I could be with my wellness coaching career. I'm now working full-time as a Wellness Coach and loving it!”
Neshama Mousseau
Neshama Mousseau
IAWP Certified Master Coach & IAWP Coach Leader

Aimee developed her skills as a leader and took her biz to the next level

“Being part of the IAWP leadership training and mastermind was amazing. The thing I enjoyed most was developing my skills as a leader. Teaching CORE instilled a deeper confidence in my ability to make a big impact using it. I also really enjoyed being in closer contact with other coaches who were committed and excelling... And of course it was nice to have access to the inner circle and their wisdom whenever I needed it.”
Aimee Schrank
Aimee Schrank
IAWP Certified Master Coach & IAWP Coach Leader
Founder, Redesigning Motherhood

Get started today and keep your momentum going with this special introductory pricing...

6 Month Subscription

$ 1450
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Monthly Subscription

$ 295
  • 6 month minimum committment
Inspired Action Bonus

You knew it was coming, didn’t you? Of course we have an Inspired Action Bonus for you! 

Enroll by October 15th and get instant access to The Vault – all of the IAWP’s programs and resources, some currently unavailable anywhere else.

You’ll discover hundreds of hours of content and countless resources, blueprints and guides designed to help you build your business, master you mindset and more.

The Vault contains over $10,000 in IAWP Training programs, including some of our personal favorite likes “Online Marketing for Wellness Professionals” and “The Confident Coach”.


A Message From Suzanne & Laura

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Laura Albers HeadshotNEW

Having grown our own successful businesses, we know that the journey to success is not a straight line but a winding path.

It has ups and downs and curves that you can’t always prepare for. The rewards are great, if you’re willing to keep taking the next step forward.

We’ve been where you are right now and we can tell you this. . . The best way to stay the course and get to where you want to be is with support.

Momentum Mastermind is designed to help you get that support and keep you growing on your new path to building a successful business.

So don’t delay, take the next step and join us!

Suzanne & Laura

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