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Are You Ready to Fill Your Practice, Make a Big Impact and Create Your Dream Career as a Wellness Coach?

As an IAWP Graduate, you have the knowledge, the systems and the experience to change lives.

With Momentum Mastermind, we will help you break through barriers, build confidence, streamline your practice and create success.

Let's keep your momentum going!


7 Top Reasons to Join Momentum

Personal Support from Your Own Dream Team

Get personal support from the IAWP leadership team as you grow your practice. From sales, marketing, operations, mindset, coaching and more, you’ll always have someone with experience to guide you to your next level. It’s like having your very own dream team for your new business!

Build Your Practice Faster with Real Time Support

Bring your burning questions and get personal support on what you’re working on every step of the way. Grads are usually working on growing their business and need more personal support to keep growing.

Mastermind with Other Successful Coaches

Surround yourself with other IAWP grads who are committed to success and making an impact. Just being around other like-minded peers will inspire and motivate you to uplevel your practice.

Master the In and Outs of Online & Offline Marketing

Get personal marketing feedback and insights from Kevin and Suzanne as you take action in the real world. From workshops, to partnerships, to online marketing, to social media and how to go virtual, we’ll cover the questions on your mind and support you to move forward without overwhelm.

Consistently Attract Your Ideal Clients

As a practicing Wellness Coach, it’s time to ensure your client attraction strategies are working for you. Learn how to fill your practice with your ideal coaching clients.

Build a Consistent Stream of Income

Now that you’re an official graduate, creating consistency is essential. Learn how to stay focused and generate a consistent income as a Wellness Coach.

Keep Learning & Growing

Access the IAWP’s library of advanced training programs and resources so you can keep growing and learning as you master your new business skills. Stay focused, inspired and moving forward with momentum each and every month.

Get the Support You Need

Momentum Mastermind gives you all the tools you need and personal support from a team of professionals who understand what it takes to build success as a Holistic Wellness Coach

Your journey doesn’t end here, it’s actually just beginning. Momentum Mastermind is designed for you to take that next step on your journey as a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and to keep growing to the next level.

Momentum Mastermind is made up of our two favorite things at the IAWP, Systems and Support. And it’s delivered in a really flexible way so that you can get exactly the support you need, when you need it.

So if you’re someone who is committed to growing your wellness coaching practice, and you really want even more personal support as you step out in the world, plus you would love to be part of an exclusive community of IAWP graduates and have access to an amazing array of our most powerful tools and training, this program is going to be perfect for you.

What's Included in Momentum?

Bi-Monthly Live Mastermind Calls

Get personal support and feedback from Kevin and Suzanne as well as other team leaders and specialists at the IAWP.

Each month you’ll have two Mastermind calls where you can bring your burning questions and learn from others while you keep growing and stay inspired.  These are not planned training calls but open Q&A calls for grads who have powerful questions because they are putting themselves out there in the world and making it happen. 
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Wellness Coach Career Opportuntities

Exclusive, Graduate Only Private Facebook Group

Stay connected with your peers week to week through our private Mastermind group on Facebook.


Share what you’re working on and get support 24/7 to keep your momentum going.

The IAWP Vault

Get instant access to all of the IAWP’s programs, currently unavailable anywhere else.

You’ll have access to hundreds of hours of content and countless resources, blueprints and guides designed to help you build the Wellness Practice you’ve always dreamed of.

So, if there are any areas where you need a little boost in your practice, like getting organized and productive, attracting paying clients, networking or online marketing, you’ll find the tools you need in the IAWP Vault.

The Vault contains over $10,000 in IAWP Training programs, including some of our personal favorite likes “Online Marketing for Wellness Professionals” , “The Coach Academy Self-Guided Success Program” and “The Confident Coach”.

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Is Momentum Right for You?

Graduate Reviews

Kim dialed her in her practice to achieve her goals

"Suzanne and Kevin are the perfect duo to support you as you grow your practice.They offer a mix of hard love, sound advice and inspiration that pushed me to the next level every month we worked together. They reminded me of Best Practices and to stop Recreating the Wheel, keeping myself clear on my goals while stretching myself out of my comfort zone to achieve the level of success that I desired."
Kim Goeltom
Kim Goeltom
Founder, Creating Legacy Wellness

Donna simplified her practice and got amazing results

"Once again, after talking with Suzanne, something shifted. She gets right to the point and makes what you need to do next loud and clear. Because of her personal guidance, I made a dramatic shift in how I was running my business and within a few days, four new clients enrolled for my signature coaching program. Suzanne is worth her weight in gold! Additionally, I find Kevin's guidance with the technical aspects and practical marketing expertise an extraordinary compliment to Suzanne. Together they lead you to a simple approach that really works."
Donna Lee New
Donna Lee Humble
Founder, BioSynergy Better Health

Janet chose her own path and struck gold

"This is gold! I was trying to fit what I wanted to do into a mold that I thought it needed to go into. What Suzanne has done is completely broaden my perspective and help me see there’s not just one path. I don’t have to make it fit, I get to choose my path. Talking with Suzanne has opened up my universe. She helped me think of things I hadn’t even thought about when it came to launching my coaching program."
Janet Thompson Jackson
IAWP Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

Tania found support and elevated her practice

"I’m so grateful to have had one on one support from Suzanne and Kevin, whom I dearly love and cherish. They are there for you, personable and it’s amazing. Masterminding with them and my like-minded peers has made all the difference."
Tania Mather about me my story 1
Tania Mather
Founder, Tania Mather Coaching

Get started today and keep your momentum!

Monthly Subscription | Introductory Special Pricing

$ 299
  • Personal Support. No Long Term Obligations. Cancel Anytime.

A Message From Suzanne & Kevin

Having grown several successful businesses over the past two decades, we know that the journey to success is not a straight line but a winding path.

It has ups and downs and curves that you can’t always prepare for. The rewards are great, if you’re willing to keep taking the next step forward.

We’ve been where you are right now and we can tell you this. . . The best way to stay the course and get to where you want to be is with support.

Momentum Mastermind is designed to help you get that support and keep you growing on your new path to building a successful practice.

So don’t delay, take the next step and join us!

In Health & Wellness,

Suzanne & Kevin

kevin and suzanne
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