Master Coach Academy

Master the Art of Coaching & Accelerate Your Business

Who is IAWP's Master Coach Academy for?

You’re an IAWP Graduate (or soon-to-be Grad) who is dedicated to sharing the message of wellness 

You want to make a difference and make an impact in as many lives as possible

You desire to create a business and lifestyle that’s in alignment with your values

You want to hone your coaching skills so you can help your clients transform their lives

You’re ready to learn advanced coaching techniques and business skills to take your practice to the next level

Yet… maybe up until now you’ve been a little stuck. You know if you only had more clients, you’d gain more experience and have more confidence. 

If this sounds like you, you are in the right place

Master Coach Academy is designed to support IAWP Graduates who are ready to expand their business online, take their coaching skills to the next level and uplevel their earning potential.
This is a 6 month graduate level training that includes a dual-certification as a Certified Master Coach and a Certified Virtual Coach.


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Top 6 Reasons to Join Master Coach Academy

Gain Real Experience Quickly. Mastery in coaching comes from real experience and application. That’s why during Master Coach Academy, you’ll be coaching in real time with real clients through our Wellness Coaching Labs. You’ll gain personal feedback on your coaching skills and make huge strides with your skills.

Become a Confident Coach. If you’re tired of doubting yourself, get ready to overcome your limiting beliefs as you gain confidence in coaching and in being a business owner. When you conduct real coaching sessions with support and personal feedback, your confidence has only one place to go…up!

Expand Your Business Virtually. Virtual Coaching is the fastest and most effective way to support more clients and make a bigger impact. You’ll learn how to apply the systems you learned at the IAWP to a virtual coaching business and successfully launch yourself online.

Master-Level Coach & Business Training. Become a master at supporting and attracting your ideal coaching clients. You’ll learn advanced coaching techniques and business building skills that will take your business to the next level.

Personal Support & Feedback. Master Coach Academy takes place in a small group training setting, so you can receive personal support and feedback every step of the way.

Advanced Dual Certification. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive two advanced certifications – Certified Master Coach and Certified Virtual Coach, both which will set you apart as a top-notch Wellness Coach.

IAWP Cert Virtual Coach
IAWP Cert Master Coach

What's Included in Master Coach Academy?

Pillar One: Coach Mastery

Make the leap from Certified Wellness Coach to Highly Effective, Experienced Coach as you learn advanced coaching techniques and gain traction quickly.


During Pillar One, you’ll combine lesson-based instruction with real world application. You’ll practice your skills in real-time with real clients, receive personal feedback to help you hone your skills and elevate your experience and confidence as a coach. 

About Training Support

A glimpse into just some of the things you’ll learn during Coach Mastery

Learn the IAWP’s proven Laser Coaching Technique so you can help clients take immediate action or fast track your check-in sessions when a client needs a short boost of support.

Learn powerhouse advanced CORE coaching techniques that will uplevel your coaching skills overnight so you can meet your clients where they are and help them reach their goals.

Discover three mindset programming techniques that will shift clients out of indecision, fear and doubt and into action and inspiration.

Master the most powerful questions to ask when your client is stuck between two choices and can’t move forward.

Learn how to identify your clients’ various voices, including their inner critic so they can breakthrough to their empowered self once and for all.

Learn an advanced technique to help your clients reach their goals and eliminate procrastination. 

Discover how to identify the triggers that cause us to repeat patterns and how to help your clients identify their own triggers so they can empower their emotions.

Plus, Go behind the scenes of the IAWP and learn how to host virtual coaching calls as an IAWP Wellness Coach Lab Leader. 

You’ll coach real people with real wellness challenges over your 6 month journey, with tons of personal support and feedback along the way as you become a Certified Master Coach.

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Wellness Coach Career Opportuntities

Pillar Two: Virtual Business Accelerator

If you’re ready to launch your own virtual coaching practice, then get ready to make it happen. During the Virtual Business Accelerator pillar, you’ll learn everything you need to know to attract your ideal clients online and grow your income…all while working when and where you want.

Building on the foundation of your IAWP Wellness Coach Certification, you’ll be supported to take powerful action steps to apply our proven system to going virtual with success.

A glimpse into just some of the things you’ll learn during Virtual Business Accelerator

Learn our proven Virtual Client Attraction System so you can stop reinventing the wheel and easily attract your ideal coaching clients online. You’ll go behind the scenes of the IAWP and follow our virtual success strategies step by step with support.

Discover everything you really need to go virtual successfully, including exactly what to say in video and social content (no more second-guessing yourself), technology tips to make life easier and productivity hacks to save you time and energy so you can focus on what you do best – coaching!

Supercharge Your Social with a System – Follow our formula to get your first 10K followers on Instagram or Facebook…and easily attract perfect-for-you coaching clients in the process. You’ll follow in Suzanne’s exact steps on social with done-for-you content. 

Launch your Virtual Workshop & Virtual Coaching Program following the IAWP’s proven Winning Webinar Formula through step-by-step lessons and personal support every step of the way.

Make Your Biz Fun & Simple with the Virtual Coach Toolbox – Gain done-for-you tools and resources to support you to take action successfully including the Build Your List Blueprint, the Social Media Content Calendar, the Done-for-you Email Followup Funnel, the Virtual Workshop Plug N Play Presentation and more.

Plus, apply everything you’re learning in real-time so that by the time you graduate as a Certified Virtual Coach, you’ve not only gained the skills you need but have already successfully launched.

Purposeful Productivity Bundle2

Bonus: Purposeful Productivity

Purposeful Productivity will support you with the tools, systems and steps to become productive and organized in 90 days or less. It doesn’t matter how busy you are now or if you have never been organized before, this program will show you how to set up your new business for success and create more time for what you love to do.

Includes over 20 blueprints, cheat sheets, guides, checklists and tools to help you get productive, support your clients, and run your coaching business without overwhelm. If you’re ready to get productive and purposeful in your coaching business, and leave procrastination and confusion behind, you’re going to love this bonus.

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How Your Training Takes Place

1 6MonthsTraining

Six months of advanced training and support

2 2TrainingCalls

Two Monthly Training Calls with Peers and Instructors

3 MonthlyLeadLabs

Monthly Leadership Labs and Ongoing Coaching Opportunities

4 Master CA Connection Group

Master Coach Academy Connection: Exclusive Facebook Group

5 VirtualVideoLessons

Virtual Video Lessons and Step-by-Step Application Exercises

6 Tools Blueprints

Done-for-you blueprints to follow every step of the way

7 CoachingToolkit

Advanced Coaching Toolkit Including Scripts and Guides

8 VirtualLearningEnviroment

Flexible, Virtual Learning Enviornment

9 IntimateCommunity

An intimate community of next-level coaching Leaders

With Coach Academy You Will . . .

Stop Comparing and Despairing
It’s time to step into the coach you know you’re meant to be, instead of watching others and wishing you were further along.

Master Your Coaching Skills
The best way to master your skills is to do it over and over again with support and feedback while coaching real clients.

Go Deeper
Learn new, advanced coaching techniques that will allow you to go deeper with your clients and help them create even bigger transformations.

Stretch Yourself Outside Your Comfort Zone
Growth comes when you go just a little further than what feels comfortable, which you’ll do step by step in this program with personal support.

Elevate Your Confidence
Nothing builds confidence like real experience, which you’ll gain by coaching real people in real time.

Add Master Coach to Your Bio
In a sea of coaches, distinguish yourself as a Master Coach who gets results for your clients

Add Virtual Coach to Your Wheelhouse
The virtual coaching business is the way of the future but it requires a certain skill set and know-how, which you’ll gain during your training as you launch your own virtual coaching business.

Read what IAWP Master Coaches Have to Say. . .

"Being part of Coach Academy has been truly an amazing experience for me and an essential part of developing me into the confident coach and leader I am today. The support of the community has provided me with much needed structure, and has helped me navigate my way through many ups and downs... It’s a logical next step in creating a thriving practice."

Aimee Schrank
IAWP Certified Master Coach Owner, Redesigning Motherhood
"The practice of coaching clients has really helped me to gain confidence in the whole coaching process, my leadership skills and my level of self belief and trust that I can be a successful coach. If you want to be supported in gaining experience and confidence in coaching clients while also getting personal support around all your most pressing questions and concerns along the way, then Master Coach Academy is for you.”
Alie Harwood
IAWP Certified Master Coach Founder, Wellness with Alie
"For me, Master Coach Academy was about figuring out what to do with all of my knowledge as a Wellness Coach and how to put it into play. I can guarantee you there was no way I would have gotten 10 clients on my own. I'm so excited to see money coming into my new career. Plus, the CORE Coaching Method is amazing and it's changing my clients' lives. I can't stop smiling, this is what I'm meant to do and I could not have done it without Master Coach Academy."
Melanie Halter
IAWP Certified Master Coach Founder, Joy Health and Wellness
“Having the opportunity to gain real experience coaching real people during Wellness Coach Labs has been not only transformational for my own coaching skills, but it’s given me the confidence and knowledge to be able to launch my own virtual coaching practice. I’ve overcome so many fears during this time and have stepped out into the world in such a big way!”
Kim Goeltom
Kim Goeltom
IAWP Certified Master Coach and Team Leader Owner, Creating Legacy Wellness

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Your Master Coach Resources

Complete Bundle

A Message from Your Master Coach Academy Trainers

Suzanne 079 Crop 1 1

Coach Academy isn’t just another program, it’s a journey where coaches go from feeling uncertain and hesitant to becoming confident and empowered. 


It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to gain real-world experience while being personally supported behind the scenes of your new practice. 


And when you have this kind of personal support and accountability, you no longer hide out or wait for “someday”.  Instead, you step out into the world as the coach you’re meant to be.


Love, Health and Success,
Suzanne Monroe

Laura Albers HeadshotNEW

Step out of the overwhelm, feeling stuck, and leave your lack of confidence behind!


With Master Coach Academy, you’ll receive the step by step strategies, systems, and support to expand your business online, take your coaching skills to the next level, and uplevel your impact and your income.


I did this for myself with The IAWP and it was so worth it. I’m excited to invite you to follow in my footsteps and invest in yourself, your business, and your future.


You’ll be so glad you did!


In Health and Wellness,

Laura Albers

Frequently Asked Questions

While circumstances can always change, we do not plan to offer MCA again in 2021. Because this is a 6 month program with a high level of personal support and training, including a dedicated group experience, it is not open for ongoing enrollment.

If you know you want to become a Certified Master Coach/Virtual Coach, we highly encourage you to apply now.

Master Coach Academy is a six-month advanced training and support program. We estimate that you will spend a minimum of 2 hours per week working on your program. If you need to spend more time one week and less time another week, the program is flexible in that way.

There will be two live training calls per month that will be at set times and additional live coaching labs for observing, practicing and evaluating that you can choose to schedule when they work best for you.

All training will be recorded and you can watch the replays when it works best for you. There are many opportunities for ongoing personal support so your questions will be answered no matter what! Please see the next question for further details. . .

There are two pillars of advanced learning during MCA – Coach Mastery and the Virtual Business Accelerator. In addition, there is a live application component where you will observe, practice and demonstrate your coaching skills. In order to receive your dual certification and physical certificates, you will need to complete the following:

  • 2 Live Wellness Coaching Labs where you will observe a Master Coach – Choose your time based on your schedule
  • 2 Live Wellness Coach Labs where you will coach real people in a group setting and receive personal feedback – Choose your time based on your schedule
  • 1 Final Coach Demo where you will lead your own group wellness coaching lab – Choose your time based on your schedule
  • Six one-on-one coaching sessions where you will practice advanced coaching skills with a peer coach or client – Choose your time based on your schedule
  • 12 Training Calls – Attend live or watch the recording
  • Classroom completion of manuals including Video Training Lessons, Lessons, Guides, Blueprint and Reading – Choose your own schedule
As soon as you fill out your application and it is accepted, we will share with you the tuition options available for applicants and provide you a link to enroll and a link to schedule a call with an Admissions Advisor if you still have further questions. It’s important for you to apply first so we can determine whether enrolling in this program is a good fit for you at this time.
No. Applying for MCA is your first step to help us better understand if the program would be a great fit for you and because space is limited to a small group size. After filling out your application, it will be reviewed by our MCA team and you will hear from us over email within 48 hours (72 hours if over a weekend.) At that time, if your application is accepted, we will send you the tuition options for enrolling. You can also schedule a chat at that time if you have further questions. If you know you want to do MCA, but aren’t sure if you can, then your first step is to simply fill out your application by clicking the Apply Now button on this page – it only takes a few minutes. We look forward to hearing from you!
After filling out your application, it will be reviewed by our MCA team and you will hear from us over email within 48 hours (72 hours if over a weekend.) At that time, if your application is accepted, we will send you the tuition options for enrolling. Your MCA classroom will open the week of May 3rd so you can enjoy your bonus materials and get acquainted with your classroom. The program begins the week of May 10th.

Ideal candidates for MCA will have taken action steps outlined during Holistic Wellness Coach Certification. That does not mean you have done everything or have it all figured out, but that you have started coaching and getting your business started. You’ve felt excited to get started along the way and have been willing to try things out. Your niche may have changed, but you have attempted to define your niche. Your signature system may have changed, but you have tried creating your first signature system.

For the graduate who feels he or she has not taken action during and after HWC due to fear, procrastination, time or other obstacles, you may want to consider revisiting your HWC Classroom first. We will spend a little time reviewing concepts from HWC, but we are building upon them with new, advanced training.

MCA may be just right for you. Each master-coaching-in-training will likely have different levels of experience and success, but what you will have in common is that you are on your way to creating more success. There are three areas of learning that are a part of MCA that you will add to your skill set:

  • Coach Mastery includes Advanced Coach Training -in-depth, high level, NEW tools that build upon CORE. This involves a variety of advanced tools including learning how to work with the Inner Critic, the Inner Child, your Inner Voice, advanced techniques to breakthrough procrastination, indecision, fear, and other obstacles clients face
  • Coach Mastery also includes real application and learning how to coach in a group setting. Participants will learn how to lead our Wellness Coach Labs and will be coaching real people with wellness challenges as part of their Master Coach Certification.
  • The Virtual Business Accelerator will teach how to build upon your IAWP foundation and take your practice virtual with a focus on attracting clients through a proven social media strategy that includes done for you content. The highlight here is that Suzanne will be going social in the role of a coach profile (rather than just IAWP) as part of the training to model what to do and participants can follow along with her.

There are plenty of free trainings online that focus on one fix or another. It has been our experience that most trainings in the online space, whether free or paid, tend to focus on one strategy or tactic that could support you. Having been in the online business field ourselves well before it was on trend, we’ve also seen a lot of crazy things out there. We caution you from “magic bullet” style programs that promise you that you will solve all of your marketing challenges in 30 days or less and instead leave you in overwhelm or running down a rabbit hole. You may find something that works for you, but being able to build upon the foundation you have already created using the IAWP system can be helpful rather than reinventing the wheel and starting from scratch.

At the IAWP, we believe it takes having a strong foundation and not changing what you’re doing every few months because some other expert has told you to. And it also takes being willing to stick to a proven system (from someone who has actually done it rather than just saying they’ve done it.) Our motto “Systems + Support = Success” is something we hang our hat on and is what Master Coach Academy is built upon.

Absolutely not! Your Holistic Wellness Coach Certification has provided you a proven system and tools to create success in your new career. Many of our graduates have used our training, systems and ongoing support to grow a successful practice without ever adding on more training or certifications. Becoming a Certified Master Coach is really for you if you want to go deeper with your clients, be able to hone your coaching to a new level and continue to add to your wheelhouse. Becoming a Certified Virtual Coach is really for you if you want to take what you’ve learned at the IAWP and build upon it to have a virtual coaching practice. This includes doing online workshops, social media and supporting clients through virtual strategies.

It’s time to pause and consider your own personal situation to determine if taking on tuition is right for you at this time. If you are interested in applying, you can certainly take the first step of filling out your application and will have time to consider tuition options.

If you haven’t earned any income yet, consider why that might be. There has been a lot going on in the last year and certainly many people have had extra commitments. If it’s more circumstantial but you are ready to keep moving forward and everything you have learned about MCA resonates, then you should apply. You will likely grow your business faster with support and community.

If your financial situation is very tight, you may want to consider waiting to apply at another time. You don’t want to have to be worrying while you are focusing on new learning.

Time is our greatest commodity, that’s for sure. We get it. That’s why we’ve designed MCA to be flexible. You can participate from anywhere, anytime and on-the-go. If you can’t attend live, you can listen to the replays when you are able to and still get your questions answered each week. We estimate that you will want to spend at least 2 hours per week on your training, though some weeks you could spend more or less depending on your schedule. Consider where you could open up a little bit more time. Could you get up an hour earlier one time per week and stay up an hour later one time per week? Could you carve out morning on a Saturday once a month? If you’re “too busy”, it’s likely that there are some things you may need to clear off your plate to be able to focus on your coaching business. Good news, during MCA we’ll be helping you with Purposeful Productivity and making the most of your time and energy!

Ready to take the next step?

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