Holistic Wellness Guide Finds More Time for Her Family

Name: Tania Bertolone
Speciality: Holistic Wellness Guide
Location: Concord, Ohio

Tania is an IAWP Certified Wellness Coach who likes to think of herself as a “Holistic Wellness Guide”.  Tania loves her job as a full time Montessori school teacher, but as a mom, Tania wanted the freedom to work on her own terms!

Tania chose to work with the IAWP, because she can access her training at any time and tap into our extensive support network through live calls and our Facebook groups.

Tania has already taken on her first four clients and this has allowed her to drop back to part time as a teacher. With the support of the IAWP Tania is spending more time with her family and taking the steps to grow her new practice.