Registered Nurse Finds Fulfillment in Helping Patients Create Lasting Change

Name: Stacy Thewis
Speciality: Chronic Illness
Location: Mellen, WI

As a Registered Nurse in the field of care integration, Stacy worked tirelessly to try and create the most impact possible for her patients. However, after multiple projects, from developing the first metabolic program to monitoring patients who were prescribed with certain medications or diabetic program, the results were unchanged. 

Being committed to her work, she knew she had to do something more. This is when she discovered the field of Wellness Coaching and the IAWP. While going through her Wellness Coach Training, Stacy was able to apply the many tools and resources from the IAWP to her own life and the life of her clients. So much so, that she left her job as an RN and now has her own business helping those with chronic illness get to the root cause of their issue and empower them to gain control over their own wellness to live a healthy and happy life once again.