Clinical Social Worker Incorporates Wellness Coaching and Celebrates 50 Clients

Name: Neshama Mousseau
Speciality: Clergy & Congregational Leaders
Location: Golden, Colorado

One year after completing a different training program and launching her coaching practice, Neshama realized that she did not yet have the coaching and business skills necessary to build a thriving, profitable practice.

She came across the IAWP Wellness Certification Program and recognized she needed our three pillars of learning to be successful, Wellness, Coach and Business Training.

Neshama loved the fact that the IAWP paired her with an IAWP Certified Wellness Coach during her training, which helped her integrate her learning, like never before.

Today, Neshama is celebrating her 50th client and is finally “getting paid” working with her highly niched group of ideal clients.

Neshama shares, “The leadership team stays with you long after graduation and the resources continue to be available and that’s a BIG plus”.