Cosmetologist Finds New Way to Help Clients Through Her Own Wellness Journey

Name: Melanie Austad
Speciality: Food & Nutrition
Location: Moorhead, MN

As a Cosmetologist of 22 years, Melanie had a lot of experience helping others with their personal care. When she wasn’t at work, she was on her own personal wellness journey. With a natural inclination towards health and wellness-related topics and living a healthy lifestyle, Melanie began to see positive changes in her own life as she overcame her own health and wellness struggles. Soon enough, her clients were asking her for advice beyond their hair.

It didn’t take long before she realized she might be able to create a new income stream helping others with their health and wellness. As she began her search for how to make such a thing happen, she came across the IAWP. After reviewing the website and getting a basic understanding of the IAWP’s core beliefs and principles, she knew it was the right place to get trained as a Certified Wellness Coach. She now has her own Wellness Coaching practice and is continuing her education with the IAWP’s Coach Academy program.