Occupational Therapist Branches out Into Wellness Coaching Entrepreneur

Name: Liz Baych
Speciality: Wellness Coaching
Location: Marion, Iowa

As an Occupational Therapist, Liz knew coaching people to a life of balance was something she wanted to do.

After discovering the IAWP it made sense to her that she should become a Certified Wellness Coach to achieve this dream. In particular, she loved the fact that it included business training as well.

Through the course, she learned many business skills that have led her to her dream of being her own boss. It also helped increase her knowledge of holistic treatments.

Liz now has her own company and has partnered with a local doctor’s office and physical therapy clinic. The idea of owning her own business doing what she loves is now a reality as she continues to build her client base and help more live a more balanced life.