IT Professional Defies Conventional Health Wisdom, Healing Himself and Others

Name: Kris Domitrovits
Speciality: Holistic Wellness
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Kris enrolled with the IAWP while still working as an IT professional. As a busy professional, Kris realized that conventional wisdom around health and wellness is lacking.

Kris was able to tap into his the power of a 360 approach to wellness to heal his own health challenges. Kris knew he had to pursue a career in health and wellness so he could help others, like he helped himself.

After just two months as a wellness coach in training, Kris has already booked his first three clients with the support of the IAWP.

Kris shares, “The support I’ve received from the IAWP is nothing short of incredible. . . guiding me every step of the way from planning to launch and execution.”