From Struggling Solo-practitioner to Thriving Coach

Name: Donna Lee Humble
Speciality: Bioenergetic testing & emotional release
Location: Glenwood Springs, CO

IAWP Grad, Donna Lee Humble, shares her success reaching clients around the world. As the owner of Bio Synergy, Donna has been working with women who are”ready for change”.

Donna has thrived personally and professionally with the IAWP. She given up “dieting” and mastered  mindful, intuitive eating, which as changed her life. Professionally, Donna has mastered the CORE Coaching method which has finally allowed her clients to “access their answers within.”

Financially, Donna’s practice has thrived. Donna has reached up to $10,000 a month in her practice and is making more money than ever before, working LESS than ever using the system she learned at the IAWP.