Insurance Executive Transforms Himself and Others as a Warrior of Wellness

Name: Dan Ekblad
Speciality: Weight loss, physical fitness and maintaining weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle
Location: Eau Claire, Wisconsin

In a very short period of time, Dan completed his IAWP Wellness Coach Certification and launched his thriving practice. Dan helps his clients with personal training, meal planning and overall wellness coaching.

Dan has built a thriving national program, serving clients across the country. By putting himself “out there” in the public and online, Dan has been successful in attracting personal clients and a new corporate partner who has hired him to lead their coaching efforts in workplace wellness.

Dan shared, “Is it worth it to get your Health and Wellness Certification? Yes, I think so. . . You will learn so much. . . Learn how to coach, listen to your clients and in the long run, you will feel better about everything you are doing. . . When you see people change, it’s a huge thing and you will know you are part of it!”