Mother of 2 Finds Freedom as a Wellness Coach

Name: Aimee Schrank
Speciality: Wellness Coaching for Mothers
Location: Bozeman, Montana
As a mom of two young children and a busy school teacher, Aimee wanted to find a way to use her passion for wellness and create a career that would allow her to spend more time with her kids.
Becoming an IAWP Wellness Coach was life changing for Aimee. She was able to leave her day job and work from home. Followed the IAWP’s systems, Aimee created a program to support mothers to become empowered. Before graduating she had already signed up 3 clients and a short time after the recording of this video, she enrolled 12 new clients in her signature coaching program.
Aimee says, “Being a part of the IAWP has given me everything I needed…” including the confidence to coach others, to grow personally and to be able to create a business working from home following her passion.