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Holistic Immersion Training

It’s true… There’s a new and different way for you to pursue your passion for wellness and build a profitable practice as a Wellness Coach.

It’s called Holistic Immersion Training and coaches around the world are saying there’s nothing like it. It’s based on the research done by Dr. Alfred Adler in the early 1900s where he trained doctors and psychologists through ongoing observation and practicum in small group settings.

And it’s very different from other training methods you may have heard of because it is based on the innovative practicum strategies developed by Dr. Adler that are still used today at top medical schools. 

With Holistic Immersion Training you get to experience first hand what it takes to successfully coach others to greater health and wellness. And as a result, you achieve real mastery and have the confidence to quickly build a purposeful and profitable Wellness Coaching practice.

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