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The 5 Essentials to Start a Career as a Health & Wellness Coach

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Hello, I’m Suzanne Monroe and I want to personally welcome you to the IAWP. I’m so excited that you are considering our free webinar training, because that means you are interested in healthy lifestyles and wellness. 

Now more than ever we need people like you who are ready to guide and support others to living a healthy life. Our world is experiencing a healthcare crisis, and not just because of dollars and cents, but because we have forgotten the most important medicine there is: taking care of ourselves with healthy food, exercise and lifestyle balance.  

If you are passionate about wellness and want to inspire others, I invite you to join me for this training and discover how you can create a career you love that makes a difference in the lives of others. 

What people need most right now is an advocate for their health, someone who will listen to them and guide them to making the lifestyle changes that are necessary. We’re looking for leaders who are inspired by our message of wellness and want to make a difference in their communities.  

Suzanne Monroe, Founder International Association of Wellness Professionals

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